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Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport, also known as YQB, is the main airport serving the Quebec City metropolitan area. The Quebec City airport is approximately 15 kilometers from the city center and offers a convenient and accessible way to travel to and from the area. The airport is a vital hub for travelers with flights to destinations across Canada, the United States, and beyond.

One of the most important questions for travelers is, "What time does the Quebec City airport open?" The operating hours at the airport might vary, but the terminal building is typically open 24 hours a day. Visitors can access the airport anytime to check in for their flight, pass through security, or grab a bite to eat.

How Early Should I Get to the Quebec City Airport?

It is recommended to arrive at the Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport at least 2 hours before a domestic flight and 3 hours before an international flight. It allows sufficient time for check-in, security screening, and any other necessary procedures before boarding your flight. Keep in mind that wait times for security and check-in can vary depending on the time of day and the number of passengers, so it's always best to arrive early to ensure you have enough time to make your flight.

However, you can directly call the Air Canada Quebec phone number and ask the airline about specific recommended arrival times, as some airlines have earlier cut-off times for check-in and baggage drop. Additionally, if you need to check in baggage, it's best to do so as early as possible to ensure it gets loaded onto your flight.

How Do I Get from Quebec Airport to the City?

There are several options for getting from Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport to the city center:

  • Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside the airport terminal and offer a convenient and quick way to get to the city center. The ride takes approximately 20 minutes and costs around $35-$40.
  • Shuttle: Shared shuttle services, such as Les Taxi aéroport, are available at the airport and offer a more cost-effective option than a taxi. The shuttles run on a set schedule and make several stops in the city, so the total travel time can take longer than a taxi.
  • Bus: The RTL bus line #78 offers a public transportation option from the airport to the city. The bus runs approximately every 30 minutes and takes around 45 minutes to reach the city center. A one-way ticket costs around $3.50.
  • Rental car: Rental car agencies are located at the airport and offer the convenience of having a car at your disposal during your stay in Quebec City.


Regardless of your choice, it's always a good idea to check the availability and schedule of transportation options ahead of time to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free arrival at your destination.

Conclusion: The operating hours of Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport are typically 24 hours a day, but the hours of operation for individual shops, restaurants, and other services may vary. Hopefully, you have got the answer to your question by now. For further details, call Quebec Airport phone number +1 418-640-3300. The number is available 24/7; you can call on it anytime.