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Can I Change My Return Flight Date To Air France?

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    Can I Change My Return Flight Date To Air France?

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    Air France flights are the best when it comes to services and deals. Certain perks are offered as a part of the Air France reservation. There are certain things that travellers are required to do in order to get started with making changes to the Air France reservations.

    If you are interested in making desired changes to your flight reserved with Air France, then you have come to the exact right place. In this excerpt, we are going to cover the steps that one needs to take in order to change their flight ticket reserved with Air France. All you are required to do is follow the inclusions of this paper and without much ado, let us get straight into this.

    Air France Flight Change Policy

    • In case the validity of the risk-free period is gone, passengers would have to pay for the flight change fee at Air France. 
    • Moreover, there are certain other things associated with flight change. If you are at the airport and at the airline office and would request a fee change with Air France, then travellers are required to pay an additional administration fee along with the flight change charges. 


    It is mandatory to have a comprehensive screening of the Air France Flight Change Policy. The inclusion of this policy allows passengers a scope so that they can understand the terms and conditions associated with Air France flight change.

    How To Change Flight Date Air France?

    Air France tickets allow passengers a scope through which they are able to make changes to the dates that they reserved with Air France.

    For performing the required or desired changes to your Air France flight, travellers are supposed to go through the Air France change policy issued by the airline.

    A fee is charged by the airline, for making changes to your flight.

    Air France advised passengers to connect with them individually if they would like to proceed with the changes that they wish to make. Even if you have made a reservation with a third party.

    How Much Does it Cost To Change A Flight To Air France?

    If you are wondering about the costs incurred as far as changes to your Air France reservation is concerned, then you need to get details regarding the costs and charges associated with a Flight change at Air France.

    If you would like to make changes to your flight at Air France then you are about to shell somewhere around 30-45 dollars per ticket.

    And if you would like to proceed with the changes at the airport then there are some additional charges that are levied on the passengers.

    How to Make Air France Change Flight Requests?

    Passengers have the below-mentioned means to raise a Change flight request for the Air France flights.

    Official Website

    Passengers are required to visit the official website of Air France and there you will find the My Trip option. Click on the manage my booking option and then select the Change flight option. You will then be redirected to yet another page, select the flight that you wish to change, proceed with the payment and you are done. 

    • At the airport.
    • Over the call by connecting with the customer service representatives at Air France.


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