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The Covid has made many of us change our travel plans. But some airlines have made flexible policies for Covid so that their customers don't have to suffer much. Air France is one such airline that is making all possible moves to support the passengers.

If you are wondering- do I need a Covid test to fly Air France, or the Covid related questions crossing your mind, you can take the help of this article. Without waiting much, let's check some information on Air France's action on Covid issues.

Is the Covid test required to travel in Air France?

Yes. The airline requires a negative PCR test to ensure the safety of the passengers. You need to take the test before check-in for the flight, and the test is valid up to 72 hours before the departure. 

The airline will cancel your reservation if you are found with any Covid related symptoms. Other than this, Air France Focuses on Covid Vaccination as much as it does on PCR tests. You can have more information on Covid Vaccination in the next segment.

What are the requirements for vaccination to travel in Air France?

Air France Covid vaccine guidelines differ from the destinations you are traveling to. You can check the following points to understand the guidelines well:

  • If you have completed both the vaccination dosage, you can travel to most countries with Air France.
  • If you have taken the first dose of the Covid vaccine, Air France will allow you to travel in the fight after seeing the negative Covid reports.
  • However, you need to check the Covid policies of the countries you are visiting to make sure you don't need to wait in quarantine.
  • If you haven't taken any vaccination dosage, you might not be able to travel to major destinations.


If you have booked a flight ticket with Air France, you need to fill a form described in the following section.

What is the Health Declaration form from Air France?

You have to fill a form with Air France at the time of boarding the flight. In the Air France health declaration form covid-19, you must declare that you are not suffering from Covid. You don't have any Cold related symptoms, and you are perfectly fit to board the flight. In case you show any coughing or fever symptoms, you can cancel the tickets and request refunds.

What are the Refund Policies of Air France Due to Covid?

  • You will get a full refund if the airline has to cancel your flight due to government orders of Lockdown.
  • You will get your full refund if no seats are left on the plane due to social distancing.
  • If you find out that you are Cold positive after booking the flight with Air France, you can request a refund. 
  • You need to attach your positive PCR reports along with the refund form to get your money back.


We hope that you got a clear idea about traveling on Air France during and post-Covid. If you want to know more about Air France Covid refunds, or other Covid related information, you can contact Air France customer service. You can also check the FAQ section of Air France to get a detailed perspective of the questions.

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