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Suppose you have booked a flight with Croatia Airlines and have no information regarding the check-in. Then no problem as it is not a complicated process and you can do it easily through the website, mobile app, and Kiosk. If you need any help, customer service is always ready to assist you to contact them, and the representative will provide you with an answer. Read the article to learn about the check-in policy and steps to check in using different methods.

Check-in Policy of Croatia Airlines

If you want to check in at the airline, read Croatia Airlines check-in policy to get more information on the timing and conditions. Here are some policies from the airline regarding check-in:

  • If you have checked in and want to add a bag to your flight, you must cancel your check-in and start the process again with the additional bags.
  • The web check-in is available 36 hours to 1 hour before the departure, and you can do the check-in anytime between the mentioned timing.
  • You can select your seat during the check-in process and get the boarding pass after the process is done.


How To Use the Web Check-in Process of Croatia Airlines?

One of the fastest methods for check-in at Croatia airlines is through the website. You can easily check in at the airline using the web check-in process and download your boarding pass through a mobile phone or laptop. If you have no idea about Croatia Airlines Web Check-in process, then no problem, as you can follow the given instruction:

  • Open the official website of Croatia Airlines, “,” on your web browser.
  • Select the “Web-check-in” option from the menu.
  • Enter your “Ticket number” and “Last name.”
  • Then, select your luggage details as per your choice.
  • Choose the preferred seat.
  • After that, you will get the boarding pass.


How To Croatia Airlines Check-in Through the Mobile App?

You can also Check-in using the airline mobile app. This option is the same as web check-in, but you do not need to visit the official website. To use Croatia Airlines Mobile Check-in, you need a phone and an internet connection. Here are the steps to use the mobile check-in process:

  • Install the Croatia Airlines application on your mobile app.
  • Login to your account using your mobile number and password.
  • Click on the “Check-in” option.
  • Type your “Reservation or Ticket number” and “Last name.”
  • Choose the baggage information and select your seat.
  • Then you will be able to download your boarding pass.


How To Check in at Croatia Airlines through Kiosk?

If any of the above methods do not work, then there is no problem, as you can also do the check-in through the Kiosk. A Kiosk is an electronic device available at every airport, and you must enter your flight details and provide some documents. After that, it will help you check in, select your seat, and provide your boarding pass. If you want more information on Croatia Airlines Kiosk Check-in, you can go to the official webpage of the arrival airport.

How Do I Get A Boarding Pass at an Airport Kiosk?

If the passenger did not print the boarding pass at home before reaching the airport. They will get the boarding pass at the airport at Kiosk. They can follow the steps if they don’t know how to get the boarding pass at the Kiosk. Here are:

  • Visit the Croatia Airlines airport. 
  • Go to the Croatia airlines kiosk check-in area. 
  • Enter your six-digit booking code number and then your last name. 
  •  Select your flight and confirm your details. 
  • Click on the boarding pass and tap on the print or download boarding pass. 


How Early Can You Check in for Croatia Airlines? 

  • If the passenger has a flight on domestic, they should arrive at the check-in counter within 60 minutes before the flight's departure. 
  • The traveler has a flight on an international, and they should arrive at the airport check-in counter within 90 minutes before the flight departure. 


What are Croatia Airlines Check-in Time?

The check-in time of Croatia Airlines depends on which mode you are using to check-in. If you are checking in through the airport, you are advised to arrive 2 hours before the scheduled departure, If you want to check in online, then the web check-in is available 36 hours to one hour before the scheduled departure.

After reading the above article, you must have gotten the information about the Croatia Airlines Check-in Time and process through different mediums. However, suppose you have any problem or need help with something. In that case, you can contact customer service, and the representative will help you with your issue and provide you solutions or visit the official website and read the policy regarding your problem.


Croatia Airlines Check-in Baggage

Likewise, if you have booked a flight ticket on Croatia Airlines and are traveling with checked baggage, you can check in with it at the drop-off counter at the airport 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. There are specific criteria that you must keep in consideration.

For carry-on baggage at Croatia airlines; 

Economy class - 1 piece plus one personal item 

Business class - 2 pieces plus 2 personal items


Checked baggage/hold baggage;

Economy class - 1 piece 

Business class - 2 pieces


For the overweight and oversize bags, the applicable fees are as per bag depending on weight and size categories

The bulkhead seats may or may not have under-the-seat storage; thus, all carry-on baggage must get fitted properly in overhead bins during flight take-offs and landings.

In the end, if you want to carry sports equipment, then a certain amount of fees apply to the items.

How Much Does It Cost to Check in Baggage Croatia Airlines?

The fees for the criteria like check-in baggage are applicable after a specific requirement when passengers add additional items to their baggage allowance. However, the cost to check-in baggage differs with several airlines, and it will start from $30 to $200 it may, according to your add-up requirements.

Hence, if you still want to get more information on check-in policies, check-in baggage, and cost to check-in baggage with Croatia Airlines, you then contact the customer service team at the help desk at the airport, or you can dial the customer service number to discuss issues with a live representative.

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