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Does Turkish Airlines Lose Baggage?

Turkish airlines understand every situation of the passengers regarding the lost baggage. They always help you till your baggage arrives and notify you about the lost baggage. Once they receive your baggage, they will also arrange a delivery time with you. Till your baggage arrives, you can track the current location online at the website of Turkish airlines. Therefore, you can check the below points regarding this:

  • First, you are required to open the Turkish airline's official website at your preferred search mode of the device.
  • Then, you need to proceed toward the track baggage page available in their menu section.
  • On the new page, you will see the tracking page where you need to type the reference number with your surname.
  • You need to tap on the check tab and see the latest details on the new page accordingly.
  • You can see the current location of your lost baggage that you need to review.
  • Hence, you can track the baggage anytime till it arrives to see the condition.
  • If you are unable to track the baggage online, you can also connect with the customer service team.


Turkish Airlines Lost Baggage Policy:

It is hard to know about the baggage that has been lost or misplaced. Once you find that your baggage is not delivered properly or it is lost, you can know about the terms and conditions. Therefore following are the crucial points regarding this situation: 

  • Turkish airlines always ensure that the baggage reaches the destination safely without being exposed or damaged. 
  • But some unusual sectors arise for which you did not receive the luggage. You can file the baggage disruption application form and claim the lost luggage accordingly in this situation.
  • Sometimes, you misplace the luggage on your own at the airport, and in this case, you can contact the airport authorities immediately to find the same.
  • Once you fill out the baggage application form, you will be provided with the reference number so that you can track the lost luggage.
  • You need to keep the boarding pass and baggage tag for future purposes until the baggage arrives.
  • The baggage will be tracked by the officers of Turkish airlines at the route who have traveled during the first five days.
  • If your baggage is not delivered within five days, you need to contact the customer service team of Turkish airlines.
  • If Turkish airlines are unable to find the bags, they will compensate you according to the type of bag and flight you board earlier.


Turkish Airlines Lost Baggage Phone Number:

Problems can happen anytime, at which you need guidance to solve. Sometimes, you lost your baggage and need support in this regard. You can file a complaint regarding the lost bags with Turkish airlines. Apart from this, you can dial the lost baggage phone number 1(800) 874-8875 for further details. Turkish Airlines will make reasonable efforts to meet your requirements and help you to find your belongings as soon as possible. 

Turkish take on priority to the passengers who need the special assistance, such as the delayed or lost baggage. 

Turkish Airlines Lost Baggage Claim:

Turkish Airlines allow you to claim compensation for the lost baggage and obtain the same. To obtain a claim for the lost baggage, the baggage label provided to you must be filled in your name. You can also apply to the Turkish airlines lost and found office at your suitable airport. They will register your complaint and start the process of finding the baggage. The bags will be delivered to you within five days, and for this, you can track the luggage online.

Seek The Guidance in Getting Lost Luggage on Turkish Airlines

Often passengers lose their luggage at the airport when they are going to their desired destination by flight, and there are situations when the luggage is lost by the airlines. Passengers do not know what to do when this type of situation arises. If the passenger travels with the Turkish Airline, you will get many facilities like early bookings, deals, offers, and special facilities for disabled passengers. If you lost your luggage, you could get it back, and if you want to know the detailed information about Turkish airline's lost baggage compensation, you need to read below.

How Much Compensation Do You Get For Turkish Airline's Lost Luggage? 

  • The passenger's amount depends upon the items available in the luggage and the number of bags lost after the boarding. Turkish airlines will not compensate if the damage arises due to improper packaging or loose packing.
  •  If you lost your luggage before check-in, you have to pay the charges to get back your luggage. If the luggage is lost by the Turkish airlines, the passenger will get the amount between 75USD to 100USD. 
  • You need to inform the nearest official representative of Turkish airlines at the airport immediately; if you delay the process, you will get difficulty getting compensation. But Turkish airlines always give you compensation if they lose their luggage on the flight, at the airport after boarding, during check-in, etc. 
  •  The charges will also vary on the route, flight destination, domestic flight, or international flight. If you are traveling on a connecting flight, you will get more compensation. You will also get compensation for lost or damaged luggage if they book the flight using deals and offers. 
  • If you make the bookings through any official representative, you need to contact them to get compensation for losing luggage. 
  • The passenger will get a compensation amount in the same mode that they use when booking the flight, and it will take at least 14 to 20 days to get compensation from the Turkish airlines. 


Can I Get Compensation For Turkish Delayed Luggage?

Yes, the passenger will get the amount as compensation, but they have to reach the nearest counter of Turkish airlines and fill out the complaint about lost baggage. There are various ways to make a complaint, like making a phone call, online process, email, etc. You can also go to the desk baggage reclaim, available at the airport. You have to give them detailed information about your luggage, items, and bags. If your baggage is theft, then Turkish airlines will not provide compensation to the passenger; they need to get in touch with the official representative of the airport. Turkish airlines also give compensation if they damage the passenger's luggage, whether minor or significant, they will pay the charges.

How Do I Write A Complaint Letter about Turkish Airlines' Delayed Baggage? 

Some of the passengers lost their luggage and to get it back they have to fill out a complaint. Turkish airlines also provide their passenger the facility to fill out the lost luggage complaint. To know the detailed procedure, you need to follow the below-mentioned process.

  • At first, you have to open the official website of Turkish airlines in your browser or open the official mobile application of Turkish Airlines.
  • Next, you need to open the contact us section on the new page.
  • Now open the complaint application from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Following this, you need to fill out the passenger's name, contact details, and official email id.
  • Further, fill out your flight details like the date and timings of the flight and submit the details.
  • After this, in the given space, you have to fill out the luggage details and then type your complaint and send it.
  • Last, the representative related to luggage loss will connect with you on the mentioned contact details.


The above procedure will help you get the information about How do write a complaint letter about Turkish Airlines' delayed baggage. Still suppose if you find any issue in getting compensation, you can also contact the official representatives of the Turkish airlines. You will get many ways to connect, like email, phone calls, and live chat. They will help you and provide you with the best ways to solve your query.

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