How Do I Contact United Airlines by Phone?

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    How United Airlines is Contacted through phone?

    United Airline is known for its customer-centric services, so it operates 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. It is Chicago's leading airline that provides its passengers with accommodating customer service and consideration at the moment of need. The airline is always enthusiastic for providing United Airlines passengers’ with high-quality services, which makes it an aviation industry leader.

    United Airlines aims to make each flight an effective experience for its clients. One can get the answers to How to contact United Airlines customer service through the following steps:

    • Dial the phone number provided for reservation assistance.
    • You can call From Monday to Sunday between 7 am to 11 pm CST.
    • Passengers can also dial the Toll-free number for United State citizens.
    • Contact for broken, misplaced and check-in issues through "More choices" options at the main menu.
    • Convey a message "Other Services" in the second brief.
    • Say "Yes" or "No" in the Third form of a brief.


    How Do I Contact United Airlines by Phone?

    When there is a need to book or cancel a United Airlines flight ticket online, you have different options, such as customer reps, pages for booking, an API link and many other options. At present, you can receive abundant information at any time concerning United Airlines flight services for liver patients. If you are required to check-in for your flight, change dates or cancel tickets, manage your bookings and so on, you can easily check the option for How do I contact United Airlines by phone at any time to get any form of assistance. Also, you are still welcome to contact a live person at United Airlines if you are just scheduled for a trip and are expected to book a flight ticket online. You can follow SubMenu Commands below while talking on the phone to the United Airlines phone assistance team:

    • Book a new flight
    • Status of the booked or reserved flight
    • Status of the current reservation
    • The option of mileage plus
    • The option of more selections for other queries


    Process to Contact United Airlines

    At present, the United Airline is there to hit a new level of services in the customer support team, where it also provides its clients with the best and astounding facilities. Thousands of passengers choose to travel with a united airline because of easy-to-avail facilities and amenities. Passengers just need to check-in at the airport ticket counter for their united airlines' flights from 3 hours to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, depending on their city of departure and reaching destination. They will also receive a printed boarding pass after that. Many passengers book their flight tickets easily through pre-reservation and enjoy the best United Airlines customer support contact numbers that are readily available 24/7. The following steps allow you to contact United Airlines:

    • Call the United Airlines’ toll-free number, which applies to the citizens of the USA and Canada.
    • If you are from another country then you can contact other helpline numbers for a call.
    • Talk to an automated number for the service.
    • For example, press 1 for knowing flight status, 2 to book your flight, etc.
    • To contact to a calling assistant, click 0.
    • There are separate numbers if you are calling from Mexico or the US and Canada.


    If you face reservation issues with United Airlines or want to check out the mileage plus, hotel, reward or rental car, then you are also free to contact United Airlines customer service at any time via email service. It is very convenient to use the official email address to email United Airlines customer service. First of all, you need to go to the reservation website and after logging in, you need to pick the contact options under the manage reservation tab and select the required email service. You may use different email addresses to simply email the United Airlines customer service team at any time. You may easily use the United Airlines website to pick the news and deal through the email address notification. Thus, at any time, you can share your feedback and questions to get the answer via email instantly.

    There is an option to speak to a live person in the U.S.A. at United Airlines Customer Service, and Canada United through an automated IVR phone calling system. It offers you a choice between speech recognition and touch-tone choices. To contact United Airlines by phone, dial their toll-free number and see the list below for different choices and corresponding commands:

    • Click 1 for knowing the flight status.
    • Click 2 to book your new flight.
    • Click 3 for getting the status of your present bookings.
    • For MileagePlus option, click on 4.
    • Choose 5 for getting to other options.
    • Click 5 and then 1 for getting luggage information.
    • Press 5 and then 2 for getting refunds.
    • Press 5 and then 3 for getting your receipts.
    • Press 5 and then 4 For knowing about reviews.
    • Press 5 and then 5 for other airline services.


    There is also an option of getting a chat tool service of United Airlines that provides you with simple support to share your valuable feedback and questions over the chatbox. You can start chatting with the agents or call on the United Airlines customer support contact numbers at any time through their official resources. For this, you need to visit the reservation page and click on the log-in button and choose to reserve and pick the contact button. In the tool that appears on the top left corner of your screen, pick the chatbox that opens the app and then you can select the three parallel lines. To start chatting, you need to go to the next page and select contact us. Then choose the chatbox and enter your name and email address and United Airlines agents will be available from 9 AM to 8:30 PM (ET) to talk to you. Below are the ways through which you can easily talk to United Airlines live person:

    • First, you need to open an internet browser and visit the United Airlines booking website.
    • If you are having any queries then select the required option after selecting the provided button.
    • There you need to enter the summary and then go to the additional tab where your phone number can be listed.
    • To choose email chat, live person chat, phone call and much more, you need to choose the contact option.
    • You need to pick a live chat if you are looking for live assistance and want to talk to a live person.
    • In the area, enter the correct mobile phone number and email address, and select the query that appears on the same page.
    • After connecting a call live person, you have to say "hi or hello" to get a response through proper response and is ready to solve your problem immediately.


    If you are having issues with How to contact United Airlines customer service then you can contact a live person, who is entitled to send you the basic details about the most important flight services that are to be resolved immediately. You have the right to call United Airlines for the full instructions on air check-in flights, travel arrangements, seat availability and flight reservations and to get the best flight services online. This airline offers several ways to reach lively customer service, so there is no reason to worry.

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