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Though every Airport usually has some grandeur associated with it, some of the airports actually stand out in terms of their beauty and scenic location. The El Paso International Airport, located in the valley of the Sun, is also one of those airports.

Passengers can use the services of Southwest Airlines to either depart or arrive at this landmark. If you are indeed flying with Southwest soon and are to be at the El Paso airport, having prior information about the procedure of check-in and boarding can be helpful for a smooth experience, Further details like El Paso Airport Southwest airlines phone number are also illustrated for those who might be looking for directions on customer assistance.

How To Contact The El Paso Airport Customer Support?

  • The El Paso Airport helpline numbers (915) 247-3121 Or 1-808-300-5769 (OTA) can be found on the official website of El Paso.
  • Open your preferred internet browser to get to the official El Paso International Airport homepage.
  • Get to the bottom of this page and click on “Contact Us” under the “General Menu.”
  • A new page will load, which will have a Request form. Next, try and fill this form with the relevant details and submit it.
  • The Airport executives will reach out to you in some time.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the “Contact information” button to load a new page that will list all the contact numbers of different Airlines operating from this Airport.


The page will also have contact numbers for Airport operations, the lost and found department, the parking, and the military desk. One can call on these numbers to speak directly to the Airport services.

When does the Southwest Counter open at El Paso Airport?

The Southwest ticket counter opens 120 mins before the first flight departure from the El Paso International Airport. So those who have been wondering, “What time does Southwest ticket counter open in El Paso?” can arrive at the Airport after the cited time to buy flight tickets. If you are looking to board the flight immediately, then it’s advisable to get to the airport grounds at least 2 hours earlier than the time of departure for a smooth onboarding process.

How To Reach Southwest Customer Service for Lost Baggage at El Paso Airport?

In order to contact Southwest customer support for lost baggage, one needs to get the precise contact number of the Southwest baggage claim support team. The contact number for the El Paso Airport Southwest baggage claim support team can be found on the El Paso International Airport’s website.

  • One can get on the contact support page of the El Paso airport website and click on the “Contact Information” button.
  • The “Lost Baggage Airline” menu will be visible on the right of the next page that opens. Look for Southwest Airlines here.


The El Paso Airport Southwest baggage claim contact number will be displayed here. You can call on this number for immediate assistance with your lost luggage. Alternatively, one can also head on to the B3, B4, B5, or the B6 gates of the El Paso Airport and look for the Southwest helpdesk to get help for your missing bags.

What are the Various Amenities Available at the El Paso International Airport?

  • Those who are looking to spend some time while waiting for the flight or getting their hunger pangs sorted out can check out the “Shop/Eat/Discover” menu at the top of the El Paso airport’s homepage. 
  • The Airport offers many options to have food, buy snacks, gifts, and travel essentials.
  • Commuters with an artistic bent of mind can also check out the El Paso Airport’s Art gallery to satisfy their creative taste buds.
  • One can also visit the USO Airport lounges for comfortable seats, newspapers, and a few quick drinks to spend your time leisurely before that air trip of yours.

In case you are experiencing a long waiting time while on the phone to talk to customer support about El Paso Airport Southwest baggage claim or any other concern, you can consider calling the support representative a few hours later if possible.