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Group booking of American Airline

American Airline is one of the biggest aviation companies across the entire USA. And everyone coming from every possible corner of the world prefers traveling by American Airline because it holds the record of flying to the maximum number of destinations across the world. And apart from the basic booking facility, there are other several other services that American airline keeps giving to its customers in order to ensure comfortable journey of the passengers. And if you wish to travel by the American airline then go through the below-given details.

American Airline’s Group booking service

If you are flying for a business trip with your team or maybe on any big family vacation, if you are traveling in a group of more than ten then you can book flights under group travel. Group traveling of American Airline is a service provided to those who are traveling in numbers. Hence if you want, you can easily book flights. The biggest perk of the American Airlines group booking is the discount on more numbers of bookings and many more other services. Hence if you want to book flight in American Airlines in group then follow below guidelines of reservations.

How to make group travel reservations in American Airlines

1. To book a flight for group travel, you can visit the official website and look for the reservation section

2. Under booking, section select the group travel option and proceed ahead.

3. Just like the normal booking procedure, you can also fill up all the necessary details required and hence book the flight.

4. Fill up the destination, date and time preference. Also apart from it, select if you are making one way or round trip.

5. Moving next, specify the number of passengers traveling and select the method of payment out of cash, card and miles.

6. Once done search flights and pick one. After choosing a flight, make a payment and you will be done with the flight bookings.

7. You can also call up on the reservation helpline number and request for the booking.  You can let them know about the details and your request will be processed ahead.

And that’s all for how you can book flights for American Airlines group travel. And you are done. But before booking group flight, check the terms and conditions for the flight reservations.

Terms and conditions related to the group booking in American Airlines

1. Group traveling will only be allowed, if you are traveling in a group of more than ten people.

2. You can book group flights maximum before eleven months of flight departure till before 48 hours.

3. If you realize that you have made any mistake in the passenger name then you can correct at least one person’s name free till 48 hours of the flight departure.

4. You can book discount flights at a discount if you are traveling for a business meeting, trip or any conference

5. American airline also has the right to cancel all the bookings and reservations in case of any emergency or unavailability of flight services.

And thus with the help of above-given details, you can easily book flights to travel in a group and if you have any doubt or query then you can contact American airline group travel phone number.

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How Can I Get Group 4 On American Airlines?

Who doesn't want to get special treatment while traveling? What if we told you that you could get priority treatment if you have booked your tickets with American Airlines. The airline provides Groups and facilities depending on the type of groups. In this article, we will provide your information about Group 4 on American Airlines.

Before moving further, let's know the meaning of Group 4 priority on American Airlines.

How To Get Group 4 On American Airlines?

You can get a Group 4 priority in American Airlines with the help of the following steps:

  • Premium cabins: If you have booked your ticket in premium cabins like premium economy class or other higher tier, you will get Group 4.
  • OneWorld Ruby: If you have a membership of Oneworld Ruby, you will get into group 4. You can enjoy all the priority privileges with that.
  • AAdvantage and JetBlue Elite status: If you hold AAdvantage membership or JetBlue elite status, you can board as a Group 4 passenger. 
  • Military officer: If you are boarding as a military officer with an active ID, you will get the perks of group boarding.
  • Eligible corporate traveler: If you are traveling as a corporate traveler of American Airlines, you can grab the chance to get Group 4 priority.
  • Purchase Priority: There is an option of Priority on the official website of American Airlines. You can click on the option and purchase the priority boarding to get in Group 4.


What Does Group 4 Priority Mean On American Airlines?

American Airlines has divided the boarding process of its passengers into nine groups. Group 1-4 gets in the Priority lane at the time of boarding, and group 5-9 gets in the Main lane at the boarding time. 

If you are in group 4, that means you will complete your boarding process in the Priority lane. You don't need to wait at the gate while standing in line. You can jump the queue and get in the Priority lane. Given below are the criteria which make you eligible to get in Group 4 of American Airlines.

  • If you have purchased Priority Boarding
  • If you are a Gold AAdvantage member
  • If you have a OneWorld Ruby membership
  • If you are a Premium economy class passenger.


These are the criteria that will allow you to travel with Group 4 privileges. If you are willing to know the process of getting a Group 4 Priority, you can read the following segment.


How To Increase The Boarding Group On American Airlines?

If you are willing to know how to increase your boarding group, you can use specific credit cards with different features. You can also book the tickets with higher classes to get maximized awards. You can also use the official website of the airline to increase your boarding groups.

If you want to know more about how do I increase my boarding group on American Airlines, you can contact the airline's customer support. You need to dial the customer service number and request all the information on Group 4. You can check the official website to know all about Priority.

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