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If you already book the flight for adults, you can add the infant by contacting Qatar Airways customer service. They will provide bassinet seats for infants. The infant should be at least eight days old and younger than 24 months. Qatar airways don't accept infants younger than eight days unless the travel is being done on medical grounds. The maximum weight of infants should be less than 11 kg and must fit within the bassinet. However, in case you have booking in first class cabin on-bard, Airbus a380, they don't have bassinets.

How Do I Add A Family Member To Qatar Airways?

If you have a privilege club membership, you can be part of the Qatar family program. You can add up to 9 family members, including your spouse, your parents and your spouse's parents, and children older than two years. You can follow the steps below to add a family member to Qatar airways.

  • Visit the official website of Qatar and login to the membership account 
  • Select 'My Profile from the dashboard and then 'My Family' from the tab menu 
  • You need to uncheck the statement 'I don't want to add a family member right now
  • Then click on 'Add Family member' to nominate 
  • Attach the relevant document to confirm your relationship with the family member you nominated 


Does Qatar Airways charge for infants?

It depends on the age of your infant at the date of departure for each flight. The period will decide whether your child is eligible for child fare or infant. The infant fares are generally 10 % of the adult fare, whereas child fares are available only for selected routes. Infants younger than two years can travel in an adult's lap, and you can purchase an infant ticket for them. But if you plan to use an infant restraint device/car seat, then a child fare will be required.

Qatar Airways' Infant Ticket Policy

Qatar airways consider a child infant if they are younger than two years. In case you are flying with the infant, make sure to go through the following ticket policy.

Qatar airways don't accept infants less than eight days old to fly unless they have approval from Qatar airways central medical using a MEDIF. Besides, the mother is required to travel if she has a certificate from a qualified pediatrician which says that the infant is fit to travel and other important infant travel documents.

Infant fare applies if your child is less than two years old and travelling on the parent's lap, Whereas if travelling on a separate seat or car seat, a child fare applies.

If one adult is flying with two infants, the second infant should be over 12 months old and travel in a separate seat or car seat; child fare applies for the second infant.

If two adults and three infants are flying, the third infant should be over 12 months old and able to sit in a separate seat with a seat belt. The child fare applies to the third infant in that case. However, if the third infant is younger than 12 months, they must be accompanied by a third adult at least 16 years old.

In case you need additional information, visit the official website of Qatar airways; else, you can also talk to a Qatar representative directly.

Can I Add A Person to an Already Booked Flight on Qatar Airways?

No! There is no such official information given on the website if you can modify the booking to add a person to an already booked flight. In case such a situation arrives, you can purchase a new ticket for the new passenger. Besides, if you want one ticket, you can cancel the existing booking within 24 hours without penalty and purchase a new ticket for all the passengers. However, you can also speak to the Qatar Airways representative for additional information or to avoid confusion.

How Much is Infant Fare Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways provides passengers with different facilities, such as easy booking and canceling policy, extra baggage policy, children policy, and multiple other services that are always essential for passengers to make their journey memorable. So, below are the details of infant fares at Qatar Airways, have a glance at the points that will help you in knowing about the fares:

  • If any infant is under 2 years and older than 7 days, then you must pay an infant fare to the airlines. And you have to incur 10% of the adult fare.
  • If any infant travels in their seat, then a child fare will be imposed by the airlines, and one must keep in mind that this fare depends on the flight.


Qatar Airways infant Business Class?

Suppose you have infants and you want to travel with Qatar Airways to your desired destination; you want to know about infant Business class; go through the points:

  • You are required to reserve a seat at Qatar Airways for your child (and child fare can be imposed.)
  • If your child has more weight than 24.25 lbs, an extra seat must be purchased. 
  • If you have any further doubts, you can reach out to the customer executive of the airline at 1 (877) 777-2827.


Are Babies Allowed in Qatar Business Class?

If you have infants along with you, and you want to book your flight ticket in Business Class at Qatar Airways but are confused about whether you are allowed to carry your baby/babies onboard so, go through the mentioned point that will assist you in getting an answer to your query, please have a look:

  • If you have 2 infants and are less than 12 months old, then they must be accompanied by at least one adult who must not be below the age of 16. 
  • The airlines will provide bassinets for your infant on board if you have infants. 
  • You can book your flight with Qatar Airways in Business Class for a child that must not be more than 2 years of age (if older than 2 years extra seat needs to be purchased), and you can make an infant sit on your lap. And there is no fee for infants under the age of 2.


Do Babies Fly Free Internationally on Qatar Airways?

There are specific points that one must know about the fares that are imposed by the airlines, or under that conditions, a baby can fly internationally for free with Qatar Airways; please go through the mentioned points that will give you a brief idea:

  • If you have one infant (under the age of 2) and an adult, you make the infant sit on laps at no cost. 
  • If a baby exceeds the weight of 24.25 lbs, you may have to pay the additional fare or purchase a separate seat for your child. 
  • If you have 2 infants, one above 12 months, then an infant is eligible for a child fare.
  • If you have 3 infants and are above 12 months old, you are eligible for a child fare. (and the prices will be imposed as prescribed by the airlines. 
  • For further clarification, you can reach out to the Qatar Airways helpline number 1 (877) 777-2827. 

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