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Southwest Airlines serves the Oakland international airport. You only need to follow the correct options. Then you'll be able to make the booking for Oakland. Ensure that you have made your booking at least twenty-eight days before the flight's departure date. In that way, you'll be able to save a lot of your hard-earned money.

Direct Flights from Oakland Southwest?

To make the booking of the direct flights to Oakland, you need to choose the options below. Then you'll be able to make the booking without any delay.

  • Get on the Southwest Airlines website. 
  • Now you need to make the selection of the "Flight." 
  • Enter the departure place, destination, date, number of passengers, etc. 
  • Press the search button. 
  • Now you'll come across the list of flights. 
  • Choose the flight which you think is suitable for your needs. 
  • Enter the personal information of the travelers. 
  • Now make the selection of the payment method. 
  • Once you have completed the payment, then receive a confirmation email.


Soon, you will receive a tube confirmation email regarding the booking you made with Southwest Airlines.

You can even go through the tips and tricks below. That is going to help you out in finding cheap flights to Oakland.

Tips and Tricks to Make the Booking of Southwest Cheap Flights to Oakland

There are several ways to make the booking. You can walk through the tips and tricks provided below.

Make your booking in advance.

You can make your reservation in advance. That is undoubtedly going to help you out in finding a cheap flight. If you make the booking late, the prices will get much higher.

Use the Low-Fare Calendar

The low-fare calendar is going to give you information about cheap flights. You only need to search for the destination. Then the low-fare calendar will show you the cheapest days to travel to that particular place in that month.

Avoid Weekends

Avoiding weekends is a must. There is no doubt that the ticket cost will always be much higher during weekends. However, during the weekdays, the price drops due to less demand.

Use incognito mode

Incognito mode is going to provide you with the right help in making the booking for a cheap flight. This happens because you can see more options if you have opened the incognito mode. It is because you'll be able to avoid the cookies and cache. And that ultimately helps you to see more research.

What Terminal Does Southwest Fly Out of in Oakland?

In the Oakland international airport, Terminal 2 is designated for Southwest Airlines. You only need to ensure that you have reached terminal 2 on time. That is going to ensure that you don't miss out on the booking you have made. You can even connect with the customer service team of Southwest Airlines. For that, you only need to go along the guide ahead. Then you'll be able to speak to the representative of Oakland.

Via Call:

  • Phone up on the official number. 
  • Now make the selection of the appropriate options. 
  • Choose the options that you think are directly connected to your issue. 
  • Your call will be connected to the reservation team. 
  • They'll quickly make the booking for you. 


It is straightforward to connect with customer service. You can even connect with them through alternate methods like chat or email.

What is the Address of Southwest Airlines Oakland Airport?

The address is 1 Airport Dr, Oakland, CA 94621, USA. Make sure that you have visited terminal two. That way, you'll be able to make the booking without delay.

How Early Can I Check-in at Southwest Airlines Oakland?

You can check in twenty-four hours before the departure time of the flight. There are several ways through which you can check-in. You can even check-in online.

Hopefully, your issue is cleared.

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