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Aeromexico is a Mexican City based airline. It is known for its best quality airports and services. If you have chosen to fly with this airline, but for some reason, your flight has been delayed for a few hours, and you want to know if Aeromexico compensates for delayed flights or not, then the answer is yes. Aeromexico looks for its passengers and compensates all the passengers whose flight has been delayed by them. On the cancellation of the flight, you can apply for a full refund.

Compensation Provided By Aeromexico On Flight Delay

Sometimes, due to various reasons, the flight delays, and Aeromexico tries to compensate their passengers according to the situation. Below is the Aeromexico compensation policy, which is applicable at the time of delay of your flight: 

  • Accommodation and fooding facilities will be provided to the passengers who have arrived early at the airport for the delayed flight.
  • Aeromexico will board the passengers to the next flight if the routes match without any additional cost. It can happen only if the flight is delayed more than 3 hours. 
  • Full refunds will be provided on flight delays of more than 3 hours if passengers do not want to board the next assigned flight.
  • Compensation depends upon the flight destination and for how long the flight is delayed.
  • Aeromexico also provides travel vouchers as compensation for your inconvenience in some cases. 


In case your flight has been canceled for any reason, according to the Aeromexico canceled flight compensation policy, you are eligible for a refund. You can easily submit a request for the cancellation of the booked flight.

Methods: How do I make a claim for an Aeromexico Canceled Flight?

If you have faced inconvenience because of flight delay or cancellation of the flight, you must be wondering how do I make a claim for an Aeromexico canceled flight. There are a few methods available by which you can request for your compensation, and the methods are:

Contact Customer Care

If you have arrived at the airport and came to know about the flight delay, then you must speak with an Aeromexico official to claim your compensation. The official will either arrange a new flight or provide you with the necessary facilities. Speak with the office by following the instructions: 

  • Dial the customer care number: +52 55 5133 4000
  • Connect with the official on-call
  • State your flight number, which has been delayed
  • Ask to compensate for the flight delay, and the official will help you to claim the compensation you are eligible for at Aeromexico.

Use Live Chat

Passengers can connect with a live executive via the Aeromexico website with the help of the live chat feature. Passengers can use this feature anytime for service, and you can request compensation online. To claim your compensation using live chat, follow the steps:

  • Open the official site of Aeromexico,
  • Scroll the homepage to the end,
  • Click on the Live Chat button for help,
  • Log in with your account to get access to the chatting window,
  • Tap on the Claim Compensation option on the given topics in the chat window,
  • Send your delayed flight number and flight details,
  • The live executive will file your compensation claim and send you a copy of the claim in the email.

Deliver An Email

Passengers may claim the compensation by delivering an email at Aeromexico and receive the eligible compensation reply within 42 hours. Write the email mentioning your flight number, booking confirmation number, last name, and contact number. Ask for the desired compensation and send it to the official email address.

Hence, if any issue occurs with flight cancellation or long delays of the flight, reach out to customer service and request compensation. You also know how to get a refund or compensation from Aeromexico with the above methods. Customer service will help you to avoid any inconvenience from their side and do what they can.

Aeromexico Compensation Policy

It is mandatory that you have knowledge of Aeromexico's compensation policy. It will help you in getting your compensation and inform you whether you are eligible for it or not. Some of the important points of the policy are listed below that need to be in your knowledge:

  • If Aeromexico is responsible for the flight delay of 3 or more than 3 hours, then they should compensate you.
  • Even after the delay, if you have taken your flight and reached late to your destination, you are eligible to request compensation.
  • You can get your flight cancellation compensation if you have canceled your flight less than 14 days before the scheduled flight.
  • If the flight got canceled because of some extraordinary circumstances, such as bad weather conditions where the Airlines is not at fault, Aeromexico does not have to pay compensation. But they are entitled to a refund.
  • If Aeromexico offers an alternative flight to you, which is available at the same time as the original flight, you cannot request compensation.
  • If Aeromexico Airlines has canceled your flight because of overbooking, then you can claim compensation.
  • In case you have canceled your flight because of some extraordinary reason, such as a medical emergency or a demise, the Airline will refund your money but not compensate you.


How Long Does Aeromexico Have to Pay Delay Compensation?

If you have canceled your flight because it was delayed, then you can claim compensation, and it will reach you in 8 to 10 business days.

When can I ask about Aeromexico's compensation for a delayed flight?

There were situations when your flight got delayed but not in all conditions you can claim compensation. The circumstances in which you can claim compensation are given below:

  • If your Aeromexico flight was delayed for more than 3 hours.
  • If you were not informed about the delayed flight.
  • If your connecting flight got late for more than 3 hours, then you can claim compensation.


How To Get Compensation from Aeromexico?

To request compensation from Aeromexico, you need to follow certain procedures. It is necessary that you must stay well aware of the procedure so that you can claim for it without making any mistakes:

  • Visit the Aeromexico Airlines official website.
  • Click on "Bookings" on the top left side.
  • Fill in your confirmation number or e-ticket number and last name.
  • The ticket details will open, click on request for compensation.
  • Fill in all the details in the compensation form and click on continue.
  • You will get an update on your registered email address or phone number.


How Much Compensation Can I Claim for Aeromexico Delayed Flight?

The compensation that could be claimed by you depends on the class and destination from which you were traveling. The compensation amount varies from 250€ to 600€.

The above information will help you to get your compensation and enlighten you about the situation in which you can claim compensation from Aeromexico Airlines. For additional detail, contact the customer services executive of the Airline at their official website. They will provide complete and satisfactory information and guidance, which will help you with other flight-related queries as well.

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