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Jetblue Rules for Covid

Jetblue is known to be a prominent airline. As the whole world is struggling with the covid, the government issued the guidelines for the airlines to ensure the safety of the passengers. So when the passengers need to travel so, they need to show the negative antigen test of the covid, so in this line also the JetBlue makes the test compulsory for its passengers to travel. So the passenger asks that does JetBlue accepts a rapid covid test or not as all the passengers don’t have RTPCR reports, so they can only go with a rapid test. So yes, JetBlue accepts rapid covid test but is subject to some conditions.

  • Saliva-based test- JetBlue accepts the rapid covid test on the condition that it should be saliva-based, not mucus-based, because some mucus-based rapid tests were wrong, and many passengers got affected due to this false test. So it is prescribed by the doctors that the test should be saliva-based because they are the effective one.
  • The result must not be later than 48-72hours- the test performed by the passenger should not be later than 72hours; otherwise, the reports won’t be considered adequate. Rapid test kits are an efficient way of the test, but their effectiveness depends on upon the time limit. Its tests are practical within 48-72hours only.


What are the Jetblue Covid Vaccination Requirements?

Jetblue airlines give all the unique requirements to be followed during travel and ensure the safety of all of its passengers and comply with JetBlue covid vaccination requirements. In that series, all the members of JetBlue need to follow JetBlue covid vaccination requirements. Below mentioned are the covid requirements of the JetBlue that need to be followed up by the members that are-

  • Jetblue encourages its crewmembers to get vaccinated first and then join the work again, and they are required to show the vaccination certificate.
  • Jetblue ensures that all passengers and crewmembers wore masks to ensure the safety of themselves and others.
  • Jetblue provides the paid sick leaves to its members and asks them to get vaccinated, and that leave will be paid by JetBlue. In case the members got a fever or any other thing after vaccination, so they are advised to take a rest, and the salary won’t be deducted.


What are the Jetblue Domestic Travel Requirements?

Before traveling with JetBlue, the passengers need to make sure that they need to have the document that shows that the passenger is not suffering from the covid and make sure to comply with the JetBlue domestic travel requirements that are mandatory. These documents should be

  • Show that the passenger is recovered from the covid.
  • Negative antigen test acceptable for prior 3months only.
  • Open labs result will be considered in case the passenger was antigen positive.


Does Jetblue have a Covid Seating Policy?

Jetblue is a customer-friendly customer-friendly airline, so when you want to know whether JetBlue has a covid seating policy, JetBlue has does JetBlue have a covid seating policyBelow are some of the points that are covid seating policy.

  • Jetblue increases the seat space between each row of the area to ensure social distancing.
  • Jetblue promotes touchless check-in boarding and bag taggings to ensure safety. 


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