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Easyjet Flight Change and the Associated Fee

As travellers might be aware, Easyjet is a British low-cost service provider that is widely preferred by the passengers. The airline is engaged to operate domestic and international scheduled services to more than 30 countries.

It presents its passengers with all sorts of services to accomplish a luxurious and hassle-free journey. It offers easy online booking procedure, check-in procedure and facilitates Manage Booking services.

Easyjet provides enough flexibility to the passengers to change their flights before the departure of the flight. Despite the simple procedure and clear policies of Easyjet flight change, passengers possess queries like how much does it cost to change an Easyjet flight. This article is composed to introduce the passengers with detailed information regarding Easyjet flight change procedure and fee. Read along the article to end your search.

How Much Does it Cost to Change an EasyJet Flight?

The cost of changing a flight on Easyjet varies on various factors such as the destination of the flight, time of changing the flight and the booking class. Easyjet change flight fee is approximately in between £17 and £52 along with the added amount of the fare difference between the original booking and the new booking. If the travellers are changing a flight during the off-peak season then the flight change cost is relatively low. Changing a flight over the phone may cost an additional amount as they add £5 to the change fee in order to cover admin costs. Making changes in a booked flight within 24 hours of the original booking may impose no fare difference except the service charges. 

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If you are not aware of the procedure to make changes in your flight then go through the enlisted procedure to get effective guidance for changing your flight on Easyjet airlines.

Know the procedure to change an Easyjet flight:

Easyjet change flight procedure is an effortless task as one can change it directly from the site of Easyjet airlines. Here is the simple procedure stated below for changing Easyjet airlines:

  • Open the site of Easyjet and sign in to your booking account.
  • After signing in, select the option of manage booking.
  • From the manage booking section, one can amend modifications like seat changes, flight date change, name change.
  • Enter the flight booking reference number and the passenger’s last name in order to fetch the booking details and after selecting the flight, click on the Change button.
  • After making the changes, if any fee is incurred, then pay the amount.


After completing the process, the passenger will get a confirmation message from the airline with the new details of the flight.

In this way, one can easily change a flight on Easyjet. In case of any obstacle, while changing the flight, passengers can feel free to reach Easyjet customer support executives who are always active to assist travelers. Passengers can also change their flight over the phone by contacting the Easyjet customer service team or the booking representative.

Can I change my EasyJet Flight for free?

The fliers of EasyJet have this concern always they is a fee or its free to change a flight. A passenger can do this for any reason, for example, unforeseen plans to visit somewhere, or maybe you are finding the timings that you have booked quite early or lately or probably you did choose the wrong timing at the time of booking, So, EasyJet provides the opportunity to the customers to change the flight. Still, there are some terms and conditions laid by the EasyJet authority, which are below that will decide whether a fare has to be paid or not:

  • With no additional fee, you can change your flight to the same country. (make sure to do it 2 hours before your departure). 
  • If you decide to change the flight, then you have to incur an additional cost if it is higher than the earlier ticket cost.


How can I change my EasyJet flight without paying a fee?

Suppose you decide to change the flight in EasyJet, unlike other airlines. In that case, it provides flexibility and an easy method for the passenger to change the flight, as some rules and regulations mentioned above (change the flight with no additional cost before 2 hours of your departure.) However, there is a process for changing the EasyJet flight, and the different steps are mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of EasyJet. (
  • Go to the section of “Manage bookings,” (and then you have to enter all the details mentioned there. For example, Email address and password)
  • Once you have entered all the details, find your flights there and tap on “Change Flight.” (one must keep in mind that a flight change will only be applicable when there are all the passengers on the booking, and if you want to change a flight for an individual or for some members then you have to call the customer executive of the EasyJet and the number is +44-0330 365 5000 and it is available all the day.)


How much does it cost to change the date of your EasyJet flight?

To change the date of the EasyJet flight, there are different fares that one has to pay to change the date that is following:

  • If the flight changes are made more than 45 days before your departure, then you have to pay 25£ (for the online method.) and 30£ (If the flight is changed by calling to customer executive team.)
  • If flight changes are made in less than 45 days from the departure, you have to incur 42£ (for the online method) and 47£ by calling a customer executive of EasyJet.


Can I Change my EasyJet Flight To a Later Date?

Yes, EasyJet allows passengers to change their flight to a later date, but one must remember that you may have to pay the change fee to the airline and to know about the policy and process, you may look at the points mentioned above. 

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