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Get Specific Advice To Get A Live Chat on Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is primarily known as the largest airline of the United Arab Emirates. This airline is based in Garhoud and Dubai, where you can find a fantastic deal to find the best flight to book at the right time. If you want to get specific assistance related to flight booking service, you can use a live chat on Emirates Airlines at a decent time. 

How can I talk to Emirates?

When you need to get genuine advice related to flight booking services, you can use different kinds of contact resources that you can find on the booking website. Likewise, if you want to interrogate does Emirates have a live chat, you must contact resources that provide you with essential assistance to get a live chat at the right time. 

Is there a live chat for Emirates Airlines?

If you need specific assistance for the seat selection and baggage allowance, you can use a live chat service and share your question to get support quickly. So if you ask that is there a live chat for Emirates, you must go through the tips that help you get a live chat quickly.

  • At first, launch an internet browser, visit the booking website, and click on the log-in button to access your booking account.
  • Go to the booking page and select the contact us option after scrolling down at the bottom, and select a live chat tab smoothly.
  • Enter the specific user ID and mobile phone number to get a verification code to enter into the required field.
  • You can start the live chat to type the valid question and get a reasonable answer to get the solution at the right time.


Is it possible to get an Emirates WhatsApp Number?

It is essential to be aware of the social media service that allows you to use a WhatsApp number(600 54 0000) that you can use to share your question. Therefore, if you are interrogating does Emirates have a WhatsApp number to get support, you must go to the booking page to select the social media service and select the WhatsApp option to check its number significantly. Take a look at some valid points to use a WhatsApp number. 

  • Beforehand, ensure you have accessed your Emirates Airlines booking website and go to the booking page,
  • Go to the contact us section(1-808-300-5769), choose a social media services tab, and select the WhatsApp option .
  • You can select the phone number and use a new chat section via WhatsApp on the same page.
  • Select the new conversation, write up your question, and get the correct answer from the experts using WhatsApp.


Does Emirates have an Email Address?

When you need to share your question about a flight booking service, you can use an email service to get the correct answer. If you want to know does Emirates has an email address, you must move to the website and choose a contact section showing on the same page. It is essential to use an email service and get an email address that you can use to send an email ( to a customer representative who provides the answer using the same platform at any time.

Live Chat Hours of Emirates Airlines: 

Thus, you can use a live chat on Emirates Airlines for assistance. Knowing the Emirates live chat hours is essential to get 24 hours a day. You can share your question to get the answers quickly and acquire essential tips to manage your account on the live chat at your required time perfectly. 

A Complete Guide To Contact Emirates Airlines using Contact Number!

You may need to contact customer support in the process of booking or managing your flight ticket. That's the reason why Emirates Airlines provides you the option to contact the customer support executive whenever you need. You can dial the contact number of the airline and get help with the Emirates live person.

Emirates Customer Service 24-7

If you don't know the contact number of Emirates Airlines, you can dial 1800-777-3999 any time of the day. You can access Emirates customer service 24-7 on-call or other contact platforms. This article can help you to get in touch with the support team members of Emirates Airlines.

How can I contact Emirates Airlines customer support? 

If you wish to reach a live person at Emirates Airlines for your flight, you can use the instruction below to contact the customer representative of the airline:

  • Dial the Emirates Airlines customer support number 1-800-777-3999 first.
  • You can't wait to hear the IVR instructions when you connect with the system framework.
  • Choose the number for your query in the OC prompts.
  • Wait a while till the system connects you to a live person at 1800-777-3999.


Once you get connected with the customer representative of Emirates Airlines, you can resolve all the issues regarding flight managing and new bookings. If you reside in a different country and want the Emirates Airlines contact number for your region, you can use the given instruction. Check the section below and manage your Emirates booking with the help of a customer representative.

Emirates Airlines Contact Numbers for Different Countries

Here is the list of some common areas where you may need to contact the airline's customer support. 

