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Singapore Airlines Reschedule Flight

Singapore Airlines is the country best airline and provide incredible services to their customers. From booking to onboard, they offer every kind of assistance that can make the overall journey easy. It covers more than 130 destinations that provide passengers a wide range of selections to choose the best destination and explore the new places. 

However numerous times person has to change the plan due to some voluntary as well as involuntary actions. Though it is common and most of the people do this, so for this, most of the person prefers to cancel the flight. It may introduce some additional charges, but you can go with the reschedule option too, but Can I reschedule my Singapore Airlines flightYes, you can, but there is some condition that you should know before you opt for rescheduling flight. We have covered them below; you can go through them and learn more about them.

Things to Remember While Doing Reschedule Singapore Airlines Flight

There are certain things that you should know:

  • You can reschedule the flight only when the reason is genuine well as you have to show the proof too 
  • You can go with the online method as well as the offline method. Though, there will be some changes that will be deducted from the tickets fare. So you may have to bear some additional charge for the new ticket


Now, most people keep wondering How to change flight Singapore AirlinesIf you are wondering the same question, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps. We have mentioned the method that is easy to direct and you can easily do it online. 

Ways To Change Flight Singapore Airlines

There are two ways, first, you can go with the official visiting page of Singapore airlines, and the second one is Singapore Mobile Application. First, see how you can do Singapore Airlines Flight Change online.  

  • First of all, go to the official page of the Singapore airlines 
  • Go to the manage booking where you can manage or change the flight 
  • Here, you have to mention the E-ticket number to the provided place 
  • Next, provide the last name of the passenger 
  • Tap on the change flight option 
  • Select the destination as well as origin again to issue the new or reschedule ticket
  • Pay the fee for changing or rescheduling flights. You can do this online as well as you can use the points to make payment 
  • The change will be made in a few seconds and will be sent on the email


In this way, you can change the flight. Now, with the mobile application, you can turn the process fast. 

  • Go to the mobile application 
  • Select the manage booking option, and provide the information like last name and ticket number 
  • Review the changes and save it


No matter which method you will follow you will receive the new ticket only when you pay the Singapore Airlines change fee. You can see how easy and effective the process of rescheduling the flight is, you can go ahead and make your trip easy and comfortable.

Can I Change my Flight Schedule on Singapore Airlines?

A flight reservation always has some uncertainties until one finally boards the plane. This is something even the airlines duly consider, providing the options of canceling or changing a reserved flight.

Each Airline has unique policies that govern the procedure of changing a flight. Those who are soon to travel with Singapore Airlines can read the Singapore Airlines change flight policy as described ahead and other details of flight changes to have the best possible way of changing their Singapore Airlines flight.

What are Singapore Airlines' Current Flight Change Policies?

  • Any flight tickets are allowed to have a free flight change within the 25 hours from booking if the booking was made at least one week before the flight departure.
  • A flight change fee will be levied on confirmed flight changes after 24 hours from the booking. 
  • No flight changes are allowed within 24 hours of the flight departure.


One is thinking, "Can I change my flight schedule in Singapore Airlines?" then the flight schedule can be changed to a different flight on the same day, earlier or later.

Change Singapore Airlines Flights For Free

Considering the current scenarios of the Covid pandemic, where the intensity is rising and falling in all regions of the world, Singapore Airlines has offered that the flights booked before 31 May 2022 have unlimited complimentary rebookings. Also, the flights booked after 31 May 2022 can rebook a flight once without paying any charges.

How Can I Change A Singapore Airlines Flight Reservation?

The Singapore Airlines flights can be rebooked using their official website. The procedure that will assist one in doing so is:

  • Get on the official Singapore Airlines homepage and click on the "Manage Bookings" tab at the top.
  • Next, enter the reservation details of the flight you want to change, and click on the "search" option.
  • The web browser will display the flight details and the ticket's itinerary on a new webpage.
  • Look for the "Change flight" option. Next, search and choose a new flight according to your needs.
  • Confirm the flight changes by paying the charges as prompted by the browser.


An email from Singapore Airlines will be sent to you upon a successful flight change.

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Fees

If one wishes to change their Singapore Airlines flight after 24 hours from the booking, then the fee amount needed to be paid will depend upon the flight route, class, and destination. Thus, the answer to "How much does it cost to change a flight on Singapore Airlines?" is that the charges can vary. However, if the new flight fare is costlier than the current one, then the difference in the fares will have to be paid without the flight change fee.

How To Contact Singapore Airlines Customer Service?

Singapore Airlines can be contacted by the channels of voice support or the live chat service, and the details of both these options are available on the Singapore Airlines website. The customer service agents can answer queries like "How can I change my flight Singapore Airlines" and even assist in getting the flight changed. The following steps can help one to get connected to a customer service executive.

  • Hit on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the Singapore Airlines homepage.
  • The browser will load a new webpage which will list out the options of voice support and live chat.

One can use any of these options to How can I get in touch with a Singapore Airlines agent and get quick assistance on all the topics of flight changes.

Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy

There can be many reasons when a passenger wants to change their name on a flight ticket. Singapore Airlines gives the facility to edit the name on the flight ticket. Under the Singapore airlines name change policy, passengers can change their name and make corrections for only typo mistakes. When you travel internationally, the name on a passenger's ticket must match the name on the passport and visa. Read the name change and correction policies given below. 

Singapore Name change or Correction Policies

  • The name correction in the name can be done if there is any typo mistake.
  • A passenger can make corrections of 3 letters or less than that.
  • A passenger is allowed to change the salutation in their name.
  • Name change after the marriage is possible, but you will have to show the marriage certificate to the airlines; the same is true with divorce.
  • A passenger cannot change their name completely, but you can add your middle name.
  • In some cases, Singapore airlines will charge fees for corrections or making any changes.


