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Breeze airways allow you to change the flight free of cost within 24 hours of the purchase. If you change the flight journey after 24 hours with breeze airways, you must bear the fees or costs. The charges will depend on the difference between the existing flight and the new flight journey.

How Can I Change my Breeze Flight without a Fee?

If you want to avoid any fees or charges, you must change the breeze flight ticket within 24 hours of the purchase. You must select the new flight of the same value as the existing flight to avoid any fare difference. Therefore, to obtain the new journey and change the breeze Airways flight, you can follow the below steps:

  • Initially, you can access the official breeze airways web portal.
  • Afterward, you can choose the My Trips option available on the website.
  • At there, you need to provide the reservation code with the passenger's surname. 
  • Once you tap on the login button, you will see the booking details with breeze airways. 
  • You can choose the flight you want to change and tap the flight change button.
  • You will proceed to the next page, where you need to add the new travel dates and search for the flights.
  • You will get the list of flights that will depart on your preferred date.
  • You need to choose the appropriate flight and tap on the next button.
  • Thus, you need to pay the fare difference, if any, and complete the process. 
  • Breeze Airways will send you the confirmation message with the updated flight ticket at your registered email ID. 


Can I Change my Flight Directly with Breeze Airlines?

Yes, you can change your breeze airways flight directly with the airline. You can communicate with their customer service team and change the travel journey. You need to dial the breeze airways contact number 5012733931 and talk to the representative. They will help you to change the flight immediately.

Breeze Airways Change Fee 

The cost to change the flight with breeze airways will depend on factors like fare difference, type of ticket, etc. If you need to change the flight after 24 hours, you must pay between $25 to $200. The actual charges will be added to the fare difference, if any, so you can pay accordingly.

Breeze Airways Flight Change Policy:

It is essential to understand the breeze airways flight change policy to change the flight. Thus, the following are the points related to the rules and regulations of flight change: 

  • You can change the flight within 24 hours of the purchase at no extra charge. According to this rule, you must have bought the breeze airways flight ticket seven days before departure.
  • Once you change the flight after 24 hours, you must pay the fees or costs that will calculate according to the ticket type. 
  • If you cannot board the flight on the decided dates due to a medical emergency like death, you can change the flights at no cost. 
  • Sometimes, you proceed to change the flight, and you will get the higher price of the new flight. Therefore, you need to pay the difference and complete the changes.
  • If the fare difference is low, breeze airways will initiate the refund as a travel credit. You can use the travel credit in future reservations. 
  • You can change the flight up to one hour before the scheduled departure and get the best new journey. 
  • If you have purchased with online travel agencies, you need to contact them to change the flight tickets with breeze airways.


How To Change the Name of Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways provides name change facilities to its passengers. Committing a mistake during entering passenger details may happen, and airlines understand it.

Breeze Airways have flexible name change policies.

Steps to follow for Name Change at Breeze Airways:

  • Open the official website of Breeze airways.
  • You must go to the My Trips section once you reach the website.
  • Now, you need to enter your Breeze Airlines account login credentials.
  • After submitting the details, you need to click the login option.
  • Further, you will see the itinerary details with several options to manage your booking.
  • Click the "change" option, and you can make changes to your bookings, like name changes.
  • Finally, you can complete the process of changing your name.


Passengers will receive a confirmatory mail at their registered email address.

Name change via Phone:

Breeze Airways provides a name change facility using their customer service number also. 

  • Call +1-802-200-9500 | +1-805-372-0680 and talk to the customer support executive.
  • The passengers can ask the customer support number for all doubts and can request a name change. The executive will do the necessary requisite.
  • The passengers can also connect via email and social media handles like Facebook messenger or text to the customer support team and ask for a name change.
  • The social media handles are available on the official website of Breeze Airways.


Breeze Airways Name Change Fee

  • Breeze Airways has no name change fees within 24 hrs of booking the flight. 
  • However, after 24 hrs of flight booking, they charge some fees for minor changes in your name like a change of three letters or significant changes in your character based on flight route, destination, etc.
  • Breeze Airways normally charges a flight change fee, ranging from $75 to $150, which could go well beyond this depending upon the flight route, destination, ticket type, and fare type.


How To Change Flight Date on Breeze Airways?

Passengers can change flight dates on Breeze Airways. They need to follow the guidelines provided on their official website.

Procedure For Flight Date Change:

  • Open the official website of Breeze Airways.
  • Once you reach there, go to the "my trips" section.
  • Enter your Breeze Airlines account login credentials.
  • After providing the details, choose the login option.
  • Further, fill in the itinerary information with several options to manage your booking.
  • Now, you have to select the "change flight" option, and you can make changes to your bookings.
  • You can complete the process of the flight date change.
  • You can enter a new flight date and time and submit it.


The passengers will receive a confirmatory mail, and new flight details will be enclosed.

Breeze Airways Date Change Fee:

Breeze Airways charges no fees for date change within 24 hrs of flight booking. However, after 24 hrs, it demands a nominal fee ranging from $70 to $180. The price varies depending on the flight route, destination, ticket type, and fare type.

Hopefully, the above information will help you with all your queries and doubts. For further details, you can always visit Breeze Airways' official website.

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