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Situations are such things that affect passengers’ journeys in such a way that they need to make changes in their travel. But, of late, situations now are so, which has forced the whole world to stay in a nutshell to keep themselves safe. The situation discussed here is that of the latest pandemic spread across the world named Covid-19. 

It is because of the spread of this disease where the world was on shut and somehow things are coming back to normal. This is also termed as new normal as people are taking precautions to make themselves safe. In this pandemic, the travel and tourism industry is the worst hit as tourist activities are reduced. But, somehow American Airlines has started operating their flights keeping in mind all the precautionary and safety measures. 

If you are a passenger who wishes to travel after staying locked for long then you must check the changes done in the seating pattern, services, way of tackling the issues, and much more. To start with, let us focus on American Airlines COVID seating first class and make you aware of the new normal by American Airlines. 

Knowing American Airlines First Class Service Guidelines! 

The officials have decided to make changes and the first-class seating falls into three different tiers. These tiers are under 900 miles, 900-2,199 miles, and 2,200+ miles. Earlier, passengers were offered blankets, duvets, and pillows for their comfort travel but to avoid the spread of any viruses they have decided not to offer these. Passengers are not provided with the pre-departure drinks. And all the refreshments offered are in paperback use and throw utensils instead of glassware. 

First Class Service by American Airlines on Flights under 900 Miles! 

Passengers on the flights under 900 miles are provided with the following services: 

  • Passengers are provided with drinks upon request which includes alcohol. 
  • But they are not provided with no snacks of any sort. 
  • For protection purposes, passengers are given face shields. 
  • When the seating is considered then passengers are not allowed the middle seat taking care of the social distancing. 

American Airlines Services on Flight under 900-2,199 Miles! 

Passengers under this flight of American Airlines first-class services are provided with: 

  • A paper bag upon boarding which contains a small snack, hand sanitizer, bottle of water. The same bag is also given to the passengers in Economy class. 
  • Drinks are also offered which includes alcohol upon request. 

American Flights Services for 2,200+ Miles! 

  • Passengers in this flight are provided with the meal of single tray instead of courses. 
  • They are also provided with drink services including alcohol. 


With the miles specific services by American airlines, passengers get some idea of how the new normal is while choosing American Airlines' first-class service and travel companion. Apart from these services, the common services provided by these airlines are also discussed further. 

Other Services by American Airlines First Class in COVID Pandemic!

Apart from the in-flight services, American airlines have also changed other ways of handling passengers. These are mentioned further. 

  • American Airlines' first-class right now have started fewer flights to different destinations around the world. 
  • Passengers are asked to check their temperature right from entering the airport to exiting it from the destination airport. 
  • The officials have introduced the system of hand sanitizations at every point of the airport with passengers to wear face masks. 
  • Those passengers who are experiencing mild cough and cold and other symptoms are asked to take rest and shall travel the next time or else produce medical examination results from the medical examiner. 


Therefore, with the help of the above information, you get an idea of the new normal in the first class of American Airlines. In case passengers want any further information, he can contact the American Airlines manage booking. To know how to contact them refer to the information below. 

Want More Information? Seek Answers from American Airlines Customer Service! 

American Airlines has a dedicated and separate branch to help passengers. Hence, they are free to get in touch with the trained and experienced customer support any time as they are 24/7 active. They are active on various platforms such that they can assist maximum passengers at a time.

Therefore, with the information and all time active customer support, we hope that you have safe and hassle-free travel. 

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