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Do You Have To Have A Covid Test To Fly Alaska Airlines?

Alaska travelers should have a negative test report in order to fly Alaska airlines. Alaska airlines have new Corona testing requirements in place and travelers need to get a negative test result in order to qualify for flying with Alaska airlines.

A list of testing providers is available on the Alaska airlines’ website. Travelers need to make prior appointments to get their tests done at the centers. Alaska Airlines have partnered with multiple testing providers to conduct corona testing for travelers.

Passengers can take appointments in person, at the center, at home, or at the drive-thru setups. The list of testing partners is listed down under:

  • Azova 
  • Carbon Health
  • Costco

Travelers have to follow the ongoing travel requirements and quarantine requirements to travel with Alaska airlines. Travelers need to check with websites of municipalities to understand the travel restrictions and needs.

Passengers require a covid 19 negative test results to travel with Alaska airlines. Travelers can visit the official website of Alaska airlines to understand the travel requirements. Travelers can connect with the customer service department to get help and assistance with travel requirements in this pandemic time.

Alaska Airline’ Covid Vaccine Requirements

Travelers can travel with Alaska airlines if they are fully vaccinated. Travelers must get vaccinated with complete doses of vaccines to be able to travel with the airline.

Covid 19 vaccine is mandatory to travel with the airline. Travelers must also get a covid 19 negative test report to travel.  A vaccine certificate is also required.

Alaska Airlines Covid Seating

Alaska Airlines have put together a series of measures to deal with the safety of passengers and the crew.

1. Mask Requirements

Travelers are required to wear a mask or protective covering on their face to travel in the Alaska airlines’ aircraft. Travelers have to wear a face mask at the airport, in-flight during their entire journey even if they are fully vaccinated.

2. Air Quality

Air travel is the safest mode of travel in times to coronavirus because of hospital-grade air filtration. HEPA filters remove 99.9% of airborne particles, therefore, there is no chance of transmission. Clean air exchange is possible resulting in better ventilation.

The top-down airflow regulates the motion of the particle and minimizes contact among the guests.

  • Alaska Safety Dance


Travelers will understand the protocols better because of the Alaska safety dance. The safety dance will demonstrate multiple ways to safeguard travelers from coronavirus.

  • The no change fee policy

Travelers enjoy a no-change fee policy for Alaska airlines flight reservations with main and first-class fares purchased on or after May 1, 2021.

Travelers are advised to connect with the customer service department to get details related to change and cancellation policy. Reach the customer service professionals using the helpline number, customer service live chat, or through an email.

Do I Need A Negative Covid Test To Fly Alaska Airlines?

Travelers need to show a negative covid test report to fly with Alaska airlines reservations. Travelers have to show a negative test report along with a vaccination certificate to travel on Alaska airlines.

Get a negative test report to travel without any hindrance. Multiple testing centers are available to travel with a negative covid 19 test report. Travelers have to comply with the 10-days quarantine period after travel.

Get an early appointment for the covid test as appointments fill up real quick.

The test results should not be older than 72 hours. Older results are not considered for taking a flight with Alaska airlines. Travelers need to visit the official Alaska airlines website to get details related to travel restrictions and requirements. Travelers need to open the web browser and navigate to the official website of Alaska airlines and scroll down on the homepage to find Covid 19 related details.

What are the Alaska Travel Restrictions for Coronavirus Prior to Arriving?

Travelers have to abide by certain rules and regulations with Alaska airlines for coronavirus prior to arriving.

  • Travelers need to arrive with proof of covid 19 negative test results. 
  • Travelers with positive results need to isolate themselves at their own expense for 14 days. 
  • Travelers have to get clearance from a health official for traveling with Alaska airlines.
  • Travelers have to pay for their lodgings and food during the quarantine period.


Travelers have to take the Coronavirus test after the quarantine period is over.

Passengers have to download the Alaska travel safe application. Travelers have to submit their test results in the application for verification from a government body.

Travelers have to carry a manual COVID 19 negative test report. Travelers must write an email and address it to to get details related to travel regulations and requirements for a safe landing.

Airline urges travelers to be covid-conscious and must follow the quarantine guidelines if heaving symptoms after taking the flight. Travelers have to limit their exposure to a minimum of 14 days after landing.

Travelers have restricted their movement in indoor areas. It is better to go for take-out and delivery options for food or other commodities. Travelers can enjoy the outdoor areas as Alaska have wide-open spaces.

Travelers should also comply with the local restrictions in the area. Check the municipal restrictions to get the rules in order.

It is also advised to avoid large gatherings to eliminate the chances of spread of the Coronavirus. It is always better to get a second covid test for assured results.

Travelers can check the contact details online to How do I talk to a person at Alaska Airlines? contact the designated department for help and assistance with travel-related requirements and restrictions.

Alaska Airlines Covid Policy Refund

Travelers have to abide by the Covid refund policy issued by Alaska airlines. The inclusions of the Alaska airlines covid refund policy are as follows:

  • Travelers must have purchased the ticket online at, Alaska airlines reservations center, or at the ticket counter at the airport.
  • The date of purchase is not older than one year. Also, vacation packages and group bookings are not concerned.
  • The form of payment should be U.S. dollars to get full refunds after successful cancellation.
  • 24-hour cancellations qualify for full refunds in the original source of payment.

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