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How Do I Check-in for VietJet?

If you have purchased a ticket from VietJet and are wondering how you can do the check-in, then there are different options available at the airport. You may either check in through the airport check-in counter or from the self-service Kiosk Machine. Below you will find the method of getting your boarding pass from both ways. 

Method of Check-In from Counter

It is the traditional way of checking in at the airport. The flyer has to wait in the queue till the check-in starts for their flight and wait for their turn. The airport representative will take the flight details and verify your identity. After completing the verification, the check-in will be done, and a boarding pass will be provided to you. 

Method of Check-In from Kiosk

VietJet has provided a self-service check-in machine at their airport. You can use the Kiosk to get your boarding pass, and here is the procedure you will have to follow:

  • Reach the Kiosk point at the VietJet Airport,
  • Start the machine for doing the check-in,
  • You need to put your Confirmation Number and last name on the machine,
  • Then press the “Check-In” button,
  • Some prompts will be provided on the screen, which you have to follow,
  • Add or skip the Seat Selection process as you like,
  • After that, the Check-In will be completed,
  • Then you have to tap on the print button,
  • Your boarding pass will be printed from the Kiosk machine. 


VietJet Web Check-in

You can obtain your boarding pass on your device by check-in through their website. You will need the flight details to obtain the itinerary on the site, and then following the prompts, the check-in will be done. If you would like to do the web check-in for your flight below, the method is given. 

Method of Web Check-In at VietJet:

  • Visit the site of VietJet on your device,
  • Click on the “Online Check-In” tab on the site,
  • Enter your reservation Code and Full Name in the columns,
  • Then tap the Search button,
  • Your VietJet booking will show on the new page,
  • Now you have to do as per the instructions given on the page,
  • And the VietJet web check-in will be done. 


After following and completing the web check-in process, the boarding pass will be shared on your provided email. From there, you can download your e-boarding pass to your device. 

Can I Do a Web Check-in for International Flights at VietJet?

If you have a booking to fly to an international destination and are wondering if you can do VietJet Air Web Check-in for international flights. Then the answer is no. Web check-in for international flights is not allowed except for the flights departing from Melbourne, Noi Bai, and Sydney. For the flights departing from the other locations, you have to consider airport or kiosk check-in. 

When Should I Check-in for VietJet?

If you are considering doing the online or web check-in for your VietJet flight, then you can check in anytime from 24 hours to 45 minutes before your flight’s departing time flying domestically. And the web check-in for international flights, the web check-in closes 50 minutes prior to the departure.

If you choose to do the check-in from the airport, then you can check in any time after the check-in counter opens. 

What Time is the Check-in Counter For VietJet?

The check-in counter for VietJet opens 2 hours early from the departing time of a domestic flight. And 3 hours in advance from the departing time of an international flight. So you should reach the on time at the airport as per your flight’s departing location to avoid the last-minute rush for the check-in.

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