  • Kuala Lumpur +60362074999
  • Abu Dhabi: +971600555555
  • India: +919167003333
  • Colombo: +94114704070
  • Dublin: +35315171600
  • Singapore: +6566221770


If this list does not include your residential number, you can visit the airline's official website and go to the Help and Contacts section. From there, you can click on the dropdown menu of the airline and choose your country. Other than this, you can use the other contact platforms to talk with the live person via message. If you want to know how to access Emirates live chat, you can get help in the next section. You need to follow the instructions below to chat with the Emirates executives.

Can You Make Calls on Emirates?

Yes, you make calls on emirates. You can dial the official number and follow a set of IVR to get connected with them.



USA and Canada

(888) 320-1576


54 115 355 1166


61 130 030 3777


43 120 609 1999


322 700 7007


5 622 393 7300


86 400 882 2380


453 848 7000

Dominican Republic

507 388 7066


35 897 251 9888


3 315 732 4999


496 994 519 2000


30 210 933 3400

Hong Kong

8 523 071 3019


361 777 7525


91 916 700 3333


62 212 934 5555


3 531 517 1600


39 029 148 3383


1 876 388 7066


8 136 743 4567


9 652 205 5155


6 036 207 4999


960 331 5465


52 554 738 0444


3 120 203 5163

New Zealand

6 450 836 4728


472 231 0888


9 682 440 4444


511 707 5801


6 327 792 6045


4 822 306 0808


35 121 366 5533


7 800 555 1919

Saudi Arabia

966 800 850 0022


656 622 1770

South Africa

2 786 012 3155

South Korea

8 222 022 8400

South Sudan

21 191 230 1601


44 344 800 2777


967 144 4442

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Live Chat with Emirates?

Chatting with Emirates is quite a simple and easy task. Here, you will get assisted directly from a virtual assistant who is always active for your help, like 24*7 with immediate solutions as you seek your query. In scenarios where you are unable to know about the chat session, start over then in this section of the write-up, you will get assisted quite brilliantly.

Steps to get Emirates Virtual Assistant: if you need to get help, then you must use the live chat option because, via this platform, you will get answers immediately, so to know its process, then go by the below points.

  • First, you must visit the official website of this airline 
  • Then move to the home section where you are going to click over the contact option
  • After that, herein you need to enter your question, and then there you will find the chat now tab
  • Click on it, and then at the bottom section of the page, you will get a chat screen 
  • In the end, here, you can effortlessly chat with the live virtual agent with instant answers.

Does Emirates have a WhatsApp Number?

To get sure with Emirates chat option over WhatsApp, you will have to first add in the helpline number within your contacts so to optimally use and get assistance over this chat platform which you can use anytime and anywhere without any trouble. So the WhatsApp number for Emirate airlines is (600-54-0000), +1-808-300-5769, by which you can get a second way to directly chat with a virtual representative who is available round the clock and 7days a week for any time help.

How Can I Get A Hold of Emirates?

In case you need to get hold of Emirates airlines, then you will have to use this airline's customer service helpline number by which you can connect with the service team without any issue, and then you will get answers to your questions with ease. To get help, you will have to use such points for help, and then you will easily get in direct touch with a representative without any issue.

  • At first, visit the airline's official website homepage via the local web browser
  • After that, you need to scroll down the page and there hit over contact us option
  • After which, you will have to enter your issue and tap over the search option
  • Here you will get various methods to choose from for getting appropriate help from the service team
  • At last, you will dial the helpline number, and after that, you will connect with the live agent without any hassle.

What is Emirates Post Email?

If you have issues related to the post, you can drop an email at You can draft and email and send t to them. You must explain your query in a possible detailed manner. The team shall get back to you within 24 hours of raising the query.

How can I check my Emirates ID status?

To check your Emirates Id status, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Browse through the official webpage 
  • Then, click on the home icon on the homepage. This will show you an option for Services. Select the same.
  • This will result in a drop-down from the given options. 
  • Choose the ID card status from the available options. 
  • Enter the form as given. And click check status. You will receive the status of your Emirates ID. 

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