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Muster Congruous Details To Contact Belfast International Airport

Belfast is primarily known for ports, and it is also the capital city of Northern Ireland. Further, preparing a traveling plan to/from this very region through air transport could be succeeded by the use of Belfast International Airport. Moreover, when you get to the airport, then you can find a number of facilities such as lounges, special assistance, medical aid, duty-free shops, and many more. Consequently, to know more about the airport business or have anything to report to them, you can contact their customer service team. Hence, the ways in which you can do the same have been displayed at the bottom titles.

How Do I Contact Belfast International Airport?

At Belfast Airport, you can render several services, which is why issues can be caused from different directions. So, for considering these points, the contact medium at the airport is present in the amass, and specifications in relation to this can be secured by going through the topics below.

Make A Call to the Airport-Specific Department

A claim for establishing contact with the respective division of Belfast airport can be established by giving a ring. In addition to that, you can effectively discuss your matter with them and find a response in haste. Moreover, the index of Belfast Airport Contact Numbers can be traced as per the requirement from the following points:-

For universal inquiries, +44 28 9448 4848
For luggage, +44(0)28 9448 4614
For special assistance, +44 (0) 28 9448 4957
For parking, +44 (0) 28 9448 4851
For shops at terminal, +44(0) 28 9448 4013

Message Your Concern via Chat

A call might be out through the long hold prior to establishing a connection with the airport. In this case, you can try to get through an airline overwriting and secure personalized attention with them. Further, the step-by-step guide in relation to this is established at the bottom:-

Head to Belfast Airport Site

Thereafter, click on the contact icon
Later on, click on the chat and describe your concern
Submit an online contact form

One more method to get attention from airport customer service is submitting an online contact form. In the form also, you can find a required space for a proper elaboration of concern, and the clues for getting there are as such:-

Go to Belfast Airport's official site
Later on, click on the contact icon
On the next tab, share the information asked in the form and click on the submit icon

Write a letter to Belfast airport postal address

A receipt is available in hard copies, or any document presented in paper format can be shared with customer service by sending a post. Further, you can determine that address from beneath.
Belfast International Airport Ltd,

Belfast, BT29 4AB,
Northern Ireland

How do I contact Belfast Airport lost and found?

Traveling consists of many mishaps, and mishaps are also a part of it. Moreover, these elements are considered by Belfast Airport, which is why they have a lost and found department. So, if you ever lose an item, then you can communicate with them, and for that, you can call by using Belfast International Airport lost property contact number, +44(0)28 9448 4614, or send an email to

What time is Belfast International Airport open?

Belfast Airport is operational for 24 hours. But you can get to the airport as per the schedule of your flight. However, the services available at the airport may have different operational hours, and that can be Monday-Friday from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm. Moreover, to obtain accurate information, you can reach out to their customer service team.

How Do I Email Belfast International Airport Customer Service?

Belfast Airport can look into long and extensive matters which are conveyed to them over an email address. But the response in this can take time, and that could be around two to three business days. Thus, the email id of the airport can be located in the following points:-

General inquiries:

Lost Property:

Passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs):

Car Park:

Commercial opportunities:

Environment and noise:

Human Resources:

Landing Fees:

Passenger Figures:

Media, photography, and press: &

Commercial Property:

Final Takeaway

Furthermore, through the information that is disclosed here, you can easily rule out confusion related to How do I contact Belfast International Airport? So, use these specifications as per the stated guide and make a journey stressless.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for Belfast International Airport?

The Belfast International Airport provides various phone numbers based on several departments and services. Here, given are the important official phone numbers for you; take a look: 

  • Lost Luggage (Swissport):+44(0)28 9448 4614
  • Passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs): +44 (0) 28 9448 4957
  • Car Park: +44 (0) 28 9448 4851 (Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm) 
  • Commercial opportunities: +44(0) 28 9448 4013
  • Environment and noise: +44(0) 28 9448 4848
  • Media, photography, and press: 07850489798

Is Belfast City Airport open 24 hours?

Yes! Belfast City Airport is open for 24 hours, subject to the arrival and departure schedule of flights. However, other services, shops, etc., might be open for certain specific hours only. You can speak to the Airport team directly for more accurate information.

Where is special assistance at Belfast International Airport?

The passengers traveling with Persons of reduced Mobility (PRMs), if using the Belfast International Airport, can avail the special assistance if needed during the journey at the airport. The airport has a contract with OCS, which is in charge of providing assistance. 

On departure, the service is available from the point where the customer arrives at their seat on the plane. At the time of arrival, the service is available from the passenger's seat to their onward mode of transport. The Assistance desk at OCS is located to the left of the check-in hall, and the service is free of charge. 

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