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Yes, if there are any changes on the flight seats of Singapore Airlines and passengers want to upgrade their flight tickets or select the seat of their choice, they need to pay a certain fee. Singapore Airlines is considered the most reliable airline by its passengers, making it a reason why they want to travel with them. There is a fee structure that passengers can follow and check out the policies of selecting the flight seats on their own

Singapore Airlines Seat Selection Policies

Here are the policies of Singapore Airlines that they can follow while making the seat selection and going through the fees of the flight:

  • For economy flight seats: the passengers who are making the seat selection for economy flight tickets have to pay an average amount of cost for the selection of flights. The charges for the flight will be according to extra legroom and standard seats. 
  • For business class seat selection: the passengers who want to select their flight tickets for business class have to be clear about the fact that passengers have to pay charges for their flight tickets separately, and it will depend upon the legroom and forward zone seats. The charges are charged for some specific flight routes and aircraft. 
  • For the suite and first-class seat selection and seat holders, there will be no charges for the seat selection. 


How Can I Avoid Paying for Singapore Airlines Seat Selection?

The travelers might ask questions about how to avoid seat selection charges. There are a few methods that travelers can opt to avoid paying the seat selection fees to Singapore Airlines. 

  • For travelers who are elite members of the airline, they are free from paying the seat selection charges.
  • Before check-in before 48 hours, passengers can select their flight tickets without paying any extra penny to the airline. 
  • If passengers have miles in their travel accounts, they can use them to pay the seat selection fees to the airline. 


How do you select seats on Singapore Airlines?

If there are passengers who are not aware of the process of selecting the flight seats on Singapore Airlines, and now they want to get through the ways of selecting the seats. The airline has all the provinces that will help their passengers select the flight seats of their choice. The seat selection points of Singapore Airlines are as follows:

Here are the steps to select seats on Singapore Airlines:

If passengers are getting worried just because they haven’t selected their flight tickets due to any reason, then they can follow the steps those are mentioned in the below section:

  • Open the ‘manage booking’ option on the home screen of the Singapore Airlines website.
  • Give the information regarding the traveler's last name and PNR number on the dashboard mentioned.
  • A new page will open up that will show the travelers a few sections. Passengers have to choose the ‘seat selection option.
  • After that, select the seats from the given seat map on the new page. It will show the availability of the flight seats. 
  • Choose the seats according to your choices, and pay the fees mentioned by the airline. 
  • Once the seats are selected by the passengers, the airline will send them the confirmation mail regarding the seat selection for their trip.
  • Passengers can also contact the travel agent who helped them book their flight tickets and ask them to select the seats for their journey. 


How to select a wheelchair on Singapore Airlines?

There can be travelers with disabled companions with them, and they want a wheelchair for their convenience to walk around the airport at the time of departure and arrival. For those passengers, they will have to book a wheelchair. To book a wheelchair, passengers can follow the below-given steps:

  • When booking the flight tickets, passengers will see the option of special assistance, where they will see a few options.
  • Choose the wheelchair option from the given section. If there are any changes that they have to pay for selecting the wheelchair, pay the amount to the airline.
  • Once the passengers reach the airport, they will get the facility for their disabled companions. 

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