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Delta Airlines Salt Lake City (SLC) Customer Service Telephone Number

Delta Airlines provides customer service at the Salt Lake City airport to assist passengers with travel needs. The customer service team can answer questions, provide flight information, and assist with issues. Passengers can also access self-service kiosks and check-in counters to quickly and easily check-in for their flights. Delta Airlines Salt Lake City Customer Service is committed to offering the best travel experience to all passengers as per their requirements with their extra benefits. However, if you seek to get more info about that, it is a must to consider reading the below article thoroughly. 

How Do I Delta Airlines Salt Lake City Customer Service?

Looking to talk with the Delta Airlines Salt Lake City Customer service agent? You don't look up this anywhere because there are few modes by which you can communicate with them. 

  • Visit the SLC Airport office- You can speak to the airport agent at W Terminal Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84122. There, you will get direct assistance from them on any topic or concern. 
  • Call the Salt Lake City Airport person- In addition, a traveler can talk with the SLC person by dialing (801) 575-2400. Thus, you can get information about baggage, claim, request assistance, lost and found, delayed baggage or flight, or more. 
  • Communicate with Delta SLC agent- If you seek to talk with the Delta person at Salt Lake City Airport, call the live representative at (800) 221-1212 OTA 1-802-302-5014. Speak with the support person and, through talking, get rid of all issues simply. 
  • Email the Delta person- A traveler may get help from the airline person by emailing their queries to Also, you will get a response in a few days in an appropriate manner. 


Is Delta Airlines Salt Lake City's Phone Number 24*7?

Yes, Delta Airlines Salt Lake City's phone number is 24*7. But, if you get the number is quite busy or not connected at that time, instead of that, you may contact Delta Airlines Salt Lake City Airport for specific queries that you will get by attiring the down list. 

Delta Sales- 800-221-1212 

International services- 800-241-4141 / 1-802-302-5014

Refund status- 800-847-0578

Baggage- 800-325-8224

Travel services- 404-209-3434

Delta Vacations- 800-800-1504

Delta Gift cards- 800-225-1366

Vacation packages- 800-800-1504

Hotels reservation- 866-204-0280

SLC Emergency- 801-575-2911 

SLC Verbal verification with no wage info- 801-535-7900

Airport Verification in writing with wage info- 801-535-7682

SLC Ground Transportation- 801-908-7204 

Hangar Rental- 801-575-2957

SLC Lost & Found Office- 801-575-2427

SLC Medical Services- 801-575-2911 or 801-575-2405

Salt Lake City Airport Noise Issues- 801-575-2824

SLC Parking- 801-575-2887

Airport Police- 801-575-2470

SLC Airport Weather- 801-524-3057

How do I contact Delta Airlines Salt Lake City's Lost and Found Department? 

You lost something at the airport, and for this, you seek to communicate with the Lost and Found department; there are two ways by which you can speak to the airline airport person.

  • Call the agent: You can directly speak to the Lost and Found department by calling the person at 801-575-2427. Share your luggage information and obtain reliable help from the airline airport agent.
  • Email the agent: A flyer can speak at the Lost and Found department by emailing So, email your queries that you are confronting with adding your item details, and send them soon; the agent will contact you and try to find it as quickly as possible.


What is the Delta Salt Lake City Baggage Claim Phone Number?

Want to claim Delta Airlines Salt Lake City for baggage but need to know how to do this so you can call the agent to make a baggage claim at 801-575-2400. Share your baggage details and get its claim in 21 working days.

What is the Delta Airlines Salt Lake City Terminal? 

Delta Airlines Salt Lake City uses terminal Concourse A, level 2. 

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