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Often, passengers might face queries related to baggage loss, or luggage might be rotten due to bad handling by the crew staff on Etihad airways. So in such a scenario, you can call Etihad Airways lost and found contact numberthrough which you will contact a representative who will assist in your query resolving related to baggage loss. Because once you dial the customer service number +97 1600 555 666, your call will get transferred to the lost and found department, from where you will instantly answer your issues from an expert. 

Ways To Report Lost Items on Etihad Airways?

Suppose you are suffering the problem of baggage loss, then you can have the most convenient option of reporting your problem with the customer services team at Etihad airways. So, to know and to learn the different mediums for How do I report lost items on a Etihad Airways, then you will have to use two different options, which are stated below for your reference.  

  • Etihad Airways office: If you are confused about where to go and register your complaint, then you should use this method because once you visit the airport office here, you will get assistance directly from the desk executive to whom you can register your query for lost baggage, and they will help you by providing you with a form under which you will have to mention complete information related to your baggage, and it's detailed, etc.
  • Use online method to report lost items: This option one can use at the time when they forget about their luggage items and leave the airport premises. Then in such a situation, you will have the option to use the online method because through this alternate option, you can report for lost and found of your baggage, and further, you can also get the option to track the baggage from getting the regular update by the customer service team on the site or via email or text message.
  • Report for lost baggage via email address: the following best and most acceptable option through which you can report for lost baggage would be using the Etihad customer service mailing ID. As in here, you can compose your mail and within which you can describe the complete description of your bag and its items and then send it to the official email of Etihad Airways.


Etihad Airways Lost and Found Policy?

After, you have how you will easily report for the loss of your baggage on Etihad airways. Now, you must gather information on Etihad airway's lost and found policy, which you will get from the below section.

  • If passengers leave something behind within the airline by mistake, they will have to complete the lost and found form.
  • Under the Etihad airways lost and found policy, if any items haven't been claimed within 15 days, they will be handed over to local authorities. 
  • As per Etihad Airways' lost and found policy, passengers are strictly guided not to keep valuable items in their baggage like wallets, cash, jewelry, etc.
  • Finally, passengers must use a TSA-approved locking system with their baggage because, with this locking system, your baggage won't get lost, and it will become easier to find your lost baggage with this identity.


Learn more about lost Baggage with Etihad Airways

Lost Baggage can be one of the most disconcerting things to a flyer. Fortunately, many airlines provide services to find lost Baggage and even reimburse the lost or damaged bags of their commuters. The next sections deal with the Etihad Baggage Claim process and other policies, so if you are traveling with Etihad Airlines and facing a similar situation, do read on.

What are Etihad Airlines' Baggage Policies?

The baggage policies differ from airline to airline, and one needs to check the policies of the airline they are going to travel to in advance to make sure that they don't incur any extra charges. The baggage policy of Etihad is as listed:

  • One can bring as many bags as they want. However, the total weight should not exceed the total baggage weight allowance to ward off extra charges.
  • For those flying in the economy to the US or Canada, two bags of a maximum weight of 23 kgs each can be checked in. The sum of all three dimensions of each bag must be within 158 Cm.
  • Business-class flyers can check in upto three bags of the same dimension limits as described above.
  • One may have to re-check in their bags for flight changes if the fight routes demand so.
  • A bag of a maximum of 7 Kg can be brought on board along with any personal item of a maximum weight of 5 kg. This can be something like a laptop and so on.

Any extra bags or bags that don't conform to the stated rules will invite extra charges.

Whom Should I Converse within Case of a Lost Bag?

You can reach out to the lost and found baggage department of the Etihad customer support team to get immediate assistance. The Etihad Airways lost baggage contact number can be accessed by employing the following measures:

  • Using any of your most recently updated web browsers, open the official website of Etihad Airlines and hover the cursor above the "Help" menu at the top.
  • A drop-down menu will open up. Hit on "Lost and found" under the "baggage" banner to open a fresh page.
  • The next page is the "Lost and found" webpage of Etihad Airlines. Click on the relevant option indicating the place where you lost your belongings, and the browser will take you to another screen.
  • Options of contacting either the "Baggage service team" or the "Lost property team" to get your damaged bags compensated or repaired or to get assistance in finding your lost bags, respectively.

Dial the number as displayed on the web page to get to talk to an agent.

How Do I Get Reimbursed for Lost Luggage from Etihad Airways?

You need to contact Etihad Airways lost and found the customer support to talk about reimbursement on your lost Baggage.

  • Talk to customer support or raise a reimbursement claim within 15 days of losing your bags, as Etihad doesn't keep bags for more than 15 days.
  • You can raise the request for reimbursement by filling out the lost baggage form describing the bags' contents, color, and other details.
  • The team will respond accordingly and affirm the reimbursement. The reimbursement can take upto 21 days to get to you.

You can also read the detailed Etihad lost baggage compensation policy on the official Etihad website for further information, apart from sending an email to Etihad Airlines support.

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