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What Is Spirit Airlines Doing For Covid

Spirit airlines always believe in providing a healthy environment to fly. However, after the corona outbreak, healthy travelling becomes the topmost priority. For this reason, Spirit airlines have turned the RTPCR test mandatory for every kind of flyer. So, yes, you need to do the covid test before you fly. Though, there are certain things that you should know before you go with the test.  

  • The test for covid is valid only for 14 days only, so if the days go beyond this, then you have to run the test again. Airlines will not allow you to board the flight. 
  • You can go for the instant test too, but make sure you have received the report. You have to show this when you are at the airport. 


These are the two points that you have to remember and make travelling safe and easy with Spirit airlines. 

Does Spirit Airlines Require Covid Vaccine To Fly?

If you wonder that you will not allow boarding the flight if you are not vaccinated, you are wrong. The vaccination person ratio varies. However, airlines recommend that a person with a vaccine be on the top of the list as it ensures that you are safe and will not affect other people. The major part of the vaccine depends on the region where you live. So you can check the area wise rules and terms, and then you can go with the vaccination and make the reservation decision final. 

What Are The Spirit Travel Requirements For Covid?

Spirit airlines ensure the full safety of their passenger. And for this, each person with and without vaccination have to follow the covid-19 protocol. You have to follow certain things for boarding and make sure you have this before you board the flight.

  • Full face cover mask with proper shield
  • Certification of the covid test, which should not expire. 
  • Proper gloves and there should not be any symptoms of covid, like cough or high fever. If you have, then you can do the instant test and get the confirmation report. 


So make sure you are aware of these before reservation. If you violent any one of them, then you have to cancel the ticket, and you might have to bear some cancellation charges too, However, it relies more on the type of passenger and trip type. 

What Is Spirit Airlines Covid Seating?

To make the person journey healthy and safe, airlines like Spirit come with on passenger two-seat policies. Here you can find the social distancing, and in the normal method, you can find that there are only two people is sitting in three seats. In this, the middle seat will be vacant as per the covid norms. You can find the front or near emergency door chair is vacant, but if the person needs it due to some medical issues, then can use it or purchase the seat during booking. If you are travelling in a group, then make sure you go with the group booking option; it will help you to get the best seating.

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