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Everyone loves the food of their choice, and the airlines know the truth; thus, some airlines allow their passengers to bring food with them, but it must be adequately packed and stored. Among these airlines are Philippines Airlines, which considers the needs of its passengers and allows them to bring packed food with them. However, because international flights take a long time to arrive at their destination, passengers should avoid getting perishable items on planes. Being a passenger of such a reputed airline, you must follow all the guidelines that you ticked marked while booking your flight ticket. If you have a Philippine airline flight in the coming future and thus need to gain information on whether can I bring food on a plane international flight Philippines? Then the information in the blog will help you.

What food are you not Allowed to Bring to the Philippines?

The food items that a passenger is not allowed to bring into the Philippines are meat products and meat. Additionally, fruits, plants vegetables are also part of the items that the airline does not allow the passenger to bring along. If passengers do not follow the airline's food rules, they cannot bring that food on board. Navigate to the airline's official website to get detailed information about the food item you cannot bring. Not only the food products but the airline put restrictions on several other things as listed below:  

  • Flammable paints and thinners.
  • Flares, fireworks, etc. 
  • Guns 
  • Sharp and pointed object. 
  • Blunt instruments. 


Does Philippine Airlines Serve Food on International Flights?

Yes, Philippine airline serves food on international flights. Both economy and business class passengers are served healthy and delicious meals on flights. The ticket price includes the prices of meals that will be served to the passengers on international flights. However, it must be kept in mind that whether it is complementary snacks or meals, they are only served on flights exceeding 45 minutes, except for flights that utilize 400 and Q300 turboprop aircraft. Passengers having business class tickets can get Japanese Kaiseki and Western and Filipino dishes on selected routes. Customers with special requirements can request special meals from the airline. 

How Do I Request a Special Meal on Philippine Airlines?

Book special meals and make your flight journey more enjoyable and convenient. Special meals are only served to passengers with international flight tickets. Snacks and condiments are not part of a special meal. The airline prepares special meals for passengers with special dietary, religious, or medical requirements. The special meal menu of the airline has a wide list of items and is prepared with caution. Special meal is not only prepared for adults but also for kids. To book or request special meals, inform the airline 48 hours before the airline's scheduled departure. Special meals can be requested by calling the airline or adding using the airline's managed booking service. To request a special meal through manage booking, follow the steps below. You can also make a call at +1-800-435-9725. 

  • Go to the airline's official website.
  • Next, click on manage.
  • After that, click on manage to book.
  • Give the PNR number and last name to review your flight's detail.
  • Next, from the menu, select add food option. 
  • Now click on a special meal.
  • Add your preferred meal and provide some cooking instructions to the chef. 
  • Pay the fee for your ordered food.
  • Now you will get a confirmation mail of your food order. 


What All are Part of the Philippines Airline Special Meal Menu?

  • Vegetarian meals, meals for lactose intolerant passengers, Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meals.
  • Moslem Meal, Kosher Meal, Hindu Meal, Jain Meal, 
  • Gluten Intolerant Meals, Low-Calorie Meals, Low Fat Meals, Diabetic Meals, Fruit Platter Meals, Bland Meals.
  • Baby Meal (for babies below two years), Child Meal (for children between 2-11 years old). 


To learn about Philippine Airlines' economy food menu, visit the airline's official website. 

Does Philippine Airlines have Free Meals?

Philippine Airlines is committed to providing various facilities to its passengers. If you are planning a journey to an international destination and your journey is long, then you can get the meals at Philippine Airlines. You will get the free meals, but if you are not aware, Does Philippine Airlines have free meals? Then you need to get through the information mentioned below.

There are the food policies set by Philippine Airlines under which you can get free meals are given below: 

  • For the passenger who made the booking on the international flight with Philippine Airlines, the charges for the meals were added to their ticket. They will get the meal during their journey, and you do not need to serve any extra fees for it.
  • If you are traveling on business class, then you can add the special meals or the dishes while making the reservation and you will not be charged any extra fees.
  • If your flight is more than 45 minutes, then you will get complimentary snacks on the flight.
  • The premium members of Philippine Airlines will get free meals during their journey.
  • You can use your meal vouchers, and you will get the meal for free. You can use your voucher at the time of booking the Philippine Airlines flight ticket.
  • You add the food services by using both the online process and the calling process.


How Much Does a Philippine Airline Meal Cost?

You will get Philippine Airlines complimentary snacks during your flight which, depends on your traveling miles. To check the Philippine Airlines meal cost, you need to read the details mentioned below: 

  • The cost of the meal totally depends on your ticket type, destination, and what kind of meal you are selecting at the time of booking.
  • If you are a privileged member, then you can use your mileage points, and you will receive the meals without any charges.
  • Philippine Airlines allows its passengers to carry a packet of food on the flight. 
  • If your journey is less than 45 minutes, then you can purchase the food, and you need to pay the price as per mention on it.


Does Philippine Airlines Serve Alcohol?

Yes, you will get the alcohol at the Philippine Airlines. For the passengers who have purchased the membership then, they will get free alcohol.

If you are not a premium member, then you need to pay the charges that are mentioned on the alcohol, If you are not 18 plus, then you did get the alcohol on the flight.

How Many Bottles of Alcohol can you fly with to the Philippines?

You can carry the bottles of alcohol at the Philippines Airlines, but there are some guidelines under which you can bring it are listed below:

  • You are only allowed to take two bottles of alcohol that do not exceed more than 1.5 liters. If it is more than the set limit, then you cannot carry the bottles on the flight.
  • You need to submit your age proof at the help desk. If you are 18 plus, then only you can carry the bottles of alcohol with you.

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