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Here’s What To Know About Changing A Flight Date After Booking It

Sometimes it is pretty different to request a flight date change post it's booking on any airline. However, the difficulty of such a situation can depend upon the airline’s travel policies, and the time of date change request is made. Besides, one can make changes in the date, time, and destination on flight tickets while they are booing it. But making any physical changes to the flight date is just not allowed on any airline, why? Well, airlines usually reissue a fresh ticket after the original ticket is canceled.

Also, passengers might need to pay the date change fee to their respective airlines. This helps them to travel better on their new itinerary. Moreover, read further to know more about Can we change flight date after booking.

Can We Change Flight Date After Booking? Important Guidelines

Flight date change can vary from airline to airline and also depend upon various factors. For instance, if you have purchased your flight ticket during the sale, then you might not be allowed to request a date change. Moreover, read further to know more about flight date change guidelines that can help you with the same.

  • Most airlines only let you change your flight date for the next flight operated by them. However, many also let you do the same for the flight operated by their partner airlines. 
  • If the ticket is non-refundable, then you might not request a change of date without paying the Fee for change Flight date.
  • Any changes include date change must be requested 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time, and no changes are allowed after the flight has taken off. 
  • In the event, if you are unable to make the date change request on your booked flight, and also couldn’t board the flight, then the airline will consider you as a ‘no show’. Meaning, you may not be able to get the refund based on your respective airline’s policy.
  • Also, if you have already flown some parts of your journey, then you might not be able to change anything in your itinerary including date change.
  • Most importantly, many airlines do not allow their passengers to make online date change request. They can only forward their date change request through an airline’s agent/representative. Hence, it is important to contact the airline’s customer services and get assistance on your date change from the dedicated experts.
  • Another important thing is that the ticket prices can fluctuate depending upon various factors, that’s why the cost of the ticket with a new departure date is usually valid for only immediate payments.
  • In the event, if you are traveling via a paper ticket, then you might pay a visit to the airline’s brick and mortar outlet. This is usually important to get the ticket exchanged, as you are required to submit your ticket along with a cancellation request.
  • Also, if you have booked your flight tickets through a third party travel agent or agency, then you might not be able to change your flight date. Since it is only in the hands of the airline to decide the rates for the reissue fees, third-party travel agents are not authorized to exempt those flight date change charges. 


Can We Change Flight Date After Booking? Flight Change Fee

The Fee for change Flight date in exchange for an old ticket varies on various factors. They may include the airline, fare type, routes, etc. Also, the cost for a change in date can cost from $150 (for domestic flight fares) to $200 or higher (for international flight fares). Besides, the flight date change also comes with an applicable fare difference, and once the fare difference and the reissue fees are paid, the airline will issue a fresh air ticket. 

Furthermore, it is also always suggested to get through the airline’s respective customer services to get more info on anything regarding your reservations. They’ll also assist you with the best info even on the can we change flight date after booking situation.

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