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What Can You Do To Avoid Paying for Seat Selection in the Airline?

The airline generally shares the price of the flight ticket with their passengers, and so they purchase the flight ticket. But, it is quite annoying for the passengers when they have to pay extra for choosing the seats. Like restaurants, some airlines demand extra fees from the passengers for specific seats. We are here to provide you with information on how you can avoid the seat selection charges in your favorite airline.

There are passengers who raise the concern in the form of a question, “how can I avoid paying for seat selection?” They don’t realize that when they will do the booking, the extra price of seat selection is already added in the reservation by the airline by the time you reach the page of final payment section. Let us now see the things you can consider to avoid paying the seat selection fee. We will be mentioning different airlines in which you can avoid the seat fee.

Airlines and the methods of avoiding the seat selection charges:

Alaska Airlines:

Alaska airlines do not charge extra for seat selection as the basic economy “the “Saver” fare comprises of limited free seat assignment. You can scroll down at the bottom of the seat map to find the seat marked with “S.” You can click on “Skip seats,” and you will get the seats for free during checking-in.

American Airlines:

Well, American airlines do not trick you into paying the seat selection fee. It is because they don’t allow the passengers of the economy fares to go for advanced seat selection, and this is the reason that you will not be able to see the seat map at the time of booking the flight. To avoid the fee, you need to click on the “skip seats for all flights.”

Allegiant Airlines:

When you are making the booking in allegiant airlines, it does not indicate that there will be fees associated with choosing the seats. When you click on a particular seat, the pop-up will appear telling you the price, and then you will have to confirm that you agree. To avoid this, don’t click on any seat and go to the bottom of the page to click on “Continue.”

Hawaiian Airlines:

The “Main Cabin Basic” fare will not allow the advanced seat assignment. You will be asked to verify selection and then you will get the second pop-up during your booking process, asking, “Want to choose your seats?” Avoid this by tapping on “No thanks.” Then you will be able to select the seat at the time of check-in.

Delta Airlines:

When you choose the basic fare, you get the message of choosing the main cabin economy fare that includes seat booking. If you are not willing to pay more, then you can click on the “Continue with Basic Economy” text so that you can avoid the upcharge.

Frontier Airlines:

To avoid the seat selection fee in the frontier airlines, you can scroll to the bottom and then click on the “Continue” button without choosing the seats. You will see the pop-up in which you will have to click on the small print “No Thanks, I’ll take whatever” link to continue the process of booking.

This is how you can avoid the seat selection fee in various airlines. You can call the customer care executives to get to know more. They will provide you with the answer to the question also, “Which seat is best in flight?” You will get every assistance from them.

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