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A Complete Guide for Covid Testing Requirements at Newark Airport!

Due to the rapid increase in Covid cases, airlines have started taking precautions in the flights. However, you need to follow some specific rules to catch a flight from your nearby airport. This article will cover the Covid policies and requirements of Newark Airport. You will get information like Newark Airport Covid testing requirements, restrictions, tests, etc. if you want to know all about the airport guidelines, you can read the article below. You can check the different sections to get the information in detail.

What are the Newark Airport Covid Testing Requirements?

If you are catching your flight from Newark Airport, you need to follow some norms given by the airport. Some of the requirements by the airport are given below:

  • You need to wear a face mask covering your chin and nose properly.
  • Bandanas and scarves are not allowed as a replacement for face masks.
  • All the passengers are required to maintain proper social distancing while checking and boarding.
  • No passengers shall push other passengers while boarding or boarding the flight.
  • You should use sanitizer frequently to stop the germs from spreading.


Other than this, you need to visit the airport with your own food and water to avoid transmitting any kind of viruses.

Do you need a Covid test to fly into Newark?

Yes. You need to take a Covid test before reaching Newark Airport. If you have not been tested for Covid before getting to the airport, you can use the walk-in facility to get yourself tested for Covid. Moreover, the airport does not allow the self-test report available in the market. You need to take a complete RT PCR test before arriving at the airport.

What is the Cost of Covid Testing?

If you haven't tested for Covid before reaching the airport, you can test yourself for free at the airport. There is no Covid testing cost at Newark Airport; however, if your report is positive, certain restrictions are applied to you. To know about the airline's restrictions, you can check the next segment.

Newark Airport Covid Restrictions

If your Covid report is positive or you show any Covid related symptoms at the airport, here are some restrictions you may face:

  • You need to be in quarantine at the airport for 14 days or until your RT PCR test is negative.
  • If you are checking in from the airport and getting a positive Covid report, you cannot check-in for the flight.
  • Only the passengers who have a flight with Newark Airport can enter the check-in gate.


Even if you have tested negative when flying at the destination, you need to show another Covid test report not older than 48 hours to checkout from the airport.

Before traveling from Newark Airport, these are some major restrictions you need to know. You can also contact the customer support desk at the airport to know about the basic requirements and restrictions. It's best to have a negative Covid report before reaching the airport, but the Newark Airport Covid testing cost is free, so you don't need to worry about your pockets. However, if your Covid report is positive at the airport, you need to follow Newark Airport's restrictions.