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Cheap flight deals attract everyone and there is not even a single person who does not want to travel on cheap flight fares. And often one thing strikes our mind that if flights booked during midnight will cost cheaper? If you are also under the same impression then let me tell you, it’s a complete myth. Flights booked in the middle of the night are more expensive as compared to the tickets booked during the day time. To find more, refer to this article.

Booking flights on Tuesday are Cheaper

It’s not necessary that flights booked during midnight are cheap but if you still want to find the Cheapest Time of Day to Book a Flight, then you can select Tuesday for that. It has been found that the passengers who search for the flights on Tuesday save six percent more on the flight reservations.

However, in general, there is not any specific day when the flight fares go down or offer discounts on the flights. It’s all about coincidence and luck, but you should keep checking the rates and offers if you keep on flying every month.  

Friday, 3 am time has the most Expensive Flights

Moreover while tracking the records related to the time when passengers prefer to book flights; it was found that they paid three percent more to book flights on Friday. If you ever decide to book flights on Friday in the wee hours of the morning, then you might have to pay a higher price.  

Rates vary from time to time because of the different routes 

As a passenger, there is no guarantee that you will get the desired flight discount on the route you are traveling. There are a lot of factors that are involved in the variations of the flight fare which are as follows.  

  • Airline management 
  • Airfare sales 
  • The demand of the flight ticket 
  • Distance between two cities


In fact, so many flight fares go up at the same pace every day while a few fares decrease continuously. And whosoever says that the flight fares are less during the midnight, don’t have the idea about the other rates.  

What are the things that matter while booking flights?

If you book the flights for the first time then you will find cheap flights on Thursday for both domestic and international destinations. Also, the flights that you book on the discount days don’t save much and the probability of finding cheap offers depends on the luck. 

Is it even required to look for discount flights?

Now that’s proven that it’s not even necessary that you will get cheap flights if you try buying at midnight, the question that arises is that should we even try looking for the cheap flights?

If you are still wondering they are Flights cheaper if bought at midnight, then the answer is no but there are some hacks with which you can grab cheap deals and that too without any offer.

However, if you want any type of cheap deals then always try to book flights in advance, and if possible try to book flights by redeeming your miles.

You can also find about the deals by calling on the helpline number of the airline or the travel website. They will tell you about the all available flight deals and you will be good.  

And therefore this is how you can find cheap flights. In case of doubts, contact the customer care team.

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