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Are you a student planning to fly with American Airlines, but you are on a budget and probably looking for cheaper flight tickets to save money? You will be surprised to know that American Airlines gives discounts for students on many flights.

Is there a Student Discount on American Airlines?

Students, you will be surprised by the discounts provided by American Airlines. If you want to travel in a group or if you want to make a solo trip, make sure to visit the official site of American Airlines and read about this feature.

If you are wondering, are there discounts on the flight prices? Yes, there is a student discount for American Airlines. You have to provide the necessary student ID to get the discount.

Different Ways Of How to Get a Student Discount on American Airlines?

If you are a student and you want to travel for your studies, or you just want to travel around for refreshments, you can use discount codes offered by American Airlines to book cheaper American Airlines flights. The steps given below on how to get a student discount. There are two types of student discounts that you can apply for. Online and offline methods

Online Method:

  • Open the American Airlines website.
  • Then log in to your account. sign in and create your account.
  • Book the tickets as you would normally do. Give the details required and choose the flight and the destination.
  • After selecting the flight, you desire, give the passengers details.
  • Now, if you are a student, provide all the details and proof that you are a student.
  • Now choose the desired seat and click continue. Your details will be verified after you submit your details.
  • If the given details are correct, you will be eligible for the American Airlines promo code.
  • Enter the promo code before the payment to get instant payment.
  • Proceed to pay the discounted amount and book your flight.


Offline method:

  • Dial the provided American Airlines customer service number.
  • If you can't find the number go to the website, click on the contact us option, and look for the American Airlines customer service number according to your region.
  • You can directly call from the site, or you can copy and dial the number.
  • And listen carefully to the instructions.



  • Press 1: for booking.
  • Press 2: to cancel.
  • Press 3: for a refund.
  • Press 4: to know more
  • Press 9: to connect with a representative


Click nine directly to talk to the live representative to inquire about the student discounts.

  • Give the required details to the representative about your travel destination and provide the required documents for proof.
  • You will be given the American Airlines promo code before making the payment.


Steps: How do I use the American Airlines Discount Code?

  • After getting the American Airlines discount code, go to the website and do the steps as you normally would do while booking your flight tickets.
  • While making payment enter your student Id and the details about your university.
  • Enter the code and make the payment.


Who Qualifies for American Airlines Student Discount?

  • By the time of the booking, you should be a student in a recognized university and be enrolled in a program.
  • You should have a valid college student ID and documents that prove you are still a student.
  • You need a valid and unexpired American Airlines discount code to get the offer.



There are various discounted American Airlines fares for college students, make sure to visit the American Airlines website to be aware of the discounts and offers, or you can directly contact them and check the availability. If you want to learn more about the student offers, contact American Airlines using any mode of communication you prefer. You can either call or text a representative and get all the information you need.

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