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Yes! Passengers who have JetBlue miles can redeem them when they decide to travel with American Airlines. As per the website, passengers can earn AAdvantage miles. The AAdvantage miles are redeemed when you travel with American Airlines, and now you can earn them when you fly with JetBlue. Similarly, you can earn JetBlue miles when you travel with American Airlines and redeem them when you travel with JetBlue Airlines.

How Will You Use Your JetBlue Miles On American Airlines?

People who need to travel frequently cannot always travel via the same airlines. It is possible that the date and time they need to fly do not coincide with the flights available by the usual airlines. Also, at the same time, not everyone can afford to get a membership with two or more airlines. Passengers who have been regular passengers with JetBlue have good news coming their way. This is mostly because now you can redeem the JetBlue miles on American Airlines. To understand more about this opportunity, keep reading, and you will be amazed by this latest development in the airline sector.

However, when you travel via a transatlantic flight being operated by JetBlue, then this offer is not valid. At the same time, you cannot redeem the AAdvantage points on the London-based JetBlue service. You can find the policies that concern this partnership on the American Airlines page under the AAdvantage program. 

Does American Accept JetBlue Miles?

When both accept each other's miles, questions like "Does American accepts JetBlue miles?" or the other way around is pointless. The partnership of the two airlines gives the passengers benefits other airlines cannot compete with. When passengers fly through a long haul route, they might need to switch flights at airports. If the passengers decide to fly through both airlines, they can combine the two offers and significantly reduce the price.

Are JetBlue and American Airlines Connected

The use of points collected by the passengers from one airline to another can sound hectic and confusing, but that is not the case. Under the use of such methodology, it is obvious that people might get confused and ask, "Are JetBlue and American Airlines connected?" but that is not the case. While two merely share a partnership, no airline owns the other, and neither did they enter into a merger. So it is safe to say that the situation simply consists of two airline service providers deciding on a better deal for their customers. The two are connected via the offer validity and applicability. 

Apart from the obvious point of redemption, the passengers are also entitled to various other services if they decide to go for any two offers. This will include features related to:

  • Priority check-in
  • In-flight service 
  • Baggage priority
  • Provision of additional support if requested


As everyone knows that this is just a program connection, and both the flights operate independently, it creates a lot of confusion. How will you book one airline's flight on another's website? How to transfer JetBlue points to American Airlines? These are valid questions and simple ones to answer.

Using JetBlue Points On American Airlines Flight

In very simple terms, no, that is not possible. You do not need to convert your JetBlue Points into AAdvantage points and then use them on the American Airlines website. When you book a ticket on the JetBlue Airlines website, under the American Airlines flights eligible to redeem JetBlue points, you will see "Operated by American Airlines" written. So these American Airlines flights will be the fights that are allowed to redeem the JetBlue points.

This partnership will see glorious days ahead as it continues to attract more and more customer base. It is cheap and includes many benefits (even for the Economy class). Passengers who need assistance or need further explanation should not hesitate to get in touch with either of the airlines.

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