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Yes, you can watch Netflix on American Airlines. To watch Netflix, you must have its subscription and purchase the ticket on which you get the wifi connectivity because American Airlines does not provide internet service for all its flights. Thus, if you have purchased a ticket, you can check for the wifi on that or online. And if not, then communicate with the customer service team of American Airlines about the wifi connectivity of the particular airline you wish to board with.

Does American Airlines have Wi-Fi?

Yes, American Airlines provide wifi connectivity but not on every flight you might access the internet. For the domestic passenger, you might get the wifi on most of the flight; for that, you can either purchase the wifi before boarding or once you have boarded. Still, for the international flight, you can get the wifi on all the Boeing 777-300 ER flights. Thus the price of the wifi could be around $10, but if you are a frequent flier, you can purchase its wifi membership at around $50 to $60.

By Phone or Tablet

  • First, you have to switch on the airplane mode.
  • Then get to the wifi option and there select the AA-Inflight wifi name.
  • Later, you will get connected with the wifi and if not, get to


By Laptop

  • Get to the wifi option of your laptop.
  • And there, you have to tap on the AA-Inflight wifi name.
  • Now, you will get connected with the American Airlines wifi; if not, get to by your web directory. 


Can You Stream on American Airlines?

Yes, you can stream on American Airlines by using its wifi. To stream anything on American Airlines, you have to buy Wi-Fi, but if you have to visit its official site, you can open it for free. And by connecting to the wifi, if you have any type of trouble, garb the assistance from the customer service.

By Live Chat

With the live chat option, you can get to customer service. 

  • By using your search engine to get to the inflight wifi portal.
  • After that, you have to choose the contact us option.
  • Further, you will get the support link; click on that.


By Phone

By using the phone number, you can ask for assistance for the wifi and the number you can obtain from the contact us page of the inflight, or you can use this 1-844-994-4646 number.

By Email

When you have tried all the ways to get customer service assistance but didn't find the solution, you can also use this email id

How Do I Stream Movies on American Airlines?

When you wish to steam the movies on American Airlines, then by purchasing wifi, you can stream through an app, or you can use the American Airlines app. On most American Airlines flights, you can use its application for streaming.

On Phone  

  • Before taking a flight take off download the American Airlines application
  • Then connect with the AA-Inflight wifi.
  • open the app and tap on the view free entertainment icon


On Laptop

  • Connect with the American Airlines wifi
  • Then get to the inflight site of American Airlines.
  • Select view free entertainment option

Do You Need an App To Watch Movies on American Airlines?

Yes, you need an app to watch movies on American Airlines, but the app is required only if you wish to watch the movies for free without purchasing the wifi. But when you purchase the wifi, you can stream on any of the platforms. And the ways to stream movies have been described in the above options.

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