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Are Plane Tickets more Expensive on Weekends?

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    Are Plane Tickets more Expensive on Weekends?

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    Do We Get Expensive Flight Tickets on Weekends?

    Sometimes, the passengers are seen in dilemma on when to make a booking for their trip. It is because the passengers are not aware of the days when the prices of the flight ticket drop. In such a circumstance, making the booking on the weekend can be a bit riskier for them. We understand the needs of the passengers, and so we will provide you with the information on which days are perfect for making the booking

    We have been getting so many questions like this, “Are plane tickets more expensive on weekends?” Well, we know many of you might be looking for the responce to this question, and so we are here to provide you with the best answer to this question. We have emphasized on each and every point that is related to it, and so you will get all the information you will need on this. 

    Which day of the week is the worst time to purchase the flight tickets?

    The prices of the flight go through the weekly cycle. The lowest prices of the flight ticket are available earlier in the week, and the highest prices are offered late in the week. For your information, Thursday is the worst day to buy a flight ticket. It is because the airline starts raising the prices of the flight. If you want your flight ticket at the lower fare, then you need to make the booking earlier in the week. 

    You should also avoid buying the flight ticket at the weekend. It is because it is probably the last chance to book the ticket, and thus, the airline offers a high price before they drop back down. 

    How Do Airlines Price Tickets?

    It is in the best interest of the airline to make sure that their passengers get an affordable flight in their airline. So, it is their responsibility to offer a good price. But, they also want to make the right balance between filling all the seats in their flight and also earning enough money to justify that the cost goes into operating the journey. So, we are here with the factors that affect the prices.

    The price of the tickets drop and rise regularly, that depends on lots of different things. These factors are specific to the particular flights. The factors include: 

    1. Whether you are using the route for leisure or business travelers:

    If your route is used by business travelers, then the airline might start by selling the tickets at a lower price so that they can tempt the leisure travelers to fill up the plane. After that, they will raise the price of the flight ticket when the date is near. It is because business travelers book their flight tickets at the last-minute and on their corporate credit cards. 

    2. If the flight ticket is difficult to sell:

    If the flight ticket is not selling well, then the airline might lower the price to sell off more tickets. They save the high fares for the last-minute buyers as there are people who probably need the seat in the plane no matter the price. Those high fares help the airline to cover the cost of the journey. 

    3. Real-time bookings and cancellations:

    These days, the airlines make use of complex computer software to adjust the prices of the flight ticket. It is because they want to respond to demand and supply in real-time. Let’s see an example. If the booking is canceled close to the flight date, then the software automatically offers that seat at a very low price to ensure it get filled. This is the reason that the price constantly dips and climbs as you search for the perfect fare.  

    Does the price of the flights go down on Tuesdays?

    Yes, the price of the flights drops on Tuesdays. It is because the airline launches their discounts on the Saturday, Sunday or Monday night so that the passengers can pick the best prices on Tuesday. As per the statistics, the passengers can save between 15 and 25 percent. 

    What is the cheapest day to fly in the Airline?

    Midweek is the best time to fly in your favorite airline. The flight that takes off on weekends, Saturday, and Sunday generally cost more.  

    When do you get the best price for your flight ticket?

    The answer to this question depends on ever-changing factors. If you are talking about the domestic flights, then the sweet spot to make the booking is between 3 and 6 weeks ahead. Let us tell you that if you make the booking in the afternoon, then the flight tickets are cheaper as compared to the morning. 

    We hope that you have got the answer to this concern, “Are airline tickets more expensive to buy on weekends?” To seek more information on this topic, you can call on the toll-free number and get extra assistance from the customer care person. 

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