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American is the major airlines in the world which exhibits its services to many destinations covered under its area of operations that is used by many people for travelling via air with the tickets that are booked by the online booking system of AA or by any third party.

In view of the pandemic, AA has some special seating rules for its passengers and these American airlines seating COVID frames for the well-being of its passengers.

American Airlines COVID-19 Seating Plan(s)

To protect the spread of COVID, American Airlines has taken various measures to increase the hygiene conditions on its planes.

An important one is to make the passengers wear the mask on-board and a gap of one at least one seat between two passengers.

Lately, the former rule is amended by the airlines with the removal of the one seat distance rule framed in April 2020.

Now, there is no requirement for the passenger to leave one seat and can sit according to the old seating plans (before pandemic).

Other Seating Policy Rules of American Airlines

AA has other seating policy terms & conditions which are created by American Airlines to facilitate the passengers to get the required details of the seating plans in AA`s flight.

Choose where you want to sit

According to the seating policy, you are allowed to select the preferred seat at the time of booking or later by paying the miles or cash to AA.

This rule is very beneficial for those who have booked the ticket for seating on the specific seat when travelling alone or in the group.

Seating rules for various travel class

American Airlines provides its services in various cabin classes for providing the in-flight pleasure to everyone based on needs and preferences.

  • First and Business Class. Every passenger who travels in any of these class obtain the confirmation seating experience with more legroom to relax.
  • Premium Economy. Any passenger in the premium cabin gets the facility of wider and adjustable seats with the big footrest section.
  • Basic Economy. Holder of the basic economy tickets gets the opportunity to select the seats by providing extra fee or wait till the check-in to get a seat for free.
  • Main Cabin. Ticket holders of this cabin enjoy the amenity to select the seat in advance for free which comes with extra comfort.


How much it cost to select a seat on AA`s flight?

According to the seating policy of American Airlines, it allows every customer to get the seat which they want but for this, they need to pay the seat selection fee to AA.

This fee is decided by the date of ticket booking & departure and the desired cabin class which can cost you $100 or more.

Ways chose seats on American Airlines

You can get the preferred seat either at the time of booking in the reservation process or after making the reservation with the help of American Airlines manage booking section.

If you are facing any problem in the American airlines seating policy then you can connect with the customer support of AA to get the required assistance.

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