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How Do I Contact Delta Lost and Found?

Delta provides you the option to contact them if you have lost or found anything during your travel. Their system includes over 10,000 airports. They have a wide database through which they help people. But sometimes, you will find a problem with their services and may ask how do I contact Delta lost and found? It is very easy to contact them. You have different sources to reach them. You can use them to talk to the customer executive of Delta lost and found. They will resolve all your issues timely and effectively. You can follow the given instructions to contact Delta lost and found: 

The Process of Contacting Delta Lost and Found

By Calling:  You can follow the given instruction to talk to a live person at Delta lost and found: 

  • You can follow the IVR option given below to connect to the Delta lost and found at 1-860-321-4022 
  • Dial Delta's lost and found a phone number and choose the language
  • Press 1 if you have lost your item
  • Press 2 if you found an item
  • Press 3 if you have forgotten your item at the airport
  • Press # to connect to the live person at Delta lost and found


By Live Chat:  you can also connect to them by live chat. This is a very efficient way to reach them. Here you need to fill out the form and wait for their response. Once they give you the reply, you can further raise your question. Connecting them on Delta lost and found number would give you a quick reply, but the live chat will give you a written reply. You can follow the given instructions to connect to the customer executive of Delta lost and found:

  • You have to go to their website
  • There you have to go to the "contact us" section
  • Under the "contact us" section, you will see the option of "live chat."
  • When you select the live chat option, a form will open up
  • You have to fill out that form. Here you have to raise all your queries and select the submit button.
  • Once you submit the form, they will reach you within three to four business days; if you have further questions, you can raise them in the same way.


By Email:  you can reach them through Email by following the given instructions

  • You have to go to the website of Delta lost and found
  • You have to go under the "contact us" section; there, you will see the Email of Delta lost and found.
  • You can communicate with them through Email.


Through social media platforms:  social media platform has become an important means of communication between business and their customers. You should follow their social media accounts to directly ask your queries. You can follow them on the given link: 

How Long Does Delta Hold Lost and Found?

If you have lost anything at the airport or on your flight, Delta keeps it for 45 days. It waits for the reply of the passengers. But if they do not get any response within that period, they close the report. So if you have the question, how long does Delta hold lost and found items? You might have gotten the appropriate answer. If you have lost an item, you have to connect to the lost and found department.

How Long Does Delta Lost and Found Take?

If you want to register a complaint about the loss of any item, you can call the customer executive of the Delta lost and found a team. The team Delta will do a thorough search for 14 days after receiving the complaint. In case they fail to find our lost item, they will report to us through Email that they still could not find it.

How To File A Delta Airlines Lost Items Report?

Individuals who have lost items from their checked or unchecked baggage can file a Delta Airlines Lost Items Report to gather proper and effective solutions as far as the lost item is concerned.

  • People can visit the official delta airlines
  • Navigate to the Baggage section on the homepage and further select the lost items report option. 
  • A new page will open on your screen and passengers need to select the ‘checked or Unchecked' option for their bag/luggage followed by checking the box for the ‘I am not a robot’ option. 
  • Hit the ‘File a report’ option on the page. Fill out the report with the necessary information. Hit the submit option.


One can file a report for lost items that can come as carry-on luggage, any loose items such as a laptop bag, a jacket, a child’s stuffed animal, etc gone missing or misplaced.

How to Submit Delta Lost Item Form?

One can submit a Delta lost item form available online on for help with a piece of lost baggage or any item from the baggage.

People can stick to the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to access the claim form to submit it for lost baggage claim.

  • Firstly, passengers need to visit Delta airlines' website to access the list luggage claim form. 
  • Navigate to the lost luggage section on the page and one can find the baggage online claim form. 
  • A new page will open on the screen of your device. Travelers can spot three fields on the form that are: first name, last name, and file reference number. 
  • People can get the file reference number from the baggage service center. Select the next option on the page and complete the form with all the required details. 
  • Submit the duly filled form online to submit the lost item form.


Any additional supporting documentation can be uploaded with your claim such as mishandled baggage, etc.

What is the deadline for Delta Lost Luggage Claim?

The deadline for Delta Lost Luggage Claim to be made is as follows: 

Delta Airlines Lost and Found issues:

Deadline for Delta Lost Luggage Claim:

Luggage delay 

The claim should be made within 21 days after luggage arrival. 

Luggage loss 

The deadline is within 2 years after the arrival of the flight. 

Luggage damage 

People should file a claim within 7 days after receiving luggage. 


Can I Reach Someone at Delta for a Lost Baggage Query?

Travelers can communicate with the customer support representatives at Delta for help with their luggage-related inquiries. One can seek help with a number of things related to Delta flights and baggage issues.

Connect with the Delta baggage department for help with your lost luggage via the Delta Baggage Service Center phone number. One can find the How Do I Request A Call Back From Delta Airlines and can get instant support with a list item or with filing a lost baggage request at Delta airlines.

Calling on the Delta baggage phone number will allow people to get committed help from professionals with their lost items and baggage. It is one of the fastest means to get help with lost items in your luggage and to even get help with filling the lost item form at Delta airlines. People can also get an update on the status of their lost item by sharing the lost item token number with the executive connected on the call.

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