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Can I Reschedule My Singapore Airlines Flight

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    Can I Reschedule My Singapore Airlines Flight

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    Singapore Airlines Reschedule Flight

    Singapore Airlines is the country best airline and provide incredible services to their customers. From booking to onboard, they offer every kind of assistance that can make the overall journey easy. It covers more than 130 destinations that provide passengers a wide range of selections to choose the best destination and explore the new places. 

    However numerous times person has to change the plan due to some voluntary as well as involuntary actions. Though it is common and most of the people do this, so for this, most of the person prefers to cancel the flight. It may introduce some additional charges, but you can go with the reschedule option too, but Can I reschedule my Singapore Airlines flightYes, you can, but there is some condition that you should know before you opt for rescheduling flight. We have covered them below; you can go through them and learn more about them.

    Things to Remember While Doing Reschedule Singapore Airlines Flight

    There are certain things that you should know:

    • You can reschedule the flight only when the reason is genuine well as you have to show the proof too 
    • You can go with the online method as well as the offline method. Though, there will be some changes that will be deducted from the tickets fare. So you may have to bear some additional charge for the new ticket


    Now, most people keep wondering How to change flight Singapore AirlinesIf you are wondering the same question, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps. We have mentioned the method that is easy to direct and you can easily do it online. 

    Ways To Change Flight Singapore Airlines

    There are two ways, first, you can go with the official visiting page of Singapore airlines, and the second one is Singapore Mobile Application. First, see how you can do Singapore Airlines Flight Change online.  

    • First of all, go to the official page of the Singapore airlines 
    • Go to the manage booking where you can manage or change the flight 
    • Here, you have to mention the E-ticket number to the provided place 
    • Next, provide the last name of the passenger 
    • Tap on the change flight option 
    • Select the destination as well as origin again to issue the new or reschedule ticket
    • Pay the fee for changing or rescheduling flights. You can do this online as well as you can use the points to make payment 
    • The change will be made in a few seconds and will be sent on the email


    In this way, you can change the flight. Now, with the mobile application, you can turn the process fast. 

    • Go to the mobile application 
    • Select the manage booking option, and provide the information like last name and ticket number 
    • Review the changes and save it


    No matter which method you will follow you will receive the new ticket only when you pay the Singapore Airlines change fee. You can see how easy and effective the process of rescheduling the flight is, you can go ahead and make your trip easy and comfortable.

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