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Get Informative Details for American Airlines Customer Service at Milwaukee Airport

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is widely famous as a civil-military airport. If you wish to get a complete guide for making your American Airlines flight booking convenient, you must access the American Airlines Milwaukee Customer Service team, which can be approachable by making a call at +1 414-747-5300 OTA 1-865-432-7300 and discussing your concern to get the answer. You can conveniently share your significant travel concerns with a live person at Milwaukee Mitchell Airport using this phone number. 

American Airlines Milwaukee Airport Phone Number:

When you receive something wrong during a flight booking or flight journey with American Airlines at Milwaukee International Airport, you must know the contact details. You will get the contact number list and some other contact details that you must learn to access its customer service team instantly.

  • Phone number for American Airlines at Milwaukee Mitchell: When you wish to get customer service for American Airlines at Milwaukee airport, dial 414-747-5245 and share your concern.
  • American Airlines Lost and Found Phone Number at Milwaukee Airport: If your baggage is lost and damaged, dial 414-238-6015 and claim the luggage.
  • Airport services and queries for American Airlines at Milwaukee Airport: When you need to get significant facility customer service at Milwaukee Airport, dial 414 747-5300 and plan your trip carefully.
  • Email address for American Airlines at Milwaukee Airport: You can easily share your concern with a live person via email. You can send your feedback, suggestions, and complaints to and get a complete solution from a real person at a specific time.
  • Use the website of Milwaukee Airport for American Airlines services: If you need complete travel guidance and assistance, get the website of Milwaukee at and get specific advice and help conveniently.
  • American Airlines terminal at Milwaukee Airport: American Airlines serves the main terminal, Concourse D. It has Gates D52, D54, and D56, where you can conveniently ask for the check-in and manage booking service.

How Do I Contact the Milwaukee Airport?

When you get help from a live person directly at the Milwaukee Airport, you may dial 414 747-5300, discuss your concern, and get a response instantly. You can also use email service to contact Milwaukee Airport at and convey your problem to get the answer at a certain time.

What Time Does the American Airlines Ticket Counter Open at MKE?

American Airlines tickets is open from around 4 pm to 6:30 pm daily at MKE Airport. If you have some doubts regarding flight booking service and want to share your important concern with a live person, you may reach out to the American Airlines ticket counter and ask for help at MKE Airport.  

American Airlines Milwaukee Lost and Found Baggage Claim:

When you plan your trip to your intended destination but face some trouble with your baggage that you have yet to receive, you can file a claim by connecting with a live person at the airport in the baggage service office. If your baggage is damaged and lost, which you have yet to receive within 24 hours after the flight departure at the airport, you can file a claim after connecting with a live person. Submit an online claim and enter the 13-character file ID you received at the airport. You can submit a claim, which generally opens on another site in a new window. Get an option to access the central Baggage Resolution Office, which will help you find your baggage conveniently.

American Airlines Milwaukee Lost and Found Phone Number:

You can connect with a live person who generally remains active to assist you with the baggage that has been lost and damaged and ask for assistance at 1-800-535-5225 and reach a baggage customer service desk. You also get the lost and found phone number at 414-238-6015 and ask for baggage assistance right after going to your destination securely. 

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