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If you are wondering about getting to know whether you can bring a cat on a Southwest plane or not, then for that, you are allowed to bring a cat on the plane; the Southwest airline allows small cats and dogs which are vaccinated to travel within the cabin under the seat and in front of you. If you are traveling on a domestic flight, you are allowed to carry a pet cat, and on international flights, pets are not allowed.

How Much Does It Cost for a Cat to Fly on Southwest?

To know the fare charges that apply when you are with a cat to fly on the Southwest, then here are the following charges involved and below the information mentioned:-

  • The charge for the pet that is carried in place is $95 each way carrier. If you are recently planning to travel with your pet between Hawaii, then the charge is $35. 
  • The charges of the cat you are traveling with depend on your destinations, the size and weight of the cat, and many other common things. 
  • If you suddenly make changes in your plan and want to cancel your cat's flight ticket, you will obtain a complete reimbursement from the airline. 
  • You can use the accepted credit card to pay the fare of your pet.


What Size Cats Can Fly on Southwest?

To learn the size and weight of Southwest Airlines then, here are mentioned all the details that you can operate to create the conclusion before booking the ticket for your pet. According to the pet policy below are the following:-

  • If you have small domestic cats and dogs, then at least they must be 8 weeks old and can travel with you. They can fly under the seat in from of you. 
  • The size of the pet is limited, and it is based on carrier size. The size that a pet carrier measures for a comfortable to-fit cat are 18.5 inches long x 8.5 inches high x 13.5 inches wide. 
  • Also, there is a limited weight for any pet to be allowed in the plan, which is about 20 pounds, and if a pet's weight is more than that, then they are not allowed. 


Southwest Airlines Pet Policy for Cats and Dogs

Here are the following all the policies that you need to know regarding Southwest airline pet policy for cats and dogs and below are the following that mentioned:-

  • The pet is allowed if they are fully trained and vaccinated that can fly in-cabin only. Or the place should be underneath the seat of passengers. 
  • Passengers can take one part with them on the flight. So that only 6 pets can travel in the whole flight, those who booked the first then they will take it into consideration. 
  • When the passenger reaches the check-in counter, the passenger can confirm the boarding passes online so that the pet also has to check at the counter. 
  • If the pet is with wild behavior, then they are not allowed, and also, if you booked an international flight ticket. 
  • Also, the pet is not allowed to travel if they bring them to or from Hawaii. 


How Can I Bring My Dog on a Southwest Flight?

Southwest Airlines is one of the known airlines in the world that even allows a few pets to travel with them. If you wonder, "Can I bring my dog on a Southwest flight," then the answer is yes, you can bring a pet dog on the airline; however, you must fulfill some terms and conditions and inform the airline in advance. For more information, you can read the airline pet policy, and if you need assistance, then directly contact customer service.

How Do You Fly a Southwest with a Big Dog?

If you have already booked a ticket with the airline and now want to know How do you fly a Southwest with a big dog? Then there are two easy methods through which you can add a dog to your flight. Below are mentioned both of the methods and you can use any of them: 

Method 1: 

Add the pet to your flight through the online method by visiting the official webpage of the airline. Go through the given points to learn about the process:

  • Navigate to Southwest Airlines' official website or open the mobile app.
  • Go to the "Manage Reservations" button on the main menu.
  • Write the "Confirmation number" and your "First and Last name."
  • Then you have to choose the "Add services" section.
  • Select the option to add a pet and then follow the instructions.
  • Pay the amount for the ticket of your pet. 
  • After that, download your flight ticket.


Method 2:

Call customer service to add the pet to your booking through the reservation number. Following are steps to add the pet through a phone call: 

  • Give a call to Southwest Airlines reservation number 1-800-435-9792.
  • Choose the option to add a pet to your flight from the IVR.
  • Then hold up until your call gets assigned to an executive.
  • After that, explain your ticket information and the details of your pet.
  • The customer service executive will add the pet to your flight and provide related information.


What Size Dogs Can Fly on Southwest Airlines?

If you want to fly with a dog and have no idea what size dogs can fly on Southwest Airlines, then the dog's pet carrier does not have to exceed the dimensions of 18.5" long x 8.5" high x 13.5" wide. The carrier will be placed under your seat at all times, and the pet should be able to move freely inside the carrier.

Southwest Large Dog Policy

There are some terms and conditions to carry a large dog on your Southwest flight. You can go through the mentioned process to learn about the pet policy of the airline:

  • The airline allows only one pet per ticket.
  • The charge to bring a dog with you on a Southwest flight is around $95 each way.
  • As per the Southwest large dog policy, the passenger has to provide all the documents and certificates of the pet.
  • The dog has to be more than eight weeks old to travel with the airline.
  • The pet must be stored in a carrier that has to be small enough to be fitted under your seat at all times of your flight.
  • The dimension of the dog carrier has to be under 18.5 inches long* 8.5 inches high* and 13.5 inches wide.

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