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Singapore Airlines provides its passengers with an easy seat selection policy. Under the seat selection policy, you can book a seat of your choice by paying the applicable fees. It is very convenient for passengers to select a seat on their own. If you are wondering Can I choose my seats on Singapore Airlines, the answer is yes. Singapore Airlines allows its passengers to select a seat at any time by using its online services or with the help of customer service. The terms of the seat selection policies are easy and simple to understand. You can follow the given instructions to learn about the seat selection policy of Singapore Airlines:

Seat Selection Policy of Singapore Airlines

  • You can select a seat with Singapore Airlines during the booking or after the booking
  • You have to select a seat in the same class. If you have a reservation in economy class, then you cannot select a seat in business class.
  • There are many categories in the economy class. They are 
  • Basic economy
  • Main cabin or standard economy
  • Preferred economy
  • Premium economy
  • If you have an economy class reservation, you can select a seat in any of the above-mentioned categories.
  • The preferred economy class has extra space and legroom, so the charges are a bit higher than other classes. You will also get a complimentary drink.
  • You have to pay the fee anywhere between $ 50 to $ 400. If you select a seat in economy class, then you have to pay lower fees. But if you select a seat in business class, you have to pay a high fee.
  • You can also use your miles to pay for the seat. The miles you get while booking your ticket with Singapore Airlines can be used to pay for the seat.
  • If you have joined Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, you do not have to pay any charges. This is the privilege Singapore Airlines provides to its customers.
  • You can also select a seat once you have checked in. You can select a seat using self-service kiosks and at the Singapore Airlines counter.
  • The fee will also depend on the seat preference. If you select a window seat or an aisle seat, you have to pay a higher amount.


Can You Choose Seats After Singapore Airlines Booking?

Singapore Airlines allows you to select a seat even after your booking. You have to pay the applicable fee. You can select any seat of your choice. The process of choosing a seat is very simple. Singapore Airlines has devised a flexible and accommodative seat selection policy that allows its passengers to select a seat till the last moment. Seat selection is also subject to seat availability. You can follow the given process to choose a seat with Singapore Airlines. 

The Process of Choosing a Seat with Singapore Airlines

  • You have to log in to the website of Singapore Airlines.
  • Then, you have to select “Manage Booking.”
  • Now fill in the required credentials like your booking reference number and your first name and last name
  • Now select “Modify Ticket.”
  • Now you have to select “Choose a Seat.”
  • Now you can select the seat of your choice and make the payment.
  • Once the payment is made, you will get the confirmation of your seat through an email.


Which Seat is Best For Singapore Airlines?

The selection of seats depends on the comfort and your budget. You can select a seat according to your budget. You can select a window seat or an aisle seat. They were a bit expensive. If you need more space, then you can also select a preferred seat or a seat in premium economy. You will also get a complimentary drink if you select a preferred seat. 

How Long Before A Singapore Airlines Flight Can You Select Seats?

  • Singapore Airlines allows you to choose a seat 48 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure.
  • They sometimes allow their passengers to get a seat once they check in at the airport facility.


Singapore Airlines allows you to choose a seat during or after booking. There is no such rule that you have to choose a seat during booking only; you cannot choose a seat if you have booked your ticket. You must pay the applicable fee to book a seat with Singapore Airlines. 

Get Informative Details about Singapore Airlines Economy Class for the Best Seats

Singapore lets you plan your holiday with the latest travel deals and promotions. You can select the best seat in the Economy class to make your flight journey perfect. Hence, if you ask what are the best seats on Singapore Airlines Economy Class, you will get complete details regarding seat assignment and extraordinary facilities perfectly.

How do I get a seat assignment on Singapore Airlines?

When you book your flight ticket with Singapore Airlines but don’t choose your seat in advice during booking, you get the seat assignment service. It leads you to select your favorite seat once when online check-in is open within 48 hours before departure time. You may go through the steps to get a seat assignment online comfortably.

  • First, visit the booking website of Singapore Airlines and go to the manage booking showing on the page.
  • Enter the six-digit booking reference, select the passenger's last name, and click on the manage booking tab.
  • View your flight details and go to the seat selection tab to choose a seat map for the seat assignment as required.
  • You can also get a seat assignment during a flight check-in time at the airport and plan your flight journey comfortably. 


What are the best seats on Singapore Airlines Economy Class?

Singapore Airlines provides you with the best seats in its Economy Class and find the extra legroom with broad seat pitch, which s located near the exits. You will feel comfortable selecting the center on Singapore Airlines Economy class. To get more details about the best seats, read more things below.

  • When you select the best seat, the row should be around 10, 11, and 19 with the bulkhead extra legroom.
  • Singapore Economy class provides the main cabin with extra seats and enjoy the extra legroom securely.
  • You will find these best seats in the rear section of the plane and enjoy your flight journey with your family and friends conveniently.
  • It provides an extra pitch seat with a wide distance between the back and front seats to enjoy your journey pleasantly.


Is it Worth Paying for Singapore Seat Selection?

Yes, it is worth paying for Singapore seat selection and finding the best seat to select as per your preferences. You have to pay the cost is around $10 to $30 per seat per flight segment and add the best seat in your flight ticket smoothly. However, when you book a standard or Flexi fare type ticket, you can select standard in Economy class at no cost.

Should You Pay for Seat Selection on Singapore Airlines?

When you plan to travel to your destination with Singapore Airlines, you will enjoy a complimentary seat selection. If you want to fly comfortably in premium Economy, choose an extra legroom seat and avoid paying any charges. Hence, it always depends on the fare type that you can select for a seat in advance at no cost, or it could ask to pay for extra charges, which is not mandatory.

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