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Has your travel plan suddenly changed that you made via air to your desired destination? If so, then the only option remaining in front of every passenger is rebooking a flight as many airlines provide such sort of facilities and Philippines Airlines is one among those. If you have booked your flight ticket with Philippines Airlines and your plan is changed due to any unfortunate reason, and thinking about how can I rebook my Cancelled flight pal in an easy manner

Some major steps to rebook the flight on Philippines Airlines

If you are wondering about how can I rebook my flight in Philippine airlines, then you should follow the following steps.

1. Navigate to the myPAL Request hub:

  • In the first place, open the myPAL request hub link.
  • Next, you will be directed to a Microsoft online form. Whether you want to rebook, obtain a travel voucher or request a refund, you will be using the same form.
  • After that, it will ask you “Where did you purchase your ticket?”.
  • If you booked the flight ticket directly with Philippines airlines official website, you can use this form.
  • If you booked with a travel agency, you need to contact the travel agent and follow the further instructions accordingly.


2. Complete the online form: Now, you are required to give the necessary details to fill out the online form such as passenger’s name, booking reference number, contact details, citizenship and point of origin.

3. Select the Rebook, Refund or travel voucher option:

If you choose to REBOOK, you will be asked to enter the details of your original flights and the details of your new desired flights. But remember the following:

  • Choose 3 new preferred flights:You need to choose the same flight number for distinct date, a distinct flight number for the same date, or fully new flight dates and numbers.​
  • Menu your 3 selected flights according to the priority: If incase, there are no more seats in the same booking or cabin class in the first option, PAL will consistently move to rebook you in the second, and then the third option.​​
  • If the rebooking needs additional payments: AmyPAL Request Hub representatives will send a confirmation email and payment directions.


After giving all the required information, click on the “Submit”.

If you are travelling between March 15 and May 31, or your flight is troubled by COVID-19-related cancellations or travel ban, the coming applies:

  • No penalties will be applied.
  • No Fare difference.
  • Should travel before November 30, 2020 or inside ticket validity.
  • You can rebook it various times but the first booking is free. Rebooking charges and fare difference may apply on ensuing rebooking’s.


If your flight is not cancelled, then also you can change your flight but it will be referred to as “voluntary.” Follow the below instructions:

  • No forfeited.
  • Eligible for Fare Difference and taxes.
  • Travel inside ticket validity.
  • Requests should be submitted 7 days before the flight schedule.



4. Should wait for the confirmation email:

You must wait for a confirmation email that will be processed within the next 5 to 7 business days. If you require additional payments, myPAL Request Hub officers will also mail payment instructions.

If you still have any query or need help regarding how can I rebook my Cancelled flight pal, you can contact the customer support team for prompt assistance. 

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How much does it cost to rebook a flight in Philippine Airlines?

If you wish to re-book your flight ticket with PAL Airlines and you got a failure while booking online ,you can just easily go to the boarding and rebook your flight ticket .PAL Airline is one of the best airline with lots of luxurious  class facilities , healthy meals , virtuous hospitality , good staff, well infrastructure e.t.c. according to the travelers  of PAL Airlines its important to give the facility to rebook the flight online and you just go through the official website of PAL-Airline and the Airlines always provides exact information to the passengers which is always going to help the customers in every kind of the situation while booking and after the booking ,and we talk about the information relayed to the flight tickets , facilities which provide by the Airline and also any kind of information you can easily get from the customer support and you can also go through the website of Philippines Airlines .if we talk about the another type of the services such as the baggage service, cancellation and changing the flight services, flight scheduling services and any other so you can just ask any of your query from PAL-Airlines customer support.

Re-book a Philippine Flight Ticket at an affordable cost

If you want to get the ticket at affordable cost in PAL-Airline you can easily contact the customer support service and also check the official site of the airline .if you are carrying any kind of articles and goods during the travelling you have to check it out the size of the baggage length and width of you bag ,always remember to carry only the necessary things with you do not carry useless things while travelling. We saw most of the time passengers book their ticket online and suddenly change the plan and cancel the flight ticket and want to reschedule their flight online at same time . But sometimes you may be lucky to get some exciting offers for rescheduling and also on Re-booking of flight tickets. Also there is a situation when simply you get the discounts and offers on Re-booking flight tickets. if you have any problem due to the booking of your flight ticket you can easily contact with Philippine Airlines Rebooking contact number.

Philippine Airlines Rebooking: (632) 855-8888
Philippines : 1-800-I-FLY-PAL or 1-800-4-359-725
USA/Canada : 1-300-888-PAL – Australia

You just don't need to panic while Re-booking your flight. You only need to learn some basic tactics while rescheduling and Re-booking your flight ticket. You can easily book and reschedule your flight ticket online on the official website and also the online application of PAL-Airlines .we surely say that you can easily find some better offers and discounts on that platform while you go to Re-book online . so ,you can easily read all the information about How much does it cost to rebook a flight in Philippine on the official website and also you can easily contact with the customer support of the Philippines airlines they are always ready to help their customers in every situation they are 24 hours available for their customers you can ask anything and anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Rebook Cancelled Philippine Flight via Email?

In addition to this, you can send an email to get all details about rebooking a flight at But there might be some charges applicable to rebook a ticket depending upon the conditions associated with the fare.

Do I Need to Pay to Rebook a Philippine Airlines Flight Ticket on the Same Day?

When you book a ticket seven or more days before departure, there will be no rebooking fee on the same day. However, the fare difference is required to pay while rebooking a ticket even if it is canceled within 24 hours of the booking.

Also, when the travel completes travels within the same booking class on rebooking a flight, there will be no extra charges. But if you change flight class, you may require to pay a fee.

What If I Rebook a Ticket on a Higher Flight Class Ticket on the Same Day?

On rebooking a flight to a higher flight class, you are required to pay the flight fare difference though the same day you don't have to pay any fee. In case the new flight fare is less than the original fare, you may receive the remaining amount after all deductions.

Is It True That Philippine Airlines Offering Unlimited Free Rebooking?

Yes, the airline is offering free unlimited rebooking to the flights booked from September 21, 2020, to December 31, 2021. Regardless of the fare type, the airline provides the facility to rebook without paying any additional fee. But if any fare difference is there, the passenger has to pay them along with the applicable taxes. So, call or email the support team and rebook your tickets without any hassle.

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