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When it comes to facilities, nothing could really beat United Airlines. It offers immense comfort to passengers who have made reservations for United airlines’ flights. You are required to visit the official website of United Airlines in order to make reservations for yourself. The official website of United airlines is the one stop destination to get resolutions for all your queries and also provide scope for making reservations, bookings, refunds and cancellations.

United Airlines Hold Time

In order to skip hold on United airlines, one of the best way is to get in touch with the customer service department at United Airlines. Passengers may utilize the following ways to get in touch with the professionals at United.

  • Calling the customer service representative is the right choice to make. When you would like to have detailed information on things that are concerning your reservation or you would like to have a discussion, then calling the customer service representatives is regarded as one of the best ways to communicate with support professionals or experts at United Airlines. 
  • You could connect using the live chat option which is again regarded as the most convenient method of establishing connection with the support and service department at United airlines. It connects you instantly with a customer service professional at United and you could communicate with them as far as your United airlines’ reservation is concerned.


Communicating with the customer service and support professionals is surely going to help with skipping the hold at United airlines.

United Airlines Waiting Time 

Moreover, there is still other ways available to skip hold on United airlines’ reservations. For instance, you could always try and make reservations in advance with United Airlines. This way you are not only skipping the hold on your United’s flight but at the same time, it also provides cheaper fares.

At the time of making United flights’ reservations, passengers could hold their flight without making the payment. This hold is available for 24 hour and after the passage of this time period, the flight fares may rise.

As far as United airlines waiting time is concerned, travelers get to hold their reservations with United airlines for a time frame of 24 hours. This hold is available without payment for holding your flight reservation with United airlines.

How Can I Skip Hold on United Reservation?

If you would like to pay for holding your flight then there is still a better option available for the same, that is you could make use of the ‘FareLock’ service as this will allow you to keep your flight on hold for a longer period than 24 hours. With FareLock service, passengers will become able to hold their flight reservation for three, seven or fourteen days. The FareLock service is a paid service and passengers ought to pay the hold charges that vary according to the days for the flight being held.

I hope the inclusion of this paper must have cleared your doubts that you may have as far as the following question is concerned: How can i skip hold on United reservation?

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