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Aer Lingus Updates in Change and Flight Refund Policy due to COVID-19

Did you booked your reservation with Aer Lingus during the pandemic and are wondering how to change and cancel your bookings? Well, then it is required that you have complete details regarding the latest updates in the policy because of the recent hit of the pandemic. So, in case, if you have booked reservations with Aer Lingus and are looking for new updates in the policy, then check out the information mentioned in this article. 

Aer Lingus Flight Change and Refund Policy

1. Flight Change Policy of Aer Lingus 

For the passengers who are not aware, the flight change provision of the Aer Lingus permits the passenger to modify their booking. But, with the recent hit of the pandemic, the airline has introduced a separate Aer Lingus change flight COVID 19 provision which will be applied for on a temporary basis. 

  • As per the recent update all the reservations that are dated for departure up to 30th September 2020, the passengers are not required to pay any flight change fee. 
  • Further, this policy is applicable to all fare types. 
  • However, there is a fare difference, then passengers are required to make payment for the fare difference. 
  • Also, all changes to the reservation should be made by 1st August 2020. 


2. Cancellation Policy of Aer Lingus Due To COVID

For those planning to cancel their reservations and looking for the provision regarding Aer Lingus refund during COVID 19 against cancelled reservation, they can check out the pointers mentioned in this article. 

As per the recent update, there is no such provision for cancellation, however, for the passenger whose fights were cancelled they are offered with various options that include the following:

  • As per the recent update in Aer Lingus provision, the passenger can convert their flight ticket into a voucher for a full value that can be used for future purchases. 
  • Further, the passenger can change the travel date or destination as per the new provision without any additional cost. 
  • Also, the passenger can claim a full refund against the cancelled reservations by filling up the refund request form online. 
  • Lastly, the passenger can reach out to the reservation department of the airline to gain information regarding Aer Lingus refund during COVID 19. 


Thus, this is the complete information regarding the recent updates in the flight change and refund provision of Aer Lingus Airlines. In case, if the passenger still has any queries, they can feel free to contact the reservation department of the airline.

Delayed Flight Compensation on Aer Lingus Flight

Have you ever reached airport and found that your flight got delayed? It’s pretty obvious that once the flight gets canceled all the plans and zeal to board flight fades away. But in case the delayed flight exceeds a couple of hours, and then airlines provide a fixed amount of compensation to their passengers. Likewise if you had planned to make reservations in the Irish based Aer Lingus Airlines then you can get a reasonable compensation on flights.

Flights Getting Delayed in the Aer Lingus

If you ever travel by Aer Lingus and just in case your flight gets canceled or delayed then with the help of its polices related to Aer Lingus flight delays and cancellations, you can get your refund. But for claiming your refund, there are a lot of terms and conditions. For finding about these terms and conditions in details, tap below.

Policies Related to the Delayed Aer Lingus Flight

  • Does not matter which flight you booked but if your Aer Lingus flight gets delayed for more than 3-4 hours then the maximum refund is up to 600 Euros.
  • The airline offers flight refund in case the passengers were not informed about the flight delay and it got delayed beyond three hours.
  • The compensation will be granted only on the unused part of your flight ticket and would take at least seven days to get the refund.


Tips To Claim your Flight Refund in Case of Delayed Flight

If you have been waiting at the airport for your flight but it is getting delayed continuously then there are a few tips with which you can claim your Aer Lingus compensation for delayed flights.

  • Once you are confirmed that your flight is delayed for the next few hours then you can contact the airline authority and get the reasons clarified for the delay. Keep your part and let them know if you have any connecting flight from the next airport.
  • If possible, keep all your documents and ticket print out ready to verify the delayed flight.
  • In case there is any kind of emergency then you can even request the airline to adjust you in any next flight possible.
  • You can call or open the official airline website to check about the updated flight timings.


Conditions for the Compensation

According to the rules, if your airline fails to inform you within 14 days of the rescheduled flight or beyond three hours of the flight cancellation then you can easily claim for the Aer Lingus flight delays and cancellations. In case of doubts, contact the customer care team.

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