Can I Get Compensation For a Delayed RyanAir Flight?

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    You would definitely get compensation for a delayed flight at Ryanair. However, it depends upon further terms and conditions of Refunds and the cancellation policy of Ryanair. You can ask for a refund through an online or offline process by requesting a customer service agent to initiate a refund on your behalf. You need to fill out a Ryanair Refund Application Form.

    Follow the below-mentioned process to fill out the online Refund form yourself:

    • Visit the official Ryanair website.
    • Then go to "Manage Bookings."
    • You must log in through your Ryanair account, reservation number, and email address.
    • You can retrieve your booking details.
    • Then go to the menu icon, and you will find an option for "refund."
    • Fill in the Refund Application form by providing your PNR number, email address, name, the reason for a refund, and other asked details.
    • Submit the refund form to initiate a refund.


    You will get a confirmatory mail with your generated ticket number and other necessary refund details.

    Guide for How Long Does a Flight has to be delayed for Compensation RyanAir?

    • Passengers will be offered a rerouting option with the help of airport staff after a 2 hours delay.
    • Passengers can reroute or request a refund if the flight is delayed by 5 hours or more.
    • Passengers are eligible for compensation of up to 600€ under the EU law if Ryanair flight delays of more than three hours at the final arrival destination.
    • The compensation will be halved for passengers if they are traveling over 3500 km and their flight is delayed by 3 to 4 hours.


    Ryanair Delayed Flight Claim Compensation?

    A passenger could claim compensation for a Ryanair delayed flight under the following terms and conditions. The Ryanair delayed flight compensation policy is as follows:

    • According to European air passenger laws, if passengers' flights reach the arrival destination more than 3 hours late, passengers are entitled to get a refund of up to €600 per passenger in compensation.
    • It's essential to determine what caused the Ryanair flight delays because anytime an airline is at fault, it must make up for the delay. However, no compensation is due if an unavoidable circumstance beyond their control brings on the delay. 
    • According to Ryanair flight delay compensation, all delayed travelers are eligible for the payment if the delay is due to a technical issue or operational problem. 
    • There will be no compensation provided if there's an airport accident, a strike by air traffic control staff, or bad weather.
    • Note that no compensation will be provided for events beyond the control of Ryanair, like extreme weather, coronavirus, tsunami, or 'Act of God.

    The flight delay compensation is calculated based on the distance traveled. According to EC261, the compensation amount for a delayed flight is as follows:

    • Below 1500 km are the short-distance flight delays; the Passengers will get €250 compensation from Ryanair.
    • Between 1500 km and 3500 km are Medium distance flight delays; passengers will get €400 compensation from Ryanair.
    • More than 3500 km is the Long distance flight delays; Passengers are eligible for €600 compensation from Ryanair.


    Guide for How Long Does it take to get a Ryanair Refund and Compensation?

    If the flight is delayed for 5 hours or more, passengers are entitled to compensation. They aren't bound to take another flight.

    The Ryanair airline will provide the following compensation:

    • You will get a full refund for the delayed flight.
    • A full refund for an onward or return flight from RyanAir that you will not utilize in the same booking.
    • A flight back to the airport you departed from if you're on the way to a journey,


    You ought to get the compensation within seven days of the flight date.

    Can I Claim Compensation for my Cancelled Ryanair Flight?

    Yes, you may get compensation for the canceled flight on Ryanair, but the sum you can receive could depend on the reasons. That is, the flight has been canceled due to security reasons or any national interest, and then you may get compensation for it. And to receive that, you need to submit the form and guide for that are as follows:- 

    • Open the official website of Ryanair
    • After that, click on the “help” option.
    • And then click on the “contact us” option.
    • Later on, you have to choose the compensation option.
    • Further that, you get to fill in the details asked in the form and then click on the submit icons.
    • After that submission, you can receive the compensation number in the phone number and emails.


    Will Ryanair Pay Compensation for Cancelled Flights?

    Yes, Ryanair pays for the compensation for the canceled flights, but that has to be for genuine reasons. When the reason is not verified, you may not get the reimbursement but the confirmation about that you can get by speaking with the airline's customer service. And if you are entitled, you can submit the available form, or by getting through airline, you can start the procedure.

    How do I ask Ryanair for compensation for a Cancelled Flight?

    When you are entitled to get compensation for the canceled flight, and to conduct the process, if you are willing to communicate with customer service, then here are the methods for that. 

    Method1: Call

    You can get to the live person of the airline and form them, and you can make a request for compensation. And by that, you can easily submit your request and also able to know about its technicality. Thus to call, you can use this number, +44 1279358438, and then you get to choose the IVR options to form it such as this:-

    • Press1 to choose a language
    • Press5 to change the flight
    • Press8 to know about the pieces of baggage
    • Press0 to speak with customer service.


    Method2: post

    You can share your concern through the post if you show the physical paper on Ryanair customer service. And there, you get to mention your full name, booking number, other details, preferences, and contact details. Hence the address has been cited beneath:-

    To- Ryanair Customer Service Department, PO Box 11451

    Nearby- Swords, Co. Dublin, 


    Ryanair Delay Compensation Policy

    When you have purchased the flight ticket from the airline, and then you have to cancel the booking due to any of the reasons, then you may get to comply with the cancelation policy. And its details about that have been cited at the bottom:-

    • If your flight is delayed by three or more hours and you don't wish to travel with that, then you can complete the cancelation procedure, and for this, there could not be any extra chargers.
    • Your additional fee could be waived when your flight is canceled due to bad weather or a strike and the original flight is called off. And you can seek compensation too from the airline.
    • If the flight is delayed reason is of national interest or technical issues, then you may not be able to cancel the flight and are eligible for compensation.
    • When you apply for compensation via the post, you may get the revert in fifteen days from customer service. 
    • When you are entitled to compensation, you can use the compensation form or other alternative modes to connect with the customer survive and apply for a refund.
    • When you have made a booking with the help of a travel agent, and your flight gets delayed, you also get to communicate with them to process the request.
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