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To know about your bookings for any airlines all you need is you need to know your itinerary details for the same. The various ways in which you can check your flight reservation are through mail or through the official website. You can also drop a request in the contact form along with your contact details. You can also avail for the online chat service of the particular airlines to check your booking. If you have done the bookings through a travel agent, you can simply go to the concerned person to get your details retrieved.

How Do I Check my Flight Reservation Status?

To get into the process to check your flight reservation status follow the given process to make it hassle-free for you.

Online Check Flight Status

  • Open the desired official page of the airlines.
  • Log in or Sign in using the credential you entered while creating an account with the airlines.
  • Under the My Trips section or Manage bookings section, enter the PNR number or confirmation code available on the e-ticket.
  • You will be directed to a new page, where you can find the details of your ticket.
  • On the top left corner, right corner or along with your name and other details you can find the status of confirmed, not confirmed, traveled or upcoming status of your booking.



Methods To Check The Status of your Flight

Through Phone Call

You can check the status of your flight by calling the respective customer care. An executive can help you with this process when you provide him with your PNR number, Destination landing and date of departure. Before getting connected to the call, choose your preferred language and follow the IVR instructions. Every airline has a little bit of changes in the IVR format, but it is almost the same. There are just a few changes. 

Via Online Chat

After reaching the airline's website, you have your booking, you can also connect with their online chat service to know the details of your flight status.

Via Email

You can also write an email to their customer support email address regarding your query about flight status. 

By Contact Form

In the official websites of the airlines, you can also find a contact form to get your query resolved. Fill the asked details and your concern regarding the flight status. The airlines will get back to you with a confirmed solution.

How Can I Check my Flight Ticket by PNR Number?

After making a purchase of a flight ticket, the airline sends you a confirmation with the flight details and a PNR number via SMS and through email to your registered email address and phone number. And to check the flight status by PNR number, there are various ways.

The various different ways are on call you can get connected to an executive, via online chat service you will get a set of auto-generated instructions, reply to them and find your flight ticket by PNR number, you can also put up a request on the contact form if you have at least a weeks’ time. 

How Do I Find My Flight Confirmation Number?

To find the flight confirmation number the best and easiest way is to look for the SMS and email sent by the airlines after making the purchase of a flight ticket. On the e-ticket towards the top right corner, you can find the flight confirmation number. In some airlines, it is referred to as a reference number or booking number, etc.

In case, you have lost access to the sent mail or SMS and you have more than a week's time to departure, you can request an email regarding the same or you can also ask for it through the contact form. But, if there is not much time left you can directly call to the customer support executive or representative and can also approach through the Online Chat service. For more information, you can also visit the official websites of the airlines.

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