How To Request A Name Change For A Flight ticket?

Suppose you want to change the name or make corrections to the name of your flight ticket. Then it is compulsory to fill out the Singapore airlines name change request form. Without filling out this form, you will not be able to change the name. There are both online and offline methods to change the name on your flight ticket.

Online method:  the name change or correction of the flight ticket can be done online. All you have to do is follow the simple steps given below: 

  • Log in to your Singapore account by entering your ID and password
  • Go to "my bookings" and select the ticket in which you want to change the name
  • Click on edit and type the new name or make corrections, as well as fill out the name change form
  • Attach the documents if asked and pay the fee.


Offline method: if you want to change the name or make any correction to the flight ticket, you can go to the Singapore Airlines airport, visit the reservation department, and ask the customer care executive present to change the name or make corrections. Fill out the name change request form and provide the necessary documentation if required. At last, pay the fee. 

How much does Singapore Airlines charge for name change and correction?

Suppose the changes in the name or correction are made within twenty-four hours after booking the ticket, then under the Singapore airlines name correction policy. In that case, the airlines will charge zero fees for cancellation. The airlines will also not charge any fee for minor typo errors. If the changes are made after twenty-four hours, Singapore airlines will charge approximately $200. The charges of name change or correction depend on your changes and when you are making them.

All About Singapore Airlines Flight Date Change

Singapore Airlines is the major flag carrier of Singapore. They are popularly renowned for the services they provide to their passengers. The customer care services of Singaporean airlines enjoy the highest ratings of its time to change your flight.

In case you booked a flight ticket with them of a specific but now wish to postpone or prepone your travel plan, then Singaporean airlines have got it all sorted for you. All you have to do is follow the page until the end and understand everything associated with the flight date change.

How To Change Flight Date in Singapore Airlines?

Singapore airlines have it all done for you if you wish to switch your travel dates. All you have to do is to follow the steps written below to change your dates on Singapore airlines.

  • The primary step is to visit the official website of Singaporean airlines. 
  • Once you have opened the page, you will find the “Manage My booking” tab. 
  • The tab will ask you to add the necessary details, such as your last name and your booking or reference id. 
  • The details will help you to find your flight booking. 
  • You will get the option of “Edit Booking” associated with your flight. Press on that option and continue to make changes to your flight details. 
  • Click on “Submit” after you are satisfied with the modified booking details. 
  • Either refresh the page to see the changes in your flight, or you can wait for the confirmation mail from the official mail address of the Singapore airlines.


You can also make changes by calling the customer care representative of the airline and requesting the assistant at the desk to change the flight date of your initial flight booking.

Singapore Airlines Date Change Policy

Before changing the date on your flight booking details, you should always know the flight change policy of Singapore airlines, The flight change policy comprises the terms and conditions you need to abide by to change your flight dates. Refer to the highlights below to change the details of your flight. 

  • You can easily change your flight booking details through the “Manage My Booking.” on the official website of Singapore airlines.
  • Singapore Airlines charges the change fees on the basis of the fare type and the class you have booked on your flight.
  • The Singapore airlines flight change policy allows you to make changes in your flight for free within 24 hours of purchasing your flight.
  • If you are a Singapore airlines traveler who booked the flight through a travel agency or a travel agent, then you should consult them in case you want to make any changes to your flight details. As the airline won’t be able to help you in this case. 


Singapore Airlines Change Flight Date Fee

The flight change fee depends on the type of flight you have booked and your fare type, and the type of change you are making in your flight. The flight change fees vary from destination to destination and the class you are traveling in. In a generic manner,  the change date fee on a flight varies from USD 75 to USD 300

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Hours Before We Can Reschedule the Singapore Airlines Flight?

Many passengers always look for the time to reschedule their Singapore airlines flights. Thus, Singapore airlines grant you to reschedule the flight at least two hours before the flight departure. You will get a new flight ticket according to the seat availability on the plane for the desired destination.

What are my rights if Singapore Airlines Changes Schedule?

Due to bad weather or some technical glitch in the plane, Singapore airlines change the flight schedule for your destination. Once you find that your flight is rescheduled, you have the following rights that you can claim accordingly:

  • You have the right to reschedule the flight journey to your preferred date and time at no fee. 
  • To reschedule the flight, you can connect with their customer service team and talk to the representative.
  • Although, you can get a refund in the form of compensation for the changes in the flight by Singapore airlines. You will get back the total money as compensation to the original payment source. 
  • You must pay the fare difference if you select a higher flight than the original journey. 


Moreover, you can see several different ways to communicate with the representative at Singapore customer service. All the methods are available in their contact section, from which you can choose to talk to customer service. They will help you to know about the rights if Singapore airlines reschedule the flight.

Singapore Airlines Schedule Change Policy

Sometimes passengers, once they reserve their flight seat, faces schedule change by Singapore airlines. When you find that your flight has been rescheduled, you can understand some below terms and conditions:

  • If you find that Singapore airlines change the journey's schedule, you can obtain compensation according to the fare conditions. 
  • You can also get the new preferred travel dates for your destination at no extra charge. 
  • Along with this, if there are some hours in the new rescheduled flight, Singapore airlines will provide you the lounge facility free of charge. 
  • If you change the schedule with Singapore airlines within 24 hours of the purchase, you don't need to pay any fees.
  • The rebooking of the scheduled changed flight will be allotted subject to the availability and fare rules.
  • For schedule changes in other partner airlines, you need to contact them for compensation.
  • If the flight is rescheduled due to the covid-19, you can obtain the new travel dates anytime till the flight validity period. 
  • The additional baggage you have purchased on this ticket will be transferred to the rescheduled journey.

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