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Yes, Etihad airlines understand that sometime plans might change, but it becomes more and more important for us to know about the cancellation policy before canceling the flight ticket to avoid any loss in the event. It becomes quite pesky for the travellers to wander here and thereby carrying the documents with them for canceling the flight ticket. So here we are going to discuss simple Etihad Airways change Policy.

Stick with the Etihad Airways cancellation Policy

  • If the passenger canceled within 24 hours of the booking, you will not require paying any charge or any cancellation fee.
  • In the passengers canceled within 96 hours of the flight take off, an additional 10 percent of the total amount would be deducted as a cancellation fee.
  • An Etihad airway does not charge any cancellation fee in case of the sudden demise of a family member which requires some documentation process.
  • The cancellation fee depends upon the region of travel and terms or conditions that have been defined at the time of the purchase of the ticket.
  • If the passenger wants to cancel the flight booking, you will be subjected to a small amount of fee.


Below we have mentioned some important points that are required before canceling the flight ticket. Points mentioned below are up to the mark for Etihad airways flight change fees.

Learn Some Points Required Before Cancelling of the Flight Ticket

  • Check whether your ticket is refundable or not.
  • You must have purchased the ticket five days ago with the credit card.
  • Bank can charge an additional fee.
  • Refunds will be automatically purchased on the same card that you purchase at the time of booking.
  • The refund process may take 14-30 days to get back to the account.
  • Services of ancillaries and Global services are Non-refundable.


All the above points are sufficient and informative for the passengers who want to travel with Etihad airways. It is advised to you to call directly to the customer support team of the airlines for Etihad Airways cancellation Policy to learn in-depth about the airlines. If you are seeking immediate assistance from the customer support you can mail your concern to the authentic or concerned department of the airlines to resolve the entire query. for further information you can connect to the subject matter expertise of the Etihad airlines.

Steps to change flight in Etihad Airways

  • To change flight in Etihad Airways, tap on the airline website and click on 'manage bookings' option. 
  • Once done, now select the change flight option and click enter. Now type your booking number and name of the passenger to find further details of the flight 
  • As the details load, check if you have an option of flight change against that flight. 
  • If yes then choose an alternative flight and replace it with the current one.
  • Follow the steps ahead and confirm your changes and you will be done. 


Flight change fee policy of Etihad Airlines 

1. If you make early changes in your flight like within the first few days then the airline does not charge with any fare or fee. According to the rules, you can make changes in your flight till the last few hours of the flight's s departure. 

2. The charges implied on changing the flight depends on the type of flight and time you cancel your bookings. 

3. If you make changes after the maximum time limit, you will be charged with the fixed amount of fees. 

4. Whereas if you cancel your flight or make changes because of any emergency like medical urgency or even death then you have to produce with the valid document to apply for the refund.

5. You can also get the changes done by calling on reservation helpline number or visiting the ticket counter. 

Conditions required for cancelling the flight  

  • To cancel the flight ticket, you need to have the following eligibility criteria: 
  • The flight ticket should be refundable and unused 
  • It should have been issued at least five days back 
  • Its departure time should be at least a few hours later 
  • The flight schedule should not be changed before. 


And that's all for the flight changes and the exact amount of how much does it cost to change a flight with Etihad. And in case you have any further doubt, contact customer care. 

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