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Is it possible to Change Air Asia Flight ticket Destination After Booking?

No, passengers are not allowed to officially take action for the change of destination after making the reservation with Air Asia. As regards this sort of question: Can We Change Flight Destination after Booking in AirAsia? Travelers are supposed to cancel the current booking first, and after getting the refunds, you can make a new reservation with Air Asia. However, if you want to make a new booking with another destination, you should use the online procedure to get it conveniently.

How To Change AirAsia Flight Destination?

If you are searching for How To Change AirAsia Flight Destination, as per the change policy, AirAsia does not allow changes to the destination of a flight. You can only change the dates or times of your flight or the passenger names. If you need to change the destination, cancel your original booking and make a new one. So, here are the few steps on how to change the dates or times of your AirAsia flight:

  • Go to the AirAsia website or app and log in to your account.
  • Click on "My Bookings".
  • Select the flight you want to change.
  • Click on "Change Flight".
  • Select the new dates or times for your flight.
  • If there is a fare difference, you will need to pay it.
  • Click on "Confirm Changes by paying its fee to the airlines.


Quick Steps To Purchase Air Asia New Flight Ticket:

  • First of all, visit the official website of Air Asia. 
  • Now, choose the login button from the top right side page and type incorrect details. 
  • Further, on the homepage, you will have the booking form to select and fill in the necessary details;
  • You need to select travel type and then origin and new travel destination.
  • Further of which number of passengers, departure and arrival dates and you may also choose special offers if any 
  • Once completed, you must search for and select a new flight ticket. 
  • Then, the contact details of the passengers are to be mentioned, such as full name, class, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Next, you need to choose the payment mode and enter the details for it. 
  • The final step is to submit the booking form, and you will receive an email with a complete summary of your new reserved destination itinerary.


Note: Passengers should know their entire amount will be forfeited for additional services such as car rental, hotel booking, and in-flight services or amenities.

What is the procedure to change the Flight Ticket Date on Air Asia?

If you want to make a date change on the reserved ticket for Air Asia as you have a sudden change in your travel plan that resulted from bad weather conditions or a medical emergency, then you must follow the online steps. However, to learn about How Do I Change My Flight Ticket Date on Air Asia, you should use the following passage. You can take guidance for online and offline steps by which you will get in touch for the change of date with the Air Asia itinerary.

Method: 1 Change the date on the Air Asia ticket via the online process: 

  • First, you must visit the Air Asia website by the preferred search engine. 
  • Then, you tap over the manage button and enter the first or last name of the traveler along with the PNR number/booking reference code.
  • Select the search button and choose your retrieved itinerary.
  • Now tap over the icon edit/modify and select the flight date change option.
  • You next choose the next travel date, which must be within one year of the original travel date. 
  • Choose a new date preference from the available fare calendar.
  • Proceed to the payment page, select your preferred mode, and enter its details, if any. 
  • In the end, you will receive a verification code, which you must mention under the referred field, and your changes will be made, and you receive a confirmation email.


Method: 2 Connect with an Air Asia agent on call: Customers even get the option of selecting the call option for the change of ticket because while you precede such even procedure online, you might need clarification with the best travel dates or any of it. However, to get through it, call the agent at 080-46662222 080-67662222 via any number, and you will receive proper guidance.

What is the Air Asia Flight Change Policy?

If you wish to make Air Asia ticket changes, then you are supposed to consider a few Air Asia Flight Change Policy because, by the help of using such even terms, you can get information on where you need to pay extra or what the proper or systematic ways to change itinerary.

Key points in reference to Air Asia flight change policy:

  • If you have bought an Air Asia flight ticket from an unauthorized portal, you must be aware that as per the Air Asia flight change rule, the airline will charge the full ticket fare as a change fee for the booking.
  • Moreover, according to Air Asia's change policy, all the unused portions of the ticket will be refunded, which you may use for future purchases. 
  • In addition, passengers are also eligible for full refunds with the option to reschedule the trip for free in cases where Air Asia cancels your trip due to a technical glitch.
  • Note that for passengers who have purchased nonrefundable tickets, the whole ticket value will be charged as a change flight fee on Air Asia.


