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LOT Airlines Change Flight

Planning a domestic or international trip is always fun, but situations can be uncertain. If the traveler has booked a flight with the LOT Polish Airline, then you must know ways to make the necessary changes to the existing booking. In case you are looking for How do I change my Flight on LOT? Most people prefer online methods to modify existing reservations, but you should know specific steps, which are discussed below.

  • You need to first go to the LOT Polish Airline's official website.
  • Now tap on the Manage Booking option given on the menu bar of the homepage.
  • Passengers may be required to enter the existing booking details to retrieve the booking.
  • The complete booking details will be on the screen, including several options, for example, change, cancel, seat maps, and more.
  • Kindly select the change tab and edit the required changes in the existing booking then pay the difference amount.

Change LOT Flight through Customer Support Phone Number:

The Airline does provide several ways to edit the necessary changes in booked flight tickets. If the online change process does not work for you, then it is better to call the customer support agent. You can simply dial the LOT Polish Airline customer service phone number +1-212-7890-970 and ask the agent to update the relevant changes. Airline customer support officials will proceed to change the existing booking and share the payment link.

Flight Change at the Airport:

Otherwise, you can also visit the nearby Airport if none of the above methods works for you. Visit the airport ticket counter and share the correct credentials to update the necessary changes.

Can I Change my Flight Date on LOT?

Yes, passengers who have booked with the LOT Polish Airline and want to change the date of reservations. So the Airline allows travelers to edit the date on existing bookings either through Manage Booking online, customer service phone number, or at the Airport ticket office. You may be required to pay the Lot change flight date fee or difference amount to complete the change process.

Can I Change Seats in the LOT Airline Existing Booking?

In case the traveler intends to change the seat from Economy Standard to Business or First Class in the booked itinerary. The Airline does provide a flexible change policy, so you can simply proceed for Lot Airlines to change seats by paying the change fee or difference amount. Once the payment is made, the Airline will share the new confirmation code with the valid email address.

LOT Polish Airline Flight Change Policy:

Plans are always intended to be uncertain if your travel plan is changed and you want to change the existing reservation of LOT Airline. Passengers must be familiar with the terms and conditions of the LOT flight change policy, which is given to make the change process more transparent.

  • If the change request is made within 24 hours of purchase, then the LOT Polish Airline does not charge any change fee.
  • For passengers who have purchased flight tickets from a third party, it is better to reach them to update the necessary changes.
  • To update changes in group booking, you are advised to call customer support directly.
  • When the passenger made the change after the risk window closed, then, the Airline imposed the change fee, which varies as per route.
  • In case a person needs to change the flight date due to medical reasons, there will be no change fee, but you need to submit the relevant documents.
  • Airlines allow their travelers to correct their name as per name change policy, but you can only change a total 3 three characters in first, last, and middle name.
  • Passengers who want to change the booked itinerary at the last minute must pay the difference fare, including the change fee.

How Much Does Lot Airline Charge for Change?

If you want to avoid the LOT Airlines change seat fee, you should submit the change request within 24 hours of purchase. Otherwise, if you exceed the 24-hour window, then the Airline will charge the change fee, which may vary as it depends on the fare type, distance, and route the customer has booked. Generally, Lot Polish Airlines charges a fee to update the necessary changes in booked flight tickets, which start from $90 and go up as per the distance.

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