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How Can You Bring a Dog on a Jetblue Flight?

Jetblue offers award-winning services for your pets in coach, dogs and cat carrier, pet food, baggage compartment and their security. The airline places great value on the customers and all things that are valued by the customers, like comfort and safety during a trip with the airline. Customers traveling with pets need not worry about their pets and do not have to leave them alone at home. If you are someone who may be wondering, "Can I take my dog on a plane JetBlue?" the airline will let you carry your dog on the plane. However, to have a pleasant flying experience with your dog, you have to be mindful of the airline's policy and the process of booking your pet for the flight.

Steps to book a dog on the plane:

  • Open the homepage and click "manage trip"
  • You have to type in the confirmation code and the passenger's last name, then click "continue."
  • Select the relevant booking and click "Extras."
  • You can access the tab "Add a pet." 
  • Give the details of the pets and make the payment to confirm the booking.
  • Get the email with the new itinerary.


Alternatively, you can call customer care number 1 (800) 538-2583 and follow the series of IVR instructions to get to an agent. You have to inform the agent about booking your pet for you. If it is a new booking, the agent will require the passenger's personal details like name, contact number, age, and email address. You have to give the flight requirement details like the origin, destination, dates, and number of passengers. Your dog will be booked for the flight, and you have to pay to confirm the booking. The flight itinerary will be sent to you on your email account.

Do Dogs Fly Free on JetBlue?

No, dogs do not fly free on JetBlue. Many customers wonder, "Do dogs fly free on JetBlue?" and the answer is that it will cost $125 to book a pet for a one-way trip.

What Size Dog Can Fly in Cabin JetBlue?

The size of the dog that can fly in the cabin with JetBlue is dependent on the maximum size of the carrier that is allowed in the cabin by the airline, as the dog must fit in the carrier and should be able to move freely. If you want to know, "What size dog can fly in cabin JetBlue?", the dog has to be smaller than the approved carrier size, and the maximum limit is 17" L x 12.5" W x 8.5" H. The total weight of the carrier, along with the pet, should not be more than 20 pounds.

Does JetBlue Require a Dog License?

Yes, JetBlue may require a dog license. If you have been worried about, "Does JetBlue require dog license?’ you must check with the airline for the requirements of the departing country or state and the destination you are flying to, to avoid any problems.

Jetblue Dog Policy

  • Only one dog is allowed per carrier, and the dog has to have their tags along with the veterinary certificate.
  • The carrier has to be big enough for the dog so that it can move freely in it, but it should not exceed the maximum size prescribed by JetBlue.
  • The carrier should be leak-proof and well-ventilated.
  • The maximum number of pets allowed as per Jetblue dog policy on a plane is six.
  • The pet and the carrier count as one personal item, and it should fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Pets are not allowed on certain destinations like Trinidad, Tobago and to or from UK/Europe.


How Big of a Dog Can Fly on JetBlue?

The passengers bringing a pet on the flight must keep the size of their pet in mind. Their pet must fit under the seat in front of passengers. The pet's acceptable dimension in the flight is 43.18 cm in Length x 31.75 cm in Width x 21.59 cm in Height. The dog must be under or weighing 20 pounds and can fly with JetBlue.

How Strict is Jetblue with Pet Carriers?

JetBlue is very strict with pet carriers as it can become a hindrance to safety, and you must not question, "How strict is Jetblue with pet carriers?as if it can't fit beneath the seat in front of you, it will not be allowed.

How Much is the Pet Fee for JetBlue?

Suppose you are traveling to someplace with Jetblue and have a pet. You surely not be willing to leave it behind alone at home. The airline permits you to bring your pet on the airline. However, you will have to take the sole responsibility of your pet on the airline. If you agree to take care of your pet, the airline suggests booking travel through or from their app by paying a fee of $125 for each way.

Can I Bring a Cat on JetBlue?

The Airline allows a few animals to board the flight. JetBlue permits passengers to bring their cats and dogs on the flight. However, some terms and conditions are there that you need to fulfill before you bring the cat. Otherwise, the airline will deny you boarding the flight with your pet. These conditions are mentioned below:

  • Your cat must be small in size. It cannot cross the size limit approved by JetBlue for pets and must fit under the seat.
  • The cat must not smell bad. If it smells, the airline will refuse its entry on the flight.
  • The cat must not be aggressive as it can disturb other passengers.


How Much Does it Cost to Bring a Cat to JetBlue?

Now since you know the conditions to be fulfilled to get your cat on a JetBlue flight, you might be willing to know the price to be paid for the cat to the airline. The Airline charges $125 for each way the passengers bring their pets. You can add your pet by paying this amount while booking or later through "Manage my Booking" on their official website. 

What is the process for adding a pet to the airline?

The passengers who want to add their pets are advised to do it earlier, as only six pets are allowed per flight at JetBlue. Follow the process below to add your pet:

  • Visit the official page of JetBlue.
  • Tap on "Manage my Booking" and provide the booking summary and get your booking details.
  • Now select add pet option in the menu.
  • Get a form, fill it out with the details of your pet, and attach the vaccination certificate.
  • Now, click to get the payment options and select one of your choices.
  • Make the payment, and JetBlue will add your pet's travel on the airline and share the details with you through your registered email id.


Does JetBlue Require a Health Certificate for a Pet?

The airline asks for many things before they let you take your pet on the airline. But most importantly, a certified veterinary doctor or hospital must vaccinate your pet. You must attach your pet's vaccination certificate while adding its travel with you. If you fail to present a vaccination certificate, the airline will deny boarding your pet on the flight.

Yes, JetBlue requires a health certificate for a pet. A licensed veterinarian must issue the health certificate within ten days of travel. Also, under the certificate, there are a few things that are necessary to have in it:

  • The pet's name, breed, and age
  • The pet's vaccination history, including rabies, distemper, and parvovirus
  • A statement from the veterinarian that the pet is healthy and fit to travel
  • The health certificate must be presented at check-in when traveling with a pet on JetBlue


How Strict is JetBlue's Pet Policy?

JetBlue's pet policy is relatively strict. The dogs and cats are permitted to bring in the cabin while flying, which has the FAA-approved pet carrier that is sitting under the seat in front of you. The pet fee is $125 each way, and a maximum of two pets per traveler is allowed. You must book your pet in advance, and there is a limit of six pets per flight.

Here are some of the specific requirements for traveling with pets on JetBlue:

  • Pets must be in good health and up-to-date on all vaccinations.
  • Pets must be well-behaved and not aggressive, or they can fit comfortably in their carrier and stay within the weight limit of 20 pounds.
  • Pets must be kept in their carrier at all times during the flight.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Mint cabins, Bulkhead rows, Exit rows, Seats that recline, and Seats that are next to an emergency exit. 
  • Book your pet's flight as early as possible, as space is limited.
  • Bring proof of your pet's vaccinations and health certificate.
  • Bring a leash and collar for your pet in case they need to be taken out of their carrier during the flight.
  • Bring a towel or blanket to line the bottom of your pet's carrier.
  • Bring food and water for your pet for the duration of the flight.
  • Be prepared to pay an additional fee for any overweight or overweight luggage.


What do you need to fly with a dog on JetBlue?

Moreover, there are such relevant things that you need to fly with a dog on JetBlue, To learn about them, get through the below points.

Pet carrier: Your pet must travel in an FAA-approved pet carrier that fits comfortably under the seat in front of you. The carrier cannot exceed 17" L x 12.5" W x 8.5" H (43.18 cm L x 31.75 cm W x 21.59 cm H), and the combined weight of your pet which is not more than 20 pounds.

Pet fee: There is a $125 pet fee each way for flying with a pet in the cabin.

Health certificate: Your pet must have a valid health certificate from a veterinarian within ten days of travel.

Microchip: Your pet must be microchipped with a unique identification number.

Proof of vaccination: Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies and distemper

What size dog can fly on JetBlue?

JetBlue allows small dogs to fly in the cabin as carry-on luggage. The maximum size for a dog carrier is 17" L x 12.5" W x 8.5" H (43.18 cm L x 31.75 cm W x 21.59 cm H), and the combined weight of the dog and carrier must not exceed 20 pounds.

Does JetBlue Require a Health Certificate for Cats?

No, JetBlue does not require a health certificate for cats traveling domestically within the United States. However, some requirements must be met to bring your cat on board.

How do I contact Jetblue Customer Service?

Moreover, to contact a JetBlue customer service person, you may dial 1-800-538-2583, which you will get beneath the contact support page of JetBlue Airways when the agent connects with the support person, communicate with the live person and share your difficulties with them and by talking with them, sorts all issues and ask anything from the person. In addition, you can connect with JetBlue customer service person whenever you need them in 24*7. For more, try other methods to link up with the JetBlue support representative.

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