Can I change the Air Asia flight date without charges?

The change for the purchased Air Asia flight ticket generally follows the policies; however, if you need to take information on How to change flight date for free Airasia, you must read the following points below and accordingly take steps.

  • Suppose you have purchased a flexible or refundable flight ticket then you need not pay any additional charges as you can take necessary measures to change the ticket.
  • Furthermore, according to the flight change policy at Air Asia, passengers can take necessary steps within 24 hours of ticket purchase, and no charges would be applicable.


Is there an option to change my personal information on Air Asia?

There are cases when most travelers want to make their itinerary changes, and in that situation, you straightaway head onto the online process so to gather information on How do I change my personal information on AirAsia. You are supposed to use the below references of the point, and you will get help accordingly.

  • Go to the official website of Air Asia and log in. 
  • Now select the manage icon and enter the booking reference code along with the last name.
  • Retrieve your ticket, select the manage icon to choose contact details, and tap edit contact. 
  • Next, you will have to make necessary changes to your ticket and, at last, tap over the save button; you can also update the email address under the official site page.


How Much is the Air Asia Name Change Fee?

In some odd times when there is a heavy load for Air Asia to make ticket changes, they may fault with name corrections, so if you have to change your name, then you will have to pay the AirAsia Name Change Fee, as it will indeed get imposed and it would be around $200 per ticket per segment and you will get adequate assistance.

Obtain info about making seat changes with AirAsia easily 

AirAsia offers the option to change your seat after you have completed your booking. The seat change can be done through the Manage Booking section of the AirAsia website or mobile app. However, the availability of seat change depends on the fare type you have chosen. If you have selected a promotional fare, you can only make an Airasia Seat Change without incurring additional charges. In such cases, you may have to upgrade to a higher fare class to avail of seat selection options. It is must to necessary to check the rules before making any changes to your booking. However, to know about it, you should continue reading the content below

How to change seats on an AirAsia ticket?

Moreover, there are many modes to change seats at AirAsia tickets. To get it, you should pursue the below steps.

Change seats through a website- 

  • Open the AirAsia web portal
  • Seek for the "Manage Booking" column, and add your booking number and last name.
  • Select the flight that you want to change the seat for.
  • Click on "Change Seat" and choose your new seat.
  • Confirm it by paying the seat change fee to the airline. 


Other ways to change seats on AirAsia ticket

Via My Booking: You can change your seat up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time (ETD) via My Booking. It is the most convenient way to modify your seat, as you can do it anywhere with an internet connection.

During web check-in or mobile check-in: You can also change your seat during web check-in or mobile check-in. It is available up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.

From the airport check-in section: You can also change your seat at the airport check-in counter. However, this is the most expensive way to modify your seat, as you must pay a higher fee.

What is the Amount of Airasia Seat Change?

The amount of the Airasia seat change cost will depend on the fare type, the number of seats being changed, and the time of the change.

For Economy Flex fares, the fee for changing a seat is:

  • Up to 48 hours before departure: INR 200 per seat.
  • Within 48 hours of departure: INR 400 per seat.


For Economy Standard fares, the fee for changing a seat is:

  • Up to 24 hours before departure: INR 200 per seat.
  • Within 24 hours of departure: INR 400 per seat.

For Promo fares, the fee for changing a seat is not allowed.

Can I Select Seats after Booking on AirAsia?

Yes, AirAsia seat selection after booking is available by many methods; therefore, to do this, you have to continue reading the below modes

  • My Bookings: You can log in to your AirAsia account and go to "My Bookings" to select seats. This option is available up to 4 hours before your flight departure time.
  • Web check-in: You can also select seats during web check-in. This option is available 48 to 4 hours before your flight departure time.
  • Airport check-in: You can select seats at the check-in counter at the airport, but this option may incur an additional fee.

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