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Safety is a major concern for Jetstar to ensure the safety of its passengers. Thus, the airline makes sure that the passengers in the document and on the ticket are the same. In the event that your name on the passport does not match the name on the ticket, the airline has every right to stop you from boarding the flight. However, if you mistakenly entered the wrong name while booking, you can still change it before check-in. For reference, you can read this article and help yourself. 

How Can I Apply for a Jetstar Name Change Online?

The name of the passenger has to be the same as on the ticket. If, due to a typing error or other reason, you entered the wrong name, Apply for the name change as early as possible because the airline will deny you boarding in such cases due to the safety concerns of other passengers. The passengers can apply for a Jetstar name change online; here is what you need to do: 

  • Visit the official website of JetStar. 
  • At the top of the page, locate the option "Manage my Booking." 
  • Now, type your last name along with the booking reference code, and tap on Retrieve Booking. 
  • The details of your booking will flash on the screen. 
  • After this, move to the menu section and select the name change option to get an online form. 
  • Rectify your mistake by entering the new name in the form and filling out the other required details. 
  • Attach a legal document for proof and move on to make the payment. 
  • Once you make the final payment, the airline will complete the formalities and issue you a new ticket with your correct name. 

What is the Jetstar Change Name Fee?

The passengers who have entered the wrong name might be thinking, Can I change the name of a passenger on Jetstar? Yes, just pay a nominal fee of $50, and the airline will offer to rectify your mistake and put the correct name on the ticket. The passengers can make changes in the name on their existing ticket as many times as they want, but every time, they will have to pay the service charge of $50. 

Explain the Jetstar Name Change Policy

If you have reached this point in the article, you are well aware of the procedure and price of the Jetstar name change, but there is a catch: Jetstar can still deny your request. The passengers are advised to read the policies first and then apply for the name change accordingly. To know the policies of name change at Jetstar, read the points below:

  • The passengers cannot change their complete names. A maximum of three characters can be changed by the passengers on the ticket. 
  • After the name change, the passengers must be the same. 
  • Travelers must apply for the name change at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight. 
  • The passengers will have to provide a government document to Jetstar while requesting the name change. The name will be changed according to the government documents. 
  • Jetstar allows passengers to change their last name in legal cases, like marriage or divorce. 
  • Passengers will have to make the payment using a credit card for the name change. 

Can I Change the Name on the Phone?

Yes, the passengers who are looking for assistance from Jetstar's agent to change the name on the ticket are suggested to connect with their agent by dialling 1 800 707 0031. Their agent will help you, apply for the name change on your behalf, and share the details with you via your registered email ID.

An Awesome Guide to Changing Your Jetstar Date and Time

Suppose you have booked your travel ticket with Jetstar, but you have mistakenly chosen the wrong date and flight time in rush booking. Now you want to make corrections but are wondering how to change them. If that's your query and you are reading this for the same, then this awesome guide tells you some of the best ways that you can use Jetstar Date and Time Change for a quick and also what their rules and guidelines for it are. Let's start the discussion below.

What happens if I book the wrong date with Jetstar?

There are certain ways that you can use Jetstar to correct your wrong travel date. Below are the ways you can use change. 

Online method.

This way, you can conveniently make the required change to your flight ticket. You can use this method anytime, and if you have booked your ticket within one hour, then make quick changes by following the steps.

Reach Jetstar's official website and then navigate to the Manage Booking tab.

There, you need to provide the required details and then search for the flight.

You will find the time and date change option and then make the correct modification.

After that, you will review it, and you will move to the payment page.

Pay the applicable charge, and then confirm it by paying it.

Via phone call.

The following way can be used to sue when you're unable to make the changes using the Manage Booking page: You can easily make a phone call to 1 800 707 0031, and after that, you will be talking with the Jetstar customer support executive. They will assist you in changing your flight date with ease.

Jetstar Date and Time Change Terms and Conditions

Before making any changes, one should be aware of the terms and regulations that Jetstar has made for the flexibility of the airline's services and its valuable customers. Below, you will find Jetstar's major regulations and how you can benefit from them. 

  • Passengers should meet the fare difference in order to complete their date and tie change.
  • Jetstar date and time changes also obey the name correction policy.
  • In rebooking a flight, if the seats are available on the selected flights, then only your request will be fulfilled.
  • Date and time changes in JetStar can easily be done by using the authorized platforms. 
  • Every passenger who has requested a date and time change will have to bear the change fee. 
  • The fare depends on the time of the request.
  • You can save on your date change fee by changing it within the risk-free period. 
  • Jetstar offers a one-hour quick fix service where anybody who has booked their Jetstar ticket can easily correct details in the itinerary at no cost. 

Jetstar Date Change Fee

Whenever you request a date change outside the risk-free time, you will be charged a Jetstar date change fee that comes under the Jetstar fare rules. The Jetstar date change fee would be different for different fares depending on several factors, as shown below.

  • If you have domestic flights in Australia, then your fee would be AUD$70.
  • For domestic flights in New Zealand, it would be AUD $60.
  • For Japan, it's JPY 3700.
  • For international short-haul flights, it's AUD $80.
  • For international long-haul flights, the fee would be JPY 4500 and SGD $65.

What is the Change Deadline for Jetstar?

For making any changes to Jetstar, you are allowed to make the changes until 12 a.m. on the following date of departure until the airport opens its check-in window. Once the check-in closes, you are not allowed to request any changes in the date and time or any other information. 


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