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Know the brief of American Airlines Name Change

Changing name on the flight ticket is not easy with American airline as there are some restrictions and policies that we are required to follow.

 In some cases, sometime due to typos, or legally authorized modifications, changes to the flight ticket becomes mandatory. Here find complete American Airlines Ticket Name Changes & Corrections policies.

Learn the basics of American airline name change policy

Ticket Name Change

American airline does not allow anyone to change the name on the flight ticket (1-805-372-0680). This is something like you are giving a gift to your near and dear ones in case you couldn’t fly. That will impact the potential revenue of the airline. Even if you bought a non-refundable ticket, you have no chances to update your name.

During this pandemic of Covid-19, if you complete the flight booking via travel agent or any other authentic source, you have full authorization to make changes in the name of the passenger.

Ticket Name Correction

American airline allows you to make changes for minor and major name corrections on the unused tickets. This would be possible only when the customers has TSA pre Global Entry, NEXIUS or SENTRI card and whatever the name you submitted should not have an exact match.

Minor Name Corrections

You have right to make minor corrections to itineraries of American airline and American Eagle flights only.

Those itineraries which are ticketed on “R” inventory should follow the Major name correction guidelines.

Major Name Corrections

If you want to make major name correction on the tickets of “R” Inventory, code share flights segments on American airlines, it requires a new PNR as a name correction because it cannot be made within the same PNR due to limitation in the software.

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How to make corrections to American airline?

  • First you are required to Login using PNR number, and now you can do modifications to the information of departure.
  • First, make a call to the American airline call centre and ask customer support executive to make changes to the flight ticket.


American Airlines Change Name on Ticket Due To Marriage 

Many times in hurry we provide the wrong credentials while booking the reservation and later on we need to correct it but every airline has different polices. In case if you have booked American airline and need to change the name on the booking reservation due nay reason like American airlines change name on ticket due to marriage then follow the below steps in order to get it done without any hassle.

What is American Airlines Ticket Name Change Policy?

Follow the below steps in order to know everything about American airline name change policy in very simple and easy way

  • It's a very easy procedure, usually where there are limited changes, although with any escalation, big name changes may be made to the ticket. But that's almost always the case that that can only be achieved if the carrier issuing the ticket is the same one you're travelling on.
  • In other way, if you have an American Airlines ticket to American Airlines, it's not hard to change your name.
  • But if you have, say, an American AAdvantage ticket to fly with a member, you're not going to be able to change your identity.
  • So you always want to make sure that the name on the visa fits the name on the ticket with the affiliate awards for foreign travel. Domestic travel stuff can be more convenient as you can sign in online and then clear protection without an ID by answering questions at the TSA checkpoint in the worst case situation.


For American tickets and American travel, it's not a challenge to make:

  • Fixed to the last name of 3 characters or fewer
  • Judicial name changes, including changes in the case of marriage or divorce
  • Attach a second last name to the fare
  • Shift in first name
  • Adjust the first name from nickname to full name
  • Modifying the middle name or the middle initial
  • Switching first and last names to a ticket
  • Also keep in mind that any modifications can include permission and a $25 processing fee, for example, if you (1-805-372-0680) change the name on the same ticket if it is done for the second time.


These were all the information regarding the American airline name change policy, if still there is any issue about the American airline's name change policy, then do not hesitate to dial the customer care service number and they will try to assist you as soon. Their representative is very skilled and efficient that will help you provide solution easily.

Get in touch with the customer support team of American airline

From the beginning of the journey to the landing of flight, everything requires a seamless assistance of customer support team. That’s why airline offers three mode of communication to connect with the customer support executive of the airlines here find each way to contact in detail for American airlines name change policy.

Phone number:-

Yes it is not easy to communicate directly to the representative of the airline, but American airline make its better for their customer base by providing the service of dedicated helpline number. Dial the helpline number and get connect your call to the support team.

Email service:-

If you want a authentic solution of your query, you are required to first draft a simple and clear message in limited words and forward it to the concerned department of the airline.

A live chat Box:-

This mode remains active 24×7 for all the passengers looking for the quick and immediate answer from the team of American Airlines live chat. Type your concern and forward it to the Online agent of the airline.

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