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Does Latam Have Free Cancellation?

LATAM airlines have a remarkable history of its services over the past many years. They have benefited their customers with their hospitality and services for many decades. They have fantastic cancellation and refundable policies, which are worthy of their customers.

Passengers might be wondering about the cancellation policies of LATAM. We will answer your queries in this article.

Does LATAM have a 24 Hours Cancellation Policy? 

Yes, LATAM has a cancellation policy. But there are some terms and conditions for the cancellation policy for the customers, which are as follows.

Cancellation Policy of LATAM: 

  • LATAM cancellation policy has a 24 hours cancellation policy, according to which the customers can cancel their tickets after 24 hours of booking. But this is applicable only when the ticket booking is made before one or more weeks of departure.
  • The ticket fare will be reimbursed only on the refundable tickets.
  • LATAM will automatically reimburse the return ticket fare.
  • For the non-refundable tickets, no ticket fare is reimbursed. 


Can I Cancel my LATAM Flight?

This is a question that often comes to mind. We have got their answer. You can easily cancel your flight and to cancel your LATAM flight, you need to follow the following instructions. 

  • First, the passenger must visit LATAM airway's official website
  • On the homepage, you will come across many options. One of them will be Manage Flight. You select it.
  • This will lead you to another web page that has a lot of options. Here you select List of Bookings.
  • As the name suggests, it has a list of all the bookings made by you which includes previous ones and present ones as well.
  • You must select the booking that you want to cancel.
  • On selecting that booking, a new page will appear asking you for information on the booking id.
  • Enter your Booking id here and press ok.
  • Now the return value of the ticket will be visible on the screen. Confirm it.
  • Now the ticket is canceled, and you will receive the amount of the ticket fare within 7 to 10 working days, depending on your payment method.


This is LATAM's policy of cancellation for the passengers who cancel their tickets.

How Much Money will I lose if I Cancel my Latam Flight?

Your concern is answered below.

  • LATAM does not charge any penalty for passengers to cancel their tickets before 91 days of departure.
  • A 15% charge is imposed if passengers cancel their ticket between 31 to 90 days, and a 29% penalty is imposed if customers cancel the ticket within 30 days.
  • There is direct reimbursement on return tickets by LATAM.
  • The ticket fare is added to the bank account within 7 to 10 working days, depending on the payment method.


Credit card and debit card payments are reimbursed within seven days, while the cash payment takes ten working days.

What happens if my flight is Cancelled by Latam Airline?

 Then the LATAM policy is explained below.

  • The passengers can quickly reschedule the date of their ticket to the quality of their access in the same cabinet. LATAM will not charge any additional fees for it.
  • If passengers don't want to travel anymore and want a refund, they can apply for it, and they will receive a ticket voucher that they can use to travel in the future.


LATAM provides timely reimbursement to its customers when the customer cancels their ticket or is canceled by LATAM due to some reasons. Customers don't need to worry about, can I cancel my flight with LATAM? There is a solid policy that ensures your refund so that you can enjoy the services of LATAM tension free. 

You can always contact the helpline numbers of LATAM, and they will provide you with proper help to solve your problem. There are also other ways like social media to contact them anytime you want to put your problem in front of them.

Can I Get my Money Back if I Cancel my LATAM Flight?

Yes, passengers can get their money back in every scenario hassle-free, such as when you cancel your reservation by the help online site page. Although in case you arrive at the airport late to board the flight or you seem to have any medical reason, you will be unable to board the LATAM Airlines flight. Then the most competent option would be canceling your flight ticket and applying for your refunds online with a refund application.

Learn basic steps to get refunds from LATAM Airlines: 

  • The initial step would be to start your device's search engine and visit LATAM airline's website. 
  • After that, tap over the manage booking section. 
  • Here enter your ticket reference number and last name credentials. 
  • Click on the search button to retrieve your booking here; choose refund status/apply for refunds. 
  • Now refund application will open wherein you have to provide details like trip type, flight number, and other contact details. 
  • Next, you have to select one appropriate reason for refunds from LATAM. 
  • Ahead describe the reason within 1000 characters and once it's done, tap over submit button.
  • In the end, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered id for a refund summary.


How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund from LATAM?

If you want to cancel your reservation on LATAM airlines, then it is possible to understand any travel inconvenience that may occur due to which you cancel your reservation. Moreover, suppose you canceled a ticket and already applied for refunds, and you are unaware of how much time it will take for refunds to get into account. In that case, the refund policy states refund policies which you must read within the below section. 

  • Passengers who paid ticket amount by credit card then for refunds will have to wait for 7-10 business days approx.
  • In addition, if your ticket purchase was made at the airport counter with cash or check, you will have to wait for 20 working days accordingly because this process takes a lot of time to get back to your account.
  • The last point to remember is that if you cancel you’re booking within 24 hours from the time of purchase, and then you will be getting refunds fully into your account quite smoothly, depending upon your payment mode.


Are LATAM Flights Refundable?

Yes, LATAM offers refundable flights to passengers worldwide. The flight refund will depend on various factors, such as ticket type and destination. If you purchase the refundable fare, you will receive the refund on the original payment mode. LATAM will initiate the travel credits for the non-refundable flight you can use in future travel. To know more, you can contact the customer service team via different modes like phone, live chat, social media, and email to get assistance appropriately.

LATAM Refund Policy

Now, in any case, if you are getting issues in understanding norms for LATAM Airlines refunds, then you should read the following written points, which are premium and will be effective.

  • If the passenger cancels the flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive full refunds from LATAM Airlines.
  • If you skip 24 hours flight cancellation, then as per LATAM Airlines refund policy, you have to pay cancellation charges.
  • If you cancel the ticket and apply for refunds, the cancellation fee will be determined based on the ticket for the flight bought.


However, suppose you still want information on LATAM Airlines refund norms. In that case, you must contact the airline's reservation team expert for help in regards to refund terms and conditions because with this option, you will get help quite smoothly as a Latam customer service agent is available 24 hours a day and seven weeks to offer the customers immediate assistance. 

What happens if I cancel my LATAM Airlines Group Flight?

According to LATAM Airlines' cancellation policy, LATAM Airlines Group provides twenty-four hours after ticket booking to cancel it if passengers want a refund and no cancellation charges.

It depends entirely on the kind of light ticket you have, i.e., whether it is refundable or non-refundable.

Customers traveling with primary economic tickets are not eligible to get a refund on their flight after twenty-four hours from ticket booking time.

If your ticket is refundable, you can cancel it anytime you want before the departure of your flight, and the refund will be reimbursed to your original payment method.

If you have purchased a non-refundable ticket, you must pay to range between $200 and $500. This amount LATAM flight cancellation compensation will depend on the distance of your flight. After this, you will receive your ticket fare, excluding the price, in the form of an e-credit. You can use this e-credit while traveling with LATAM Airlines Group flights.

Can I cancel a LATAM Airlines Group flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can cancel a LATAM Airlines Group flight within 24 hours of booking your flight ticket. When you book a ticket from the United States, ARC provides 24 hours to cancel your flight if needed.

LATAM Airlines does not charge any cancellation fee during the grace period, no matter what fare ticket is purchased.

What Happens if You Cancel A LATAM Airlines Group Non-Refundable Ticket?

You can cancel a LATAM Airlines Group non-refundable ticket to get a refund within twenty-four hours of booking your flight. LATAM Airlines Group will not charge any extra fee for this cancellation. LATAM Airlines will issue the refund in the form of e-credit, which you can use in your future endeavors with LATAM Airlines Group.

Suppose you cancel a LATAM Airlines Group non-refundable ticket after twenty-four hours of grace period after booking the flight. You must pay extra charges depending upon the distance between your departing and final distance, fare type, and location. The penalty amount ranges between 200$ and 500$. After paying a certain amount, you will receive the refund in the form of e-credit only.

Can I Get LATAM Airlines Group Compensation For a 2-hour Flight Delay?

According to the rules and regulations of LATAM Airlines Group, you are legally eligible for compensation if your arrival gets delayed by two or more 2 hours.

But you can get compensation only if the flight delay is the responsibility of LATAM Airlines Group. LATAM Airlines generally provides a reconnecting flight to help you reach your arriving destination on time. Still, if LATAM fails to make you arrive on time, you are eligible for compensation.

How Do I Know If my LATAM Airlines Flight is Refundable?

To know if your LATAM Airlines flight is refundable, you can visit the website of LATAM Airlines group Here you can enter the booking number, and you will get the information about your refund on your ticket.

You can still cancel your flight even if it is non-refundable. You will receive the LATAM Airlines refund in the form of an e-credit